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Cha Seung Won

Discuss about your favourite Korean Actors and Actresses.
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Cha Seung Won

Post by Ethlenn » Jul 10th, '11, 11:16


Name: 차승원 / Cha Seung Won
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1970-Jun-07
Height: 188cm

TV Shows

The Greatest Love (MBC, 2011)
Athena: Goddess of War (SBS, 2010)
City Hall (SBS, 2009)
Bodyguard (KBS2, 2003)
Love Story (SBS, 1999)
Woman on Top (SBS, 1999)
Roses and Bean Sprouts (MBC, 1999)
Angel's Kiss (KBS2, 1999)
Blushing with Love (MBC, 1998)
Song of the Wind (SBS, 1998)
New York Story (뉴욕 스토리) (SBS, 1997)


Blades of Blood (2010)
Secret (2009)
71-Into The Fire (2009)
Eye for an Eye (2008)
A Day With My Son (2007)
Somewhere Over the Border (2006)
Murder, Take One (2005)
Blood Rain (2005)
Ghost House (2004)
My Teacher, Mr. Kim (2003)
Project X (2003)
Jail Breakers (2002)
Break Out (2002)
Kick the Moon (2001)
Libera Me (2000)
Black Honeymoon (2000)
Attack the Gas Station (1999)
Fin De Siecle (1999)
Ghost In Love (1999)
If the Sun Rises in the West (1998)
Holiday in Seoul (1997)


2009 SBS Drama Awards: Top Ten Stars Award (City Hall)
2009 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Special Drama - Actor (City Hall)

년도 내용
2011년 제5회 Mnet 20's Choice 핫 드라마스타 남자 부문상, 핫 식스팩종결자상
2010년 제5회 아시아모델상시상식 아시아특별상 영화부문
2009년 SBS 연기대상 10대스타상
2009년 SBS 연기대상 드라마스페셜부문 남자 연기상
2007년 2006 TVCF AWARD 모델부문상
2007년 제15회 춘사대상영화제 남우주연상
2003년 KBS 연기대상 최우수연기상, 인기상
1996년 한국패션협회 올해의 남자모델상
1995년 한국패션사진가협회 올해의 모델상
1995년 한국모델협회 올해의 모델상
1995년 모델라인주최 베스트드레서상

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Weird thing Mr. Cha didn't have his own thread.

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Post by Peggy » Aug 5th, '11, 19:15

Really don't know why but this actor leaves me cold. I have seen him in film and drama and he is just not reaching me. I was not thrilled with 'City Hall' and definitely not excited about the 'Greatest Love' Must be something just not on my wavelength. I don't even feel any rise when I watch him in person on variety shows.
I think he is better in serious film roles but I don't get any vibes from him in comedy at all.
:scratch: Oh well.

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Post by mehamgul101 » Aug 20th, '11, 06:43

Cha Seung Won is one of my most favorite Korean Actor and i like him so much and his acting has inspired me so much his movie Blades of Blood which was released in 2010 was a great movie of the year in which he has play a great role . he is such a nice actor and i must give him congrats by winning various world awards

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