What languages do you know?

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What languages do you know proficiently?

Chinese & Japanese
Chinese & Korean
Japanese & Korean
All of Above
None of Above (must rely on subtitles)
Total votes: 935

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What languages do you know?

Post by xiaryx » Jan 23rd, '04, 18:47

I was just interested in knowing the language population of all the d-addicts visitors. Proficient in a language means able to watch a show without the subtitles.

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Post by niko2x » Jan 23rd, '04, 22:43

I'm CHN, but my girl is JPN, thus the duo tongue.

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Post by GhstDreamer » Jan 23rd, '04, 23:12

I'm Chinese so of course I picked chinese - but specifically cantonese. I have no knowledge of mandarin. I can actually understand spoken Japanese more than mandarin. Also French (of course this has nothing to do with asian dramas - except in Golden Bowl when Takeshi kept saying Oui Madam...lol) - 10 years of french classes....though a lot of my understanding of that language is almost gone :(

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Re: What languages do you know?

Post by groink » Jan 23rd, '04, 23:37

xiaryx wrote:I was just interested in knowing the language population of all the d-addicts visitors. Proficient in a language means able to watch a show without the subtitles.
I'm a native English speaker. My other language is Hawaiian, which is probably a totally wasted effort. :(

--- groink

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Post by xiaryx » Jan 24th, '04, 05:28

Ah interesting results so far...Little description of myself...My first language is Chinese (fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin) even though I am probably much better in English now....Picking up Japanese from watching anime/dorama, finding Korean to be a much more difficult language to learn because of pronounciation. Then there is that five years of French experience... Subtitles are still my best friends :lol
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Post by Michi » Jan 24th, '04, 05:48

none of the above... i rely on subtitles :cry:

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Post by Takez0 » Jan 24th, '04, 17:59

I know some other languages but not Asian related

little French
can understand Italian if I try
German pronounciation

I find Korean hard to pick up too, and I have mental block when it comes to Korean names :crazy:

I would like to learn Japanese, I would have no problems pronouncing the words, if only I had more time and dedication.

Cantonese is another favorite of mine, but is almost impossible to learn with all that tones

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Post by shirahime » Jan 25th, '04, 23:10

Takez0:You do have a long language- to-learn list.

For my part:
Cantonese - fluently
Mandarin - I understand it, watch movies without sub
Japanese - been learning for a year so I understand some, but still rely on sub
Vietnamese - well I know it, don't like it much but it came free
French - yes, not good but if I concentrate hard enough I can do without the sub
Swedish - the one I know best, not my favorite though

Well you might figure it out, I live in Sweden.

Korean is on top of my language-to-learn list 8)

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Post by kjchien » Jan 30th, '04, 18:11

hee hee i am only one burmese here... harr harr

but a little bit of chinese..

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Post by KrAzYLiLAzNGr1 » Jan 30th, '04, 18:39

I only speak a little cantonese, I have no knowledge of mandarin. I want to learn japenese and korean too!! But korean is kind of hard to learn with all the pronounciations and stuff. Subtitles is my buddy when it comes to foreign movies. :D

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Post by neonkinpatsu » Jan 30th, '04, 19:38

I chose Japanese, but I'm not fluent in the least, although I don't *have* to rely on subtitles. I completed a Japanese language/culture minor in college, although I haven't graduated yet, I finished the minor. I lived in Japan for 3 months. I'm not fluent, but I can get by in Japan and understand a good portion of shows without subtitles but usually with a dictionary nearby, just in case, LOL. :lol My comprehension is my best advantage, but on responding I hesitate a bit :|

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Post by BT907 » Jan 31st, '04, 07:40

i'm fluent in english or at least i hope i am LOL i also speak chu-chou, which is a rare chinese dialect. i can speak and understand some cantonese, mandarin, and taiwanese. i took 4yrs of spanish but it's all just a blur to me now. and i know a little japanese and korean but that's only because of my ex's. that being said, i have to admit that subtitles are my best friends.

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Post by hakurey » Jan 31st, '04, 15:16

kjchien wrote:hee hee i am only one burmese here... harr harr

but a little bit of chinese..
eeeei. ne kaun: ye la kjchien?

