Discuss about travelling to or living in another country.
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Post by dramelencholy » Mar 26th, '12, 17:24

Konnichiwa! rootabega san,

You went to Kyoto that's great! :-) I'd go there someday too!
I will never give up my greatest goal in life!!! :-)

2018 is my target year. I'd be on my thirties by then. Hopefully when that time comes I already saved enough money for my travel expenses!

Your words are encouragement to an aspiring Japan traveler like me!

Thank you! (:

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Post by vivant » Apr 1st, '14, 13:29

My #1 wishlist is always be: travelling to Japan.

And I hope someday I can do it, no matter how old I am or who my partner will be.
I've already experienced winter in Korea, so I hope when I finally get to Japan it will be a hanami season.

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Re: Country you'd most like to visit.

Post by zeeamir » Jan 3rd, '15, 19:28

Anywhere would be nice. :thumleft: :thumright:
But for now, JAPAN is the place i like to visit! Gotta work hard to save some money! :dance:

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Re: Country you'd most like to visit.

Post by shkendan » Jan 15th, '15, 02:50

I visited my first wishlist country Japan. It is really a good country. The people who are living in Osaka are very kind. And I will travel to this place again.
Of course, I would like to visit other asian countries because of their interesting cultures.

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Re: Country you'd most like to visit.

Post by MaxBite » Jan 6th, '16, 08:43

first japan, and next Indonesia. Big country with many Island. i wish get one. :whistling:

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Re: Country you'd most like to visit.

Post by nolja » Feb 13th, '16, 03:49

Mine had always been Japan....and now I've been 3 times! I teach English in Seoul, South Korea and it's so affordable to travel to Japan now :D It's sooo worth it though, and honestly Japan is still the place I want to visit on all my vacations ><
I've been to Tokyo two times and Osaka once.
My next trip will be Sapporo!

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Re: Country you'd most like to visit.

Post by SamuraiSx » Apr 28th, '16, 09:57

anything in ASIA!!! *Q*./
but also Peru and Egypt, Jerusalem and Somallia ~

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Re: Country you'd most like to visit.

Post by thefall » May 1st, '16, 15:03

There's far too many to choose from :lol

Japan of course, Canada, North and South America, most of Europe, in particular - Greece, Italy (again), Spain, the list could go on! I would love to go back to Ireland again - my most favourite country!

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