Help needed: Korean music band.

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Help needed: Korean music band.

Post by clupean » Nov 29th, '09, 04:27

Could someone tell me what is this music group's called?
I think it's written on the video, but I can't understand Korean.

Links with sample: ... _group.avi

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Post by SSpiegel » Nov 29th, '09, 04:53

He's called Moon Hee Jun (or Mun Hui Jun literally, but the first seems to be the most popular way to write it. Korean romanization makes me dizzy... )
Anyway, I googled around a bit and he's a former member of the former boy band (I think in the 90's) called H.O.T. So, he's a solo artist these days. Hopes this helps!

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Post by clupean » Nov 29th, '09, 05:16


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Post by kazu123 » Dec 10th, '09, 10:55

Moon Hee-Joon (Korean: 문희준) is a South Korean musician formerly of the group H.O.T. "Alone" is the debut album of H.O.T.’s former member Moon Hee Jun. The music and the words of all the tracks in the album, except for "Ibyeori Animeul (이별이 아님을)," which was an adaptation of Auld Lang Syne, were written by Moon. He also created PS Entertainment after leaving SM Entertainment.

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