Guys You Don’t Wanna Take Home

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Guys You Don’t Wanna Take Home

Se7en. Bad hair year too. Plus he is too busy hanging out downtown
Rain.He dosen't have dandruff , but he might treat mum like he treats his fans. Like Ass
Kang In. Loony die-hard fans might kill you .Plus he had a bad hair year.
Anyone from Ft.Island . They are hot . But cant bring home juvenlies.
No votes
Lee Dong Wook. "Perfect for me" you say . "Perfect for me too" Mum says
Hyun bin. Cos being too hot is such a sin
Total votes: 16

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Guys You Don’t Wanna Take Home

Post by xiah1fan » Feb 1st, '08, 15:29

Ladies only. Which one you wanna take home and introduce to your parents, the LEAST?

Write a comment for the reason you choose the person you choose....

I choose Lee dong wook....beacause I really dont wanna share my man with my mum!!!!
but the second one would be Rain....He is worst

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Post by littledraci » Feb 9th, '08, 00:03

hihi.. I'l go for Lee Dong Wook, too.... second would be Hyun Bin :lol the reason??? Mmmmnnhh.. you wrote it in the choices :mrgreen:

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Post by ranjitha » Feb 9th, '08, 03:09


i chose
Lee Dong Wook too!!

my second one is rain too
at first i thought he was hot but then he started to be an arse to my eyes that is.
and his butt routine on the stage is actually quite sick, i don't get why people find that hot!!

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Post by saby » Feb 9th, '08, 10:36

hyun bin... he is way to hot to be true

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Post by eilla » Feb 10th, '08, 16:18

wow, I can't make my mind, such a difficult choice! It's unfair, why are this guys so hot?!
1. Hyun Bin
2. Eric
3. Lee Dong Wook

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Post by lenrasoon » Feb 10th, '08, 16:48

My vote was:

Lee Dong Wook. "Perfect for me" you say . "Perfect for me too" Mum says

i can totally imagine my mum saying this o.O

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Post by PJB » Feb 18th, '08, 03:59

Um I'm not a girl so I won't vote, but my mum said that exact same thing when watching My Girl :mrgreen:

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Post by Dior^aDDicT » Feb 21st, '08, 09:47

i'll definitely bring all of them home esp rain, hyun bin and lee dong wook :P

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Re: Guys You Don’t Wanna Take Home

Post by BucinInGuk » Jun 19th, '19, 23:08

XD Lee Dongwook.
I'm gonna buy an apartment and take him to my apartment so i can have him for myself xD

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