Volunteer Seeder for Wuxia Series of the Month

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Volunteer Seeder for Wuxia Series of the Month

Post by abcd99 » Apr 10th, '08, 14:23

Hi all,

Just like other SotMs, I would like to invite you to seed your favorite wuxia series. Share the love.

What is Wuxia? Click here for Wikipedia's answer

Please indicate which series you'd like to seed. Note that this may include any unlicensed historical dramas. Thank you! :D

Mods, if you're willing, please make it sticky or move it to any appropriate forum you want. Thanks.

Winners so far:
Feb 08: Genius Physician Ti Ying
Mar 08: Young Zhang San Feng and Young Warriors
Apr 08: Fairy of the Chalice
May 08: Sword Stained with Royal Blood
Jun / Jul 08: -- (hiatus)
Aug 08: Kungfu Master
Sep 08: Little Fairies
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Post by abcd99 » May 29th, '08, 07:13

It seems that most mods are not supportive to WSotM. I call for hiatus for June. If there are some sufficient demand, please post here and let me and the mods know.

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Post by robx » Jun 2nd, '08, 21:41

Wuxia must be started somewhere sometime sooner or later. I think this is a perfect spot and time to get it rolling.
Keeping the polling for WSotM will definitely in time bring more supportive fans to Wuxia. If we just keep wuxia behind the blinds, its difficult to get known right? It may not be as many posted Wuxia right now as jdrama / kdrama or the others, but with WSotM, it should become more and more popular as did the other genres.

Time is of the essence to growth
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Post by Marieluna » Jun 5th, '08, 14:08

If their uploaded with english subs no prob here! My boyfriend loves this kind of series! And I like to see anything I can get my hands on! So Im up for it :)

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Post by abcd99 » Jun 5th, '08, 17:08

Series of the months are always English subtitled.

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Post by Kurotoshiro » Jun 9th, '08, 10:53

I have no Wuxia series, but I can give 1Mb/s of seed power.

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Post by soef » Jun 9th, '08, 14:23

wsotm has to continue, even do i don't have any wuxia series. because i've little space on my hd.

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Post by WINDCLOUD_7 » Jun 9th, '08, 21:56


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Post by oldlady » Jun 11th, '08, 02:39

I can help seed.
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Post by fulee » Jun 11th, '08, 15:57

it has to continue ( what would the world be whitout wuxia ) ?? so i have to say YES go on :lol:

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Post by RokyRoc » Jun 19th, '08, 03:05

love this stuff. got an external HD and lots of dvds from the motherland. but it needs better seeding.

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Post by Zaver » Jul 1st, '08, 23:03

Wuxia shows are what I come here for. A SotM for for wuxia would be great.

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Post by idarklight » Jul 8th, '08, 04:39

I think the only reason why wuxia dramas are not as popular here is because they look "old." If people only watch them, they'll realize that even though the setting's different, wuxia dramas are just as funny, sad, happy, etc. as other dramas, but with prettier clothing and cooler graphics...

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Post by Arch_Drama » Jul 13th, '08, 01:57

I would love to see wuxia each month! I vote yes!

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Post by aaadramavr » Jul 14th, '08, 04:36

Yes, please continue with the wuxia series. I have watched many of them even at 40+ eps. I can help seed some of my faves that I have kept. Lofty Waters Verdant Bow (Jem), Legend of Arching Hero (Jem), Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion , Blade Heart, Face to Fate and maybe one or two others.

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Post by sammus5 » Jul 18th, '08, 00:56

dont know why it stopped

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Post by abcd99 » Aug 2nd, '08, 05:05

People, if you want to get WSotM up and running, please volunteer to seed.

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Post by wrek » Aug 2nd, '08, 11:37

I'll try seeding the coming WSOTM, not sure how it will go though.
Im on this Telecom Unlimited Go Large Plan, but its pretty slow here during the day. So I'll start out uploading at about 00:01 AM until 07:00AM everyday (UTC/GMT +12 hours) and see how it goes

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Post by abcd99 » Aug 2nd, '08, 15:10

Thanks, wrek.

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Post by oldlady » Aug 2nd, '08, 22:44

Pessimist- 11,000+ views and only 18 replies. I'm losing hope of ever seeing an official WSotM.

Optimist- WOW 11,000+ views! There are a lot of people interested in wuxia! Maybe they are just not registered and can't reply. If so, Please register, even if you don't have a series to share, you can support and vote for wuxia when it's nominated for WSotM or CSotM. Registering also gives you the opportunity to thank the good folks that make wuxia available for us to watch.

Thanks abcd99 for all your efforts in this cause!

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Post by johnnybravo » Aug 4th, '08, 13:58

love wuxia. but i dont have any downloaded. i used to watch them on stage6 before it shutdown. I have a 100GB cap so i cant seed too much but will do what i can. i do need english subtitles though.

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Post by abcd99 » Aug 4th, '08, 18:09

Thanks for your willingness, johnnybravo!

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Post by Antipete » Jan 7th, '09, 17:35

Yes I think its a good idea, I would def seed.

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Post by iella_23 » Feb 8th, '09, 01:51

hello. this is my very first post. i don't know how this volunteer seeding goes but definitely count me in! there's a lot of nice wuxia shows out there. :salut:

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Post by gurubesar » Apr 6th, '09, 09:43

I am new, but I am willing to participate on the seeding on the WSOTM. I think it would be beneficial to everybody in the long run.

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Post by abcd99 » Apr 7th, '09, 14:30

Thank you, gurubesar.

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Post by boris7 » Apr 7th, '09, 14:43

I am willing to seed....but I have no series...
I have never ever managed to download a complete series...
too many people hit and run....

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Post by HAZ » May 19th, '09, 11:57

I've been seeding water margin. Shared about 10 GB. Its an amazing series. Shouldn't be missed.

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Post by abcd99 » May 19th, '09, 20:09

Thanks, HAZ.

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Post by cyanotic » May 23rd, '09, 19:39

I love the WSotM idea.
It makes me feel like I'm helping out a bit since I don't know how to fansub and am kind of lost in the conversations in the forums.

I always keep the seed up for the whole month and can get a 2 to 3 ratio by the end of the month. I don't know if it is my utorrent or what, but I usually only see like 20ish seeds up for the wsotm and like 200 people trying to DL it. Seems kind of low for the amount of people who are able to grab the complete series.

I know there are tons of people who are able to get 100% but they don't continue to seed after they grab it.
I wonder if DA moved to a tracker that keeps track of your ratio/banned hit + runners if the seeds would stay connected longer. I'm a member of a few private torrent sites like that and they work great as far as people keeping the torrents going. It's a shame to lose some of the fansubbed series to 0 seeds. I know I have tried to dl a few that were so old, they didn't have anyone connected.

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Post by abcd99 » May 23rd, '09, 19:57

Cyanotic, thanks for your willingness to seed. Yes, leechers are one of the biggest problem D-A faces right now. Unfortunately, there's no ratio limitation imposed on the members. Too bad. The only venue to have old series seeded other than SotMs are on the seeding request forum. Sometimes some kind souls will seed them.

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Post by HAZ » May 24th, '09, 13:03

Like the poster above says, something to deter hit & runners would be the best idea.

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Post by rmoy » Jun 7th, '09, 10:36

Glad to seed ... I love them very much and in the cheese state it's hard to get any good shows ..love this site already... and so do my parents who miss these shows a lot...

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