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Japan Relief Project Ideas HELP PLEASE INPUT NEEDED!

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Japan Relief Project Ideas HELP PLEASE INPUT NEEDED!

Post by gmak » Apr 8th, '11, 08:54

hi all,

my japanese language class is organizing a project to help the victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in japan. our ideas are finalized as...

1) 1 event on campus involving folding origami paper cranes w/ donations

2) 1 event on campus involving a bake sale and hope letters

this is where i need some input. to give our fellow students incentive to donate/participate, we were planning on doing "something" after someone donated or turned in a hope letter.

this something, as someone suggested could be a song or cheer in JAPANESE, as we are third year japanese studies students. the problem is, i'm finding it difficult to find fairly simple songs or cheers we can do in japanese.

if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!!! our project begins next wednesday!!

also, if you are interested in writing a hope letter, here is the link:)))))))))


thanks so much!!!

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