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Post by iceberri » Jan 31st, '04, 15:41

My first language was Cantonese so I can speak and understand, but I can't read & write unfortunately. >_< I know a bunch of phrases in Japanese that are common in anime, and I want to learn Korean... badly but pronouncing it is just so hard!! @_@

I found a site that teaches you korean.. http://korean.sogang.ac.kr/index.html but still, their pronunciation is much too fast for me.

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Post by MeaningOfLife » Jan 31st, '04, 15:48

I know Chinese (Mandarin) fluently. However, I did pick up a few Japanese and Korean, but only pick up lines and such.

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Post by kei » Feb 1st, '04, 15:53

Hi everybody. I just registered! (yay!)

I only speak English. However I know some Japanese and I am continuing to try and learn it on my own. And what got me interested in it originally was probably the fact that I grew up playing Final Fantasy games. =)

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practising through dramas

Post by okumasama » Feb 2nd, '04, 11:29

the truth is you don't have to know perfectly a language to watch a movie or a drama in this language. I've be using dramas as practise material for my japanese studies for three years now. Subtitles are nice, makes me understand every detail but since I am not a native English speaker anyway, lots of times my ear will just listen to Japanese than reading the English..
I guess I am not the only one using dramas for practising ^^

Well here are languages I can undersand (languages & translation is my major in uni as well):
Greek - Native
French - Native (but not spoken for years... but still able to use it I guess :P )
English - Proficency
Italian - Superiore (Proficency)
Japanese - JPTL Level 3 (Hopefully rising to Level 1 soon... Yeah... :cheers: I am going to college in Japan this summer)
German, Spanish, Chinese & Russian in university - I can't really figure out my level...

I guess most people know some everyday words in some other languages too... same here. Since I am studying in U.K. and in a university city such as Cambridge, it's quite hard (even rare sometimes) to find English people around... so you get to meet to almost every kind of people. So you also get to learn some basics from every language (since you listen to these everyday)... There are times that I am wondering if this is really a city in U.K. or a city in China, India or Japan... Globalization :blink at it's maximum.... whatever. I am still wondering why English became the global language... It has to do with Britain and USA's power last century I guess... Anyway. I think Spanish and Chinese are the next more useful languages (due to population).... That leaves me with my native language not really useful (only Greeks speak Greek and there are not many (about 15m around the world)).... Whatever.. you know ... it is night, I have nothing better to do and I am writing this ... hehe :lol talk you soon

PS: lol I forgot... I can read very well (because nobody speaks anyway) Ancient Greek (nothing to do with modern Greek) & Latin (yeah we even had to do that in school for 6 years) .... but that's not much of use in modern days, is it?
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Post by totoro » Feb 3rd, '04, 04:34

Yes I don't think you need to know a language perfectly to understand dramas. My roommate who speaks cantonese (and has no knowledge of japanese) was watching my jdramas without subtitles and she still got most of it. Well, it works best with cheesy love dramas since you can pretty much understand it without dialouge.

I grew up in the US but watching jdrama since I was one (my parents watched it all the time) really helped me keep my language. I'm still fluent. Yeah, so when I see bad subtitles for jdramas I get frustrated (can't help it) :glare: although the dramas from here are pretty good.

I'm trying to learn korean but I can catch some of the words since there's some similarity of words in Japanese. Chinese, I can't really understand it but I can read Chinese characters so it helps when there's Chinese subtitles. :mrgreen:

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Post by Reuben » Feb 3rd, '04, 13:48

Well my mother language is Maltese, but I speak fluentely English and Italian. At school I studied also French but since I hated it I didn`t really advanced a lot in it.
For 3 years now I have been studying Japanese, but there is still way to go. I can only read something over 1000 Kanji, but my aim is 2000. Only time will make you good in Japanese, atleast that`s what I have learned so far ^_^

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Post by amrayu » Feb 6th, '04, 08:55

here's what i know:
chinese (mandarin)- took 1 semester, was real fun, remember some
japanese- been studying since junior year of high school, been studying for 8-9 years, graduating w/japanese as my secondary major soon ( i hope), lived in japan for a total of 3-4 months (1 summer trip in 1996, 1 winter break trip in 1998)
korean- i've just started learning for about 2 years or so (off and on), studied about half of the alphabet..lol, planning on a trip to Seoul this summer. :mrgreen:

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Re: What languages do you know?

