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What's your ethinicity??

Discuss about anything here that doesn't fit in the other categories. Just don't spam.

What ethnicity are you?

Southeast Asian
Total votes: 1409

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Post by pokute » Nov 30th, '05, 20:28

Oh wow!! I am so pleased to see that most people here are not "white"! As a white boy from the U.S. I just assume that every collection of people that I don't know about is white. That is so stupid, and I am so glad to see how things shake out here, because it pointed out to me how eurocentric my thinking really is, in spite of watching nothing but asian dramas and anime for two years!!

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Post by OvertheRainbow » Nov 30th, '05, 20:33

Vietnamese :)

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Post by mordeth » Nov 30th, '05, 20:50

i'am european (french) :whistling:

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Post by Ebony_Hime » Nov 30th, '05, 23:50

African American! YEAH!! Am I like the only drop of chocolate on the board? :cry:

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Post by Ebony_Hime » Nov 30th, '05, 23:53

African American! YEAH!! Am I like the only drop of chocolate on the board? :cry:

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Post by san_kurogane » Dec 3rd, '05, 00:26

White and Japanese = 'other' vote for me. :-)

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Post by himenajima » Dec 3rd, '05, 23:23

Ebony_Hime wrote:African American! YEAH!! Am I like the only drop of chocolate on the board? :cry:
nope your not alone. :D

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Post by Lantis » Dec 3rd, '05, 23:29

i dont know what ethinicity i have ^^
officially im vietnamese...but even my parents say that i dont look like one...
and i dont resemble anyone in my family...strange....

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Post by wingsky » Dec 3rd, '05, 23:30

Chinese and British :D

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Post by Paige » Dec 4th, '05, 03:42

Toritorisan wrote:I am Japanese - American. (My parents are both Japanese.)

It's funny though, when I go to Korean restaurants, Korean people speak to me in Korean. When I go to FIlipino restaurants, Filipino people speak to me in Filipino. (I love Korean and Filipino food!) But when I go to Japanese restaurants, Japanese people speak to me in English! :lol Lots of my Japanese friends from Japan say I don't look Japanese though.
lol that's funny!!! Haha. I get spoken to in all different languages. It's hard to tell a person's ethnicity sometimes. I'm Korean, btw, but I think I answered this poll already... but I just laughed when I saw this post :D

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Post by nightfire » Dec 4th, '05, 03:51

i am french / italian ^----^
no asian blood ^^ (instead of my ex korean gf lol ^__^ )
it seems there is a few french there :'(

(can speak korean and japanese :p (a few chinese too^^) )

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Post by bangkok_devious » Dec 4th, '05, 04:00

Whoo! I'm mixed up!!!
Thai, Fillipino, Chinese, and Scandinavian
Mostly consider myself Thai though, since my Dad speaks it, and I since I'm learning it, and since I *wai* and all that good :-) stuff

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Post by LadieDrmz » Dec 4th, '05, 04:07

I'm chinese, straight and simple. :-) Okay... maybe Chinese-American is more like it. :lol

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Post by kookieazn » Dec 4th, '05, 04:08

hello everybody!! wow i didn't know there were so many different ethnicities here at addicts!! crazy stuff. FYI i am a Vietnamese American!!

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Post by Hitokiri-01 » Dec 4th, '05, 09:31

I am European...Dutch to be precise :cheers:
But it seems I have been deemed a mass European :glare:

Oh well :whistling:

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Post by doctorose » Dec 4th, '05, 10:36

I am chinese. :)

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Post by Gabriel » Dec 4th, '05, 12:57

Heh.. this is the first time I've ever selected "Other" in an ethnicity poll/survey. I'm Mexican, btw.

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Post by rozenthemaiden » Dec 4th, '05, 22:57

I am very chinese! :)

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Post by Vanilla_Spider__x » Dec 5th, '05, 04:21

"African American" here. -Waves-

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Post by Vanilla_Spider__x » Dec 5th, '05, 04:27

:lol I'm feeling like the lone token black chick all of a sudden. :D

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Post by Oliverspike » Dec 5th, '05, 11:44

I'm vietnamese-French-Chinese O_o i'm a melting pot huhu ;)

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Post by kingfisherman » Dec 5th, '05, 21:38

I am Malaysian chinese.

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Post by maayagardenofeverything » Dec 5th, '05, 21:44

Chinese over here. ;)

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Post by jica » Dec 5th, '05, 21:47

I'm a Born-in-Vietnam-live-in-Sweden-Chinese.... :roll
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Post by lyna » Dec 5th, '05, 23:52

I'm Vietnamese, but grew up in America.

