Sato Jiro

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Sato Jiro

Post by Gir » Jun 7th, '10, 23:32

I really like this actor in comedies, yes he's kind of stupidly goofy. But I can't help but laugh when he's nervously verbally stumbling, and just outright being goofy.

I especially liked him in Yama Onna Kabe Onna.

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Re: Sato Jiro

Post by UsagiYojimbo » Mar 15th, '15, 08:25

He was hilarious in "Kikenna Aneki"...
It was strange to see him as a monk in "Jin", though...
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Re: Sato Jiro

Post by P@permoon » Jul 24th, '15, 06:08

Ah, Jiro´s "goofiness" had kind of become a trademark for some of his parts. Well, he is quite a good supporting actor. I just recently saw him in the movie 'Judge' (the thriller, not the comedy - there are two recent Japanese movies with the same title) in a more serious part opposite Seto Koji. A great movie!

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