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I'm Sorry, But I Love You (Director's Cut) [R1-KBS America]

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I'm Sorry, But I Love You (Director's Cut) [R1-KBS America]

Post by myrmidon » Feb 17th, '07, 18:50

Wiki entry: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Sorry_I_Love_You

Title: I'm Sorry, But I Love You (Director's Cut)
Publisher: KBS America
Region code: 1 (North America)
Screen format: Full-screen format, standard (4:3) aspect ratio
Languages: Korean (Dolby 2.0)
Subtitles: English (soft)
Extras: Cast Interviews, NGs, Music Video, Best Scenes, etc.
MSRP: $99.99

Discs - 7 DVDs, 3 episodes per DVD, with disc 6 containing episode #16 and a widescreen version of #1. Disc 7 contains the extras. Menus contain enough English that there shouldn't be any problems navigating through them.

Packaging - Virtually dentical to the very attractive booklet-style slipcase released in Korea http://www.madmad.co.kr/dvd/detail.html?dvd_id=14252
Note that the Korean text has been preserved exactly as in the Korean release, rather than being translated into English.

Audio - Not much to say. It was 2.0, clear and without distortion.

Video - Sadly, this is a full-screen presentation (though an anamorphic WS version of episode 1 is thrown in as an extra to pad out disc 6). Still, the picture quality is excellent. Flaws are relatively minor (occasional rainbows).

Subtitles - The subs are a real mixed bag. For the majority of episodes, the subtitle quality is actually pretty good whenever people are just speaking in Korean. Some episodes show a drop in sub quality (missing punctuation, or poorer grammar), suggesting the work of more than one subber. There is a MAJOR drop in quality (poor grammar, horrible misspellings, etc.) whenever a song is translated, or (strangely enough) when someone speaks in English! I mean, it's REALLY REALLY bad at those points. Also, the b-word has amusingly been replaced with "beach" throughout the show. Son-of-a-beach!!! :lol

None of the extras are subbed.

Final judgement: This is a great show, and a fairly respectable release. The subs, while not perfect, will carry you throughout most of the show... though in those places where the subs get really bad it's very distracting. It's unfortunate it's not entirely in widescreen, and that the extras aren't subbed, but basically you're buying the original Korean release with the only alteration being the "KBS America" logo slapped on the packaging.

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