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Post by myzticle » Dec 7th, '05, 08:51

100% kimchi here.. i guess i am one of the 5% in the poll.. LoL :P

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Post by littlemissfab » Dec 7th, '05, 09:10

Filipina... :D

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Post by beldaran » Dec 7th, '05, 09:30

filipino.. at least 5th generation full... (gahd knows if there's anything else beyond that)

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Post by bakki » Dec 7th, '05, 15:34

Yes interesting poll, maybe a bit unfair for those not listed, but otherwise if everyone could list his own ethnicity it'd become a neverending list ^__^

Italian, 100% as far as I know... proud of it, but I also envy those who have lots of bloods in them!! :-)

I hope my children could be 1/2 italian and 1/2 japanese eheh!! :wub:

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Post by hepcat05 » Dec 7th, '05, 15:58

Voted "Other." In my case, that means black, white, and Native American.

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Post by pe3kabo0 » Dec 7th, '05, 21:20

100% chinese altogether.. i wont get in the other bits cos it ends up as chinese anyway lol

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Post by minhl. » Jan 18th, '06, 21:09

100% viet :-)

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Post by Sammystic » Jan 18th, '06, 21:22

50% german and 50% filipina

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Post by mooiced » Jan 18th, '06, 21:32

quite alot of chinese! :blink . Just a comment

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Post by OvertheRainbow » Jan 18th, '06, 21:43

Vietnamese :]

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Post by para~white » Jan 19th, '06, 03:28

Both parents adopted - So no idea who or what i am...
Can you make me an 'Unknown' ^ ^

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Post by whisperss_57 » Jan 19th, '06, 03:33

if u wanted detail itd be
taiwanese + hong kong
which in essence, is chiense....

or you could read my mrer sweater..
it says
"made in china" =)

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Post by CraZyaH » Jan 19th, '06, 23:07

I'm an Arab :unsure:

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Post by itachi666 » Jan 20th, '06, 04:38

Probably the only Dominican here.

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Post by bloopy_babo » Jan 20th, '06, 04:52

no room for asian mixed?

half korean, half lao. odd mix i know. but it is true.

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Post by preludervtec » Jan 20th, '06, 06:26

Chinese but familys from Laos

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Post by k_fan » Jan 21st, '06, 12:42

This isn't really ethnicity at all. There are a lot of ethnic groups within those countries, never mind "European" and "Southeast Asian." I think you were thinking nationality or origin.

I'm Kurdish, btw.

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Post by ReiBirdina » Mar 4th, '06, 13:38

Filipino ^-^

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Post by skachild » Mar 4th, '06, 13:48

im chinese... 100% pure chinese bloodline hahaha..... :lol :lol :thumright:

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Post by Sujatmi » Mar 4th, '06, 14:14

I'm a mix that says basically half European half Asian....

I'm as far as I know:
Indonesian(most part)
Dutch(after Indonesian the most probably, one of my grandpa was full Dutch I guess)
And now the bits:
Chinese(granny of my mom was full blod)
Hindustan(a granny of grandpa of my dad was a Hindu)
English(dunno this one exactly anymore)
German(a granny/grandpa of I guess my father was half)
French(a granny/grandpa of I guess my father was half)
Jewish(my mother's mom side something...)

And that's about it?
I don't really feel like discorvering more because it's creeping me out XD!
I'm referring myself as Indo(<-meaning half Indosian half Dutch in NL) if people ask ^^''...

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Post by Alexander » Mar 4th, '06, 14:54

I am Norwegian / European 8)

first post here... woo-hoo :party:

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Post by laydee » Mar 4th, '06, 22:50


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Post by DaT1PinoyDude » Mar 4th, '06, 23:45

Filipino :-)

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Post by alliemon » Mar 5th, '06, 05:38

American. Haha.

All I know is that my great grandfather came from Germany. :unsure:

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Post by kimmi18 » Mar 5th, '06, 05:47

I'm vietnamese...woowhoo! but i love everyone! :D

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Post by loneone » Mar 5th, '06, 12:17

I'm native american, my tribe is Pima and Apache. Hi everyone. :)

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Post by babycurious » Mar 6th, '06, 00:04

my great grandparents came from china to Indonesia, so somekind of indonesia born chinese?
but I can't speak chinese though

greetings to people from any background who share the same interest in J/k/c drama :)

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Post by wishful_thinking » Mar 6th, '06, 00:13

Hello everyone!

Filipina here!

