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How do you play rar files.

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How do you play rar files.

Post by Kdoraemon » Mar 28th, '09, 22:16

How do you play rar files?

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Post by ik0n » Mar 28th, '09, 22:26

You don't. You have to extract the compressed file. Use Winrar.

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Post by RAV4-07 » Mar 29th, '09, 10:26

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Post by coconot23 » Mar 30th, '09, 04:14

i use 7zip...sear it in google, its like winrar but its free....its what i use and have no problems so far

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Post by travel3 » Apr 14th, '09, 15:14

I have both winrar and 7 zip, but I mostly I use 7 zip, it is pretty easy to use and it is free. Just remember that some big files may need to extract twice, it would generate another set of rar files after the first extraction, you need to extract the 2nd set of rar files before it become a avi file that you can play.

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