Post by anduria » Feb 6th, '04, 16:30

I'm a native English speaker. My other language is Hawaiian, which is probably a totally wasted effort. :(

--- groink[/quote]

I don't think Hawaiian is a wasted effort!!! I went to visit my in-laws in Honolulu last year and we went to Kauai too. I really like the Hawaiin language! We're hoping to move to Honolulu sometime this year and I'd like to pick up the Hawaiian language! :) I hope it doesn't end up being a dead language someday, but you never know and at least you had a chance to learn it. ;) I too am a native English speaker. I'm pretty fluent in Japanese after 4 years of self study and with the help of my husband's step-mom, she's Japanese. I don't need the subtitles but every once in a while. I've thought about learning Chinese since there's a bigger Chinese community where we're living now and sometimes going to the asian food market is a pain! LOL! I also know bits of Spanish (lived in Denver for 6 years - HUGE Spanish community! And took 2 years in HS), French, & Italian. I've always liked languages though and have tried learning Russian and Gaelic! I'm just weird! :P


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Post by nanda » Feb 6th, '04, 19:10

i understand :
-french very well because i am french

that's all ...

Steven Khieu
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Post by Steven Khieu » Feb 11th, '04, 14:30

I speak
and French. and can read them.

But I do watch and have quite a bit of Korean movies. and I rely on the english subtitle.

I dont' ahve any Japanese movie or anything in the entertainment category that is Jap.

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Post by soyabean123 » Feb 18th, '04, 18:08

written and spoken french, english and vietnamese!! woohoo!! :P
i know a bit of cantonese also, just pick up lines....

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Post by fish7 » Oct 1st, '04, 16:36

chinese. i only understand few korean and jap words. when i say few i mean less than 30 so you can probably guess my proficiency in korean and japanese language. :D

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Post by CamCam » Oct 1st, '04, 17:01

I'm currently studying Japanese and read hiragana and katakana, but can only understand some verbal and a few kanji. I managed to watch all of Minami kun no Koibito w/out subs and im currently watching Orange Days w/out subs.

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Post by LittleGreenGrasshopper » Oct 1st, '04, 17:25

Since I voted, might as well leave a message too. Chinese-Canadian, care to guess which one I voted for? :lol I also studied Japanese for a month then lived in Japan for 7 months (to CamCam: living in a country doesn't automatically mean you'll learn the language, I didn't, and I lived in a town where most speak only japanese :x ) Oh, and I've been watching more than a dozen or so Korean films in the past while, sadly, my korean is still limited to "hello" :P Now, if only I can understand Mandarin, then I can talk to the really cute girls that I always see in town :blink

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Post by Agent007 » Oct 1st, '04, 17:30

Been studying Japanese for about a year now. I get maybe 50% of the conversations when I watch un-subbed JDoramas. It's too easy to get distracted, zone out and just stare at the pretty ladies, though. But if I put the effort into it, I can understand a lot. I can read Japanese way better than comprehending what I hear, though. I guess 'cause I have more time to think.
I did find that I got a lot more out of Korean dramas w/ Japanese subs. Heh. Goes w/ the whole reading better thing, I guess.

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Post by sukyong » Oct 1st, '04, 17:59

I speak and can understand Korean but only up to a certain level...my vocabulary is limited and I don't know the latest "sayings". When I watch the korean dramas, I can only understand about 70%. If they discuss anything to do about their work or health or whatever, I'm lost. Which is why I NEED the English subtitles. Thank Goodness for FanSubbers and D-Addicts! :D

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Post by shirahime » Oct 1st, '04, 18:31

I rely on subs when watching J and Kdramas :cry:
Don't know what I would do without bludawn and pucca our official d-addicts Kdrama provider :lol

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Post by Deirdre » Oct 1st, '04, 18:39

i'm spanish, so i know spanish

i also know catalan, galego, euskera, french, english and i'm learning japanese and chinese @_@

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Post by DareDesuKa » Oct 1st, '04, 18:49

I can pick up... hm, maybe 6-70% of most Jdramas, obviously some have more simple/common phrases in the dialog than others. I'm takign this as my second major in college, have studdied it for a year and 1/4 in college, and a little over a year on my own before that.

