[SG-M] Parental Guidance II (2008) [02/??]

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[SG-M] Parental Guidance II (2008) [02/??]

Post by xxstoopidgurlx » May 25th, '08, 13:56


Ling and James Seto are back, with their three adopted children in tow and more in need of Parental Guidance than ever. Because there is as light complication – Ling is pregnant. All it took was just one night and all their carefully-laid plans of a marriage of convenience were flushed down the toilet. But Ling and James are determined to stick to the agreement they entered into when they got married. Nothing will interfere with their separate lives. Parental Guidance 2 promises more fun to be found within dysfunction, more heartbreak as lessons are experienced and more treasuring of family ties amidst the madness that is family.

Adrian Pang as “James Seto”
Jessica Hsuan as “Ling Seto“
Chua En Lai as “Al”
Kenneth Tsang as “Patrick Seto”
Meng Chue as “Cecilia Seto”

Guest starring this season:
Gurmit Singh as “Michael” (James’ buddy)
Lim Kay Tong as “Colonel” (Ling’s father)

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Post by fatmouse » Feb 3rd, '09, 01:29

I enjoyed watching both Series 1 & 2. Hope they are going to make Series 3.

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do you

Post by dabogy » Jul 14th, '09, 11:30

Do you have english sub version.

this seems nice to watch..

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Post by lv399 » Dec 28th, '09, 23:10

u don't need english sub cause they're speaking in english already...

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Post by protto » Jul 1st, '13, 15:48

where is the link :-(

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