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Post by angelatnyc » Apr 11th, '06, 00:06

not sure if i post on this thread before. but oh well.. i'm chinese.

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Post by sokiie » Apr 11th, '06, 01:32

It's "other" for me . . . :-(
I can be many different ethnicities: The Koreans think I’m Korean, Japanese think I’m Japanese, Vietnamese think I’m Viet. and the Laos think I’m Laotian. . . But
I am Cambodian / Chinese made (born) in Thailand :D 8)

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Post by Dodbos » Apr 11th, '06, 01:38

sokiie wrote:It's "other" for me . . . :-(
I can be many different ethnicities: The Koreans think I’m Korean, Japanese think I’m Japanese, Vietnamese think I’m Viet. and the Laos think I’m Laotian. . . But
I am Cambodian / Chinese made (born) in Thailand :D 8)
I find it really hard for people to believe that you're Japanese and Korean if you're Cambodian, cause most cambodians aren't light skinned and don't have features that japanese and korean people do, even if you're part chinese.

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Post by citi » Apr 11th, '06, 01:47

central asian (you didn't have a spot for us) and native american

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Post by sokiie » Apr 11th, '06, 02:26

I understand why you would think that it is hard to believe, but that’s how it is for me (I was only trying to share my story :-( ). And yes most Cambodians do have dark skin, but I guess I’m one of the “odd” ones who is light skinned and has different features than most ppl of my ethnicity (eee. . . I think I just painted a scary picture of myself . . . lol :P )

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Post by albertoavena » Apr 11th, '06, 08:45

Come on now, I'm sure it's not so scary. And yes, I've seen some cambodian people that I could swear that they'd be Japanese or Korean. Pretty interesting. They all look nice so it's ok. I'm hispanic by the way, and no, I didn't go to the "March\protest" thing, if your wondering. I don't remember if I've posted here before.. :sweat:

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Post by tennis-chan » Apr 11th, '06, 09:04

I'm actually Indian. (Some of you are probably shocked but yeah, er.)

I speak Chinese, English, Japanese and my own native language.

I'm a huge fan of j/c/k drama. ^O^

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Post by seeker » Apr 16th, '06, 12:00

I'm Greek/European and I'm sad to see that I'm probably the only one here :-(
No matter, we're all citizens of the world since we interact through Internet. Makes no difference to me whether I speak with a Greek or a person of any other ethinicity :-)

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Post by tinan » Apr 16th, '06, 12:16

filipino ako!!!!

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Post by crazy~rizzy » Apr 16th, '06, 12:41

Filipino... "Proud to be Pinoy" :thumright: (but can't say 100% tho' coz i'm a Filipino with a lil mix in of chinese and japanese and etc... )

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Post by spasmolytic » Apr 16th, '06, 12:52

I am Swedish / European :whistling:

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Post by xMoOshiE » Apr 16th, '06, 13:52

Vietnamese/European half & half lol =]

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Post by NinaS » Apr 17th, '06, 02:43

I'm a halfy too...half chinese/cambodian born in Bangkok Thailand studying in canada...

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pudding fiend
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Post by pudding fiend » Apr 18th, '06, 02:44

100% filipino!!! :D

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Post by senakun » Apr 18th, '06, 20:35

100% other

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Post by loclac » Apr 18th, '06, 21:03

Well, seems like most of our parents travelled a lot... My Chinese parents grew up in Cambodia and ended up in France where we're happily living o_o French pastries are so good =_=

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Post by wai_muna » Apr 21st, '06, 08:48

im southeast asian generally....

but my mom is indonesian+chinese+dutch and my dad is chinese+indian+malay....

make it simple...we are chinese based family.....hahahhhaa....sometime im confused about my ethnicity...:P

physically im not much chinese

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Post by ilikedramas » Apr 25th, '06, 14:54


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Crazy Penguin
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Post by Crazy Penguin » Apr 25th, '06, 14:59

Since "Penguin" isn't listed, I had to chose "European"...

Though... I love the fact that we're all originally African anyway.

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Post by Nashoba » Apr 25th, '06, 15:32

I'm mixed:Native American(Choctaw, Cherokee, Chitimacha, Seneca), some German, some Irish and a few others
But in California apparently I'm a Mexican :scratch:

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Post by greenlogic » Apr 25th, '06, 17:04

Vietnamese here, I think my moms chinese a little bit. :cheers: they should have the cool sword fight smileys :-) O yea anyone want to be my friend? :cry:

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Post by JC » Apr 27th, '06, 21:08

I'll be your friend!!! :lol

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