JOAQUIN BORDADO (Filipino TV Series) English Hardsubbed

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JOAQUIN BORDADO (Filipino TV Series) English Hardsubbed

Post by WindGod » Feb 21st, '08, 17:21

Hmmm.. so at last we can upload to d-addicts our teleserye.. ^_^
That is good to know.. Thanks so much Ruroshin.

As for the Project of Zaido Space Sheriff we decided to delay it coz certain personal matters we have to attend to.

The good news is we now have a new project on a teleserye that will capture your attention:

Here it is:



Based on the graphic novels of novelist Carlo J. Caparas, Joaquin Bordado was published as a serial throughout the late '70s to early '80s. The graphic novel was turned into a live-action movie on 1988 by its creator Caparas, with veteran actor, and former senator, Ramon Revilla, Sr. in the title role.


Joaquin Apacible is an assassin masquerading as a sales agent. A family man at heart, Joaquin wishes to settle down to live a quiet life with his wife Sofia (Iza Calzado) and son Jimboy (Renz Valerio). His last mission as an assassin of a special military service group is to kill the head of an illegal arms dealer group. This last escapade will cause him to get caught and be imprisoned for some time.

Joaquin knows that his old boss, General Russo (Eddie Garcia) will do everything to kill him since Joaquin holds vital information about the covert group. While serving time in jail, Joaquin meets a mysterious man whose body is full of tattoos.

Unknown to him, one of his fellow inmates is actually an assassin in disguise sent by General Russo to kill Joaquin. But the hero of the story won't remain dead for long. Jilco (Pen Medina), the mysterious man with tattoos, will resurrect Joaquin. The powerful tattoos are all transferred to Joaquin.

With his new powers, Joaquin gets a new life and faces challenges as the chosen heir who will continue the mission to defend the good from the evil elements in the world.[6]

Cast and characters

Main cast

* Robin Padilla as Joaquin Apacible[7]
* Iza Calzado as Sofia
* Mark Herras as Jason Apacible
* Iwa Moto as Dianne
* Eddie Garcia as General Russo

Extended cast

* Pen Medina as Jilco
* Renz Valerio as Jimboy
* Ryza Cenon as Cecile
* Ian Veneracion as Jerome Apacible
* Maverick Relova as Tom [8]
* Ariel Villasanta as Jerry
* Jenny Miller as Elixera
* Kylie Padilla[9] as Erenea
* John Regala as Cefiro
* Ralph Padilla as Mico
* Antonio Aquitana as Kevin
* Lex Lopez[10]
* Carlos Morales
* Mon Confiado
* Mike Magat
* Rez Cortez
* Rommel Padilla
* Gene Padilla
* Anton Bernardo
* Tai Tomoyuki[11]

We start at episode six (6) because we didnt get the copy of episode 1-5 on good resolution.
We have 640x480 High Quality of this, Hardsubbed.. We can upload it here in torrents as soon as I get more response on the thread that i will make... If you want this one, Better take a time to reply.thanks!

KABAKAS FANSUBS proudly presents:

sample of Joaquin Bordado Episode 06 Full with english hardsubbed. Uploaded in youtube.

Part 1 --->>
Part 2 --->>
Part 3 --->>

I have to warn you that this youtube upload is on low quality, but the one that we have... have higher quality than that it is 640x480 High res hardsubbed with english.

IF YOU WANT THIS PLEASE POST HERE IN THIS THREAD. If we get enough reply here.. We'll continue the project and upload it here in torrents section so you could get the High Quality Avi Video of this. ^_^

Thanks Again Ruroshin..

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Post by dabogy » Jul 14th, '09, 12:23

This is also a good series..

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