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Need Recommendations and Help with Taiwanese Drama

Posted: Dec 26th, '10, 04:22
by andyjin7777
Recently I'm getting addicted to taiwanese drama show. So far I'm addicted to Channel X and I was wondering if there is any taiwan drama shows like that with a genre or suspense/thriller, and most important romance. So far the only ones I have seen fitting that genre is Mysterious Incredible Terminator (MIT) and now I'm watching Channel X. Therefore I'm wondering is there anymore taiwanese drama fitting or are similar to Channel X or those genres. Thank you for your help ;)

Posted: Dec 26th, '10, 06:19
by Puppet Princess
Bump Off Lover is one of the best suspense thrillers... it is serious though. Where Pi Li MIT, not so often.
Evil Spirit 05 is suspense horror with a heavy romance theme.

Posted: Dec 28th, '10, 04:41
by andyjin7777
I believe black and white is another good show that shows some similarities to channel X however thanks for the suggestions but they don't show as much romance as I would expect compared to channel x :-)