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Post by budbellybottom » Feb 15th, '08, 18:52

I might go and studies in Denmark :blink , However I don't have much friends :-( in UK already so traveling to another country means I have to leave :cry: my friends and make new friends :goggle: .

I have alway have problem :pale: meeting (well going up to people :argue: ). So hoping for a headstart.

Have anyone been in Denmark :scratch: ??, if you have what it like :lol ??


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Post by Illanair » Mar 28th, '08, 20:46

Denmark is imho a very friendly country, and basicly everyone speaks alittle if not fluenty English :)

Not sure about the whole nightlife scene and all that stuff, I'm more of a indoors person ^.^

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Post by ilikedramas » Apr 10th, '08, 17:55

You should go to Norway :)

But Denmark is good too....

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Post by Saysay » May 22nd, '08, 15:50

Denmark is a nice country with the perfect climate (not to cold, not to hot) :3 They also have the greatest pastry!
Just like Illanair said, the majority of them speak good English, so you won't have a trouble with getting understood and understand.

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Post by jholic » May 22nd, '08, 23:13

just out of curiosity, how expensive is it compared to the rest of europe?

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Post by budbellybottom » May 23rd, '08, 10:57

The tuition fee in Denmark will be cover by the University because I will be still paying the full tuition fee amount as I still study in the university in uk after I finish Denmark.

My tuition fee for this year will be £3239.

I have decided to go. I now awaiting for admission letter.

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Post by xiah1fan » Jun 9th, '08, 13:31

ilikedramas wrote:You should go to Norway :)

But Denmark is good too....
naaa....sweden i prefer..haha

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Post by LiL_gianT23 » Nov 15th, '08, 07:52

I have a friend in Denmark. We used to go to the same school during high school but she transferred in Denmark when we were in junior high.. Last June, she, her family and some friends went back here in Pinas. They were all kind, generous and fun to be with.. They are party people too.. hehe miss them!

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Post by kaoline » Apr 18th, '09, 20:30

jholic wrote:just out of curiosity, how expensive is it compared to the rest of europe?
It's pretty expensive, but if you're studying here, you should get a job here, too. You earn 50-70% more than the americans, so its really not a big problem.

I'm danish myself, and i consider the most danes as friendly, open and helpful.
Everyone is forced to school in denmark, and we have to learn english in school. So everyone should be able to speak english in denmark. Not all is fluent (the old people maybe doesn't speak english), but most of us are. I'm 14 years old, which means that i've been learning english for 3½ years now, so my english is pretty much what you can expect from the teenagers.

I really think you should go here, it's great - It's actually pretty much like england, so don't worry. And it's very easy to make friends here. ;)

Our culture in denmark is pretty much like the swedish and norwegian (trust me - My mom lives in sweden, and i've been in sweden and norway plenty of times, so i know what i'm talking about).

Remember; Scandinavians are known the worlds most beautyful people ;D (Thats what the americans say)

By the way, where are you from? There are pretty many asians studying in copenhagen, my uncle told me.

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I have been there in February

Post by snorky2k » Apr 18th, '09, 22:04

I was in Denmark in February of 2005. I found that most of the people in Denmark under the age of 30 not only speak English well but they also speak English with an English, Scottish, or American accent similar to someone from Minnesota. Those over thirty seemed to speak with the accent of older Danes that I knew who immigrated to the United States. As the age progressed beyond thirty the fluency also fell back. Many of the engineers that I worked with were proficient enough in English that I could work with them with very little difficulty even in extremely technical conversations. Also, most Danes had a better (gooderer for Texans) understanding of English than our previous president and I am speaking as a natural born American citizen 48 years old with a master's degree. All of the young Norwegians, Swedes, and Danes that I spoke with said that they were expected to speak at school in English classes with appropriate accents and that the accent was important to their grade. Our hotel clerk's accent was so perfect that I thought that she was from London. My fifty-five year old assistant's accent was stereotypical pre WWII Danish accent and I was not expecting that.

As for environment, I went with heavy winter clothing thinking that it would be closer to North Pole than where I live (near Chicago, Illinois, USA). However, I found myself walking in just a long sleeve shirt as the gulf stream seems to make Denmark very warm in February. There were days when it was cold enough to wear my parka too but nothing like when I came back to Illinois. People were enjoying the beach in light jackets but not going in the water in Blaavand (sorry spelled it wrong). But, the sun is not up very long in February and the sun does not get very high.

The people that I encountered were well educated with good trade schools being an option as well as college. I was in a car accident just before going to Denmark and the stress and jet lag hit me hard after a couple of days. The people there were very friendly and helpful. Many businesses seemed to close early or not open at all on weekends. So my first day there, there were not a lot of choices for places to eat and ended up going out for Chicago style pizza. The next day we set out for site seeing and looked forward to finding some authentic Danish style restaurants. We could not find any open restaurants, other than McDonald's, as we crossed the country from Middle Fart to Blaavand then to Rinkgobing (sorry about spelling). After dark, all we could find were Chicago style pizza restaurants which, being from the Chicago area, we avoided like vampires avoid garlic and we eventually settled for licorice at a convenience store. Licorice seemed to be very popular there and there were mounds of it available at the store. Either that or the Danes hate it and place it at the mouth of the Rinkobing Fjiord where all hungry tourists desparately snap it up to hold them off until they find a real restuarant.

