Asian Guys and Hispanic Girls

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Post by gitarooqueen » Apr 24th, '11, 15:42

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Post by Avelire » Jan 8th, '12, 07:01

I know this topic is super old, but I'd like to put my two cents in too.
I'm a Puerto Rican woman and I have been with two Asian men, one of which I've been going steady with for almost two years now. In both cases, he was the one who made the first move and expressed his interest first. And both guys were known to be shy! Therefore, it is entirely possible. I will say, however, that both those guys said they generally preferred Asian girls, and they both had the "Asian Pride" that would usually prevent them from dating anyone who wasn't Asian. I'm a prime example that their views can be changed ;) (and I'm sure in this day and age, there are more open minded men out there) I honestly can't explain why one is more likely to see and Asian woman with a man of another ethnicity than the other way around, but it happens a lot anyway. After all, men are still men, no matter what ethnicity xD

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all you Latinas really need to come to Hawaii

Post by TenguKing » Jan 12th, '12, 06:45

In Honolulu what we've essentially got is an extreme concentration of Asian Americans, including myself and almost 0 (but not completely) hispanics or african american (or is black the new PC term?) and so...

Living where Japanese/Korean/Chinese americans live in the highest concentration in the states couldn't hurt your chances right?

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Post by gitarooqueen » Jan 12th, '12, 13:18

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Post by raingirl » Mar 5th, '12, 06:39

So let's say Hispanics are Latin Americans okay? My answer would be because they are geographically far. Of course, there are a lot of Hispanic and Asian couple, but not as much as let's say, African American and Caucasian, or Asian and European couples. But I know that there is a big Japanese community in Brazil, so it's not really that rare. And the Brapanese are very hot! :)

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Post by Bellanova » Mar 29th, '12, 01:44

I'm a Spanish girl (Spain) and I love asian guys. It wasn't until I got into kpop / kdramas that I realized a majority of my crushes throughout the 22 years I've been alive - have all been Asian men lol.

I have no idea why. Although, the Asians I've met (male and female) seem to have similarities with how I grew up and how my family raised me, so maybe that's why?

I don't know. I've never dated an Asian though, but I'd like to~
They always seem so shy though.

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Post by heat6jones » Apr 6th, '12, 07:47

I think it's best to stick with your own kind. That way your kids will look similar to you and their grandparents.

Also the reason we are able to find different cultures compelling and their people interesting is because they exist. If we all mix then there will no longer be unique cultures and races as we'll all be one. We should try to preserve our diversity.

To each their own though.

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Post by Bellanova » Apr 6th, '12, 14:34

I'm sorry, I don't agree with you at all heat6jones.

Looks have nothing to do with it. I don't see why you would bring that up. Most of my friends who are mixed races are handsome/beautiful people. No matter what race you end up getting married to, you'll still look like one of your family members no matter what.

People marrying others from different cultures/races would not make that culture any less interesting. Again, I don't understand the point you're making. If someone (born as) is raised for example, as half Japanese and half Australian - they get to experience two different cultures. It doesn't make them any less unique just because they're mixed races. Honestly, I would think those of mixed races are more unique then those from just one culture (like I am).

"We should try to preserve our diversity."
Wouldn't we have more diversity if people came from more than one country? These days people can say "Oh well my parents came from Brazil" - in the future it will be even more diverse. People will say they've experienced more than one culture due to their parents and/or grandparents. In return it will make people understand others even better because some will be knowledgeable about more than one culture.

There are people that do want to preserve their one culture, and that's completely fine. I don't agree however agree with it being better to "stick with your own kind". That kind of thought process reminds me of my parents/grandparents - whom only say that because they have not experienced (nor want to experience) those from a different culture apart from their own. More culture awareness means better understanding of the people around you (not just the people next to you).

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Post by gitarooqueen » Apr 9th, '12, 14:00

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Post by OnlyWish » May 7th, '12, 05:28

i live in the los angeles area and i've never really seen an asian guy with a hispanic girl at all. though i've seen asian guys with white girls..

actually...i remember my older brother (japanese) dated a hispanic girl for a short while. but she started seeing her ex again behind his back so that did not last long once he found out. my oldest brother also dated an african american girl for many years. but now 1 brother has a japanese gf and the other brother has a taiwanese gf

just based on hearing some of my asian guy friends talk, they don't like to date non-asian races or at least would never marry one... just because of the cultural differences. but i'm sure if they met someone they loved it would change their mind

i think the kids come out quite cute with mixed races

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Post by Mummbles » Jul 10th, '12, 05:55

Hey I know this might not be knew or anything however I believe that Asian men are too shy to go out and explore... Personally I like the majority of Asian men but they always seemed to be offended by my tomboyish ways or in some terms hard to get. I know not all of them are like that but for what I have seen since I live near a college with a 62% of Asians. They seem to only go for white women or Asian women. :(

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Latina and asian men relatioships are possible

Post by Li » Dec 17th, '13, 18:24

I'm from Puerto Rico ; my grandfather was filipino. I find asian men sexy, intelligent and reliable...There's often said that asian men are shy but I don't think so; maybe it depends on how they've raised. I've met vietnamese, chinese, taiwanese and they all made the flirt first so be conversative. They are really good listeners and they have more patience than other men. They are polite and caring. Of course we all are different minds and you can't by any way fit them in a stereotype or in your pespective. Communication is key. Most asians are americans so when you asked them...Where you from? they will answer (from here) so my advice: Be careful how you ask; instead ask them their name and then with an innocent smile (Is that korean?) Learn the basics... Asia is the biggest continent so at least know the difference between China and Taiwan; North Korea and South Korea; Phillipines and Vietnam; and that Hawaii and Samoa are US territory with polinesian ethnicity.

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