Yes, the girls there are gorgeous. They are not just pretty, they are intelligent and focused as well. I do not remember that I met anyone there that was not impressive. I was ready to send my sons right over to pick some of their girls up but we are too poor to lure any home. I have two single sons, aged 18, and 21 if any Danish girls would like to come to Illinois in spite of the fact that we have Chicago style pizza on every corner here.

The greater Chicago area is flat but Denmark is flatter. We saw a fjord on the map and drove to go see it. What we did not realize that fjord is a description of the depth of the water in a closed bay and did not refer to a bay lined with scenic mountains. When I described my mistake in finding nothing but sand dunes to a Norwegian, she thought that I was silliy because she said Denmark basically means land of sand dunes. Also, pay attention to the small towns. We drove past a small town that had a whale skeleton in a shop window. Well, I thought that that was cool. Another town had a rock that was basically the contract that started modern western civilization after Rome fell. (don't quote me on history, it is not my specialty. See Rune stone). I also drove by one of my ancestor's former houses but did not know it at the time. I would like to go back and spend some time there now.

The grocery store in Billund was one thing that shocked me the most. I did not expect to see an Aldi in Denmark. Here it is a value priced store so I did not expect it to be international. At the company where I was consulting, there were at least three cafeterias. I have eaten at factory cafeterias in other countries and sometimes worry about dieing from the food. After sending in my coworker to be sure that we were safe from Chicago style pizza, we walked into a clean orderly self-serve cafeteria with a large selection of quality and mostly healthy meal options. Aside for being infected with the desire for pizza, most Danes seem to be very healthy eaters. The second day, we ate in a different cafeteria for the middle management and we noticed more seafood options. The third day in the executive cafeteria, we had a fantastic seafood based meal. There was a log of butter there that I thought was cheese coverend in nuts. But, it turned out to be butter, covered in nuts. While I took an inch, my coworker took about 8 inches thinking that since I had Danish ancestors that I knew which foods were what. Not wanting to insult our hosts, I ate the whole inch. My coworker had a tougher task and at the next meal kept asking "are you sure that's cheese?".

Since I went to Denmark from Paris, I never got a Danish stamp in my passport. I found that very dissapointing.

I liked the transportation system there and wish that we had something like it in America. There were people there that were able to commute from 120 km away without driving their own car. Also, there seemed to be bicycle paths everywhere at that may be related to how few overweight people that they have. There are bike paths that can take you all across the country and if you get tired, you can take a train back with your bike. Also, they have a 2000 inch tall mountain on an island near there that many people like to bike around on.

I did have a problem with the restroom at one place. It may not be a problem for a european near an ocean. However, one restroom was marked with boats instead of words. I did not quite get the gender association of the boats and had to wait until someone else went for a clue. I grew up 1500 miles from the nearest ocean and do not know nautical topics well.

I have done business with the Norwegians and Swedes as well. One time a bank switched me on the phone from their New York office to their Swedish office for help. The accent of the Swede on the other end was so perfect that I did not realize it until I mentioned that I specifically needed help from a branch that was actually located in Sweden.

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Post by dabogy » Jul 14th, '09, 06:53

i wonder if its nice to stay permanently in denmark..

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Post by scarlet0906 » Oct 19th, '09, 15:15

I have a friend who is now living in Denmark for 5 years. So far, he is enjoying his life there. According to him, people were nice and approachable. The place is so fantastic and beautiful. I'm sure you can easily adjust to the people there just like my friend does.

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Post by chi168 » Jan 13th, '10, 14:08

xiah1fan wrote:
ilikedramas wrote:You should go to Norway :)

But Denmark is good too....
naaa....sweden i prefer..haha
I agree :) :thumleft:

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Post by Hyrrokkin » Jan 13th, '10, 14:37

f*** that, come to Iceland!

(If anyone read everything snorky2k said, you get a cookie. Congratulations!)

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Post by noobee » Jan 13th, '10, 15:13


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Post by HongKongChick » Mar 18th, '10, 17:04

should go to Finland! hot guys there!!!!!! :wub: one of my ex's is from there.... :wub:

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Post by happy_frog » Apr 7th, '11, 02:38

I want to go to Denmark :)

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Re: Denmark

Post by jacky321 » Dec 4th, '15, 04:13

I want to go Denmark in the future. I am very happy to read all posts because I get lots of information about this country. I hope I will spend a great time here. I am sure I will see great wonderful and gorgeous places here.

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