I'm thinking of learning chinese, written at least, after japanese. I mean hey, I'll know kanji which is VERY similar to chinese characters... though annoyingly not always identical.

Native english, and was conversational level in spanish, though I've gotten really rusty... Not that spanish is useful on this site anyway. :P

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Post by Agent007 » Oct 1st, '04, 21:23

I've got this Japanese workbook where the explanations are in Japanese, English and Chinese... I only notice a few similarites between Japanese and Chinese... Then there's the whole pronunciation thing. I'm sure you could do it, but I kinda doubt knowing Japanese first would make it all that easy...

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Post by babyguh » Oct 1st, '04, 21:43

hmmz i chose none of the above cuz i speak fluently Vietnamese and thats it haha but i sooo wanna learn chinese both mandarin and cantonese...that is my goal..i will complete it sooner or later.....

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Post by shi » Oct 1st, '04, 21:55

I can speak/write a bit/read a bit Vietnamese...

I've been pick up random Japanese phases and Korean phases.

But I must rely on subtitles sadly.

(I wish I could read Chinese)

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Post by shwap » Oct 1st, '04, 21:56

Fluent in:

I know some / a lot in:

But unless I'm watching Mexican soaps (American ones suck and never end), i need my lovely subs to watch dramas

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Post by Kizyr » Oct 2nd, '04, 04:13

English is the only thing I know 100% fluently.

Spanish I'm fairly proficient at. I can converse, read newspapers / novels, and if I concentrate watch television programs in it with no further difficulty. But I've gotten rusty in conversation for lack of use--reading and writing's still there, though.

Japanese I've been studying for about 5-6 years now and can converse fairly well and read a few novels (understanding about 70-80% depending on the subject). I don't mind watching raws or subtitles; but if there's an option I'll pick subtitles to give myself less work to do (and show it to other people). KF

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Post by PaulS » Oct 2nd, '04, 18:09

Korean and English.

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Post by hiroki » Oct 2nd, '04, 22:31



all three fluently

japanese quite OK, but i'm better at writing/reading than listening-understanding. just because i have nobody to speak with here :cry:
but sometimes i meet japanese friends who are living in other cities, so with them.. i speak japanese. but i still need subs to understand everything.. (of course not for my friends, just for movies/dramas :lol )
and because of japanese i can read some chinese. so i can navigate through chinese websites and understand some written chinese.
i also learned hangul, so i can read it, but don't understand a single word :P
only words that are similar in korean and japanese i can understand when reading hangul on f.i. websites. like. yaksok -> yakusoku, umgak -> ongaku... etc.
but i want to learn chinese and korean after becoming able to speak/understand japanese like a native speaker.. next year, i hope, this will happen, when i go to japan for one year :mrgreen:

PS: of course, knowing german makes it possible for me to read dutch.. and understand it.. sometimes well.. sometimes not so well ;)
and i can understand some spoken italian, but especially written italian. but i cannot produce a single sentence by myself... spanish is also a understandable.. when written.
all that.. thanks to my french knowledge + latin classes :roll

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Post by wujou_mao » Oct 3rd, '04, 00:15

i'm White - British so i only know English. i rely on English subs although i do understand a few words of japanese. i mainly know swear words in Cantonese too. i really want to learn an asian language but there is'nt any call for asian languages where i live. there are some schools in Leicester , Nuneaton and st. neots (st. neots being the closest, but without transport i'm screwed) as i live near cambs i really thought that there might be a school, but seeing as most of Cambridgeshire is asian and going to Uni, why would they have a college to teach an asian lang. sort of jarrs me off

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Post by _FlaYer » Oct 3rd, '04, 17:45

Swedish, English, Five years of studying German (Can speak kind of good) and I've picked up some Korean.

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Post by zdoon » Oct 3rd, '04, 18:12

sukyong wrote:I speak and can understand Korean but only up to a certain level...my vocabulary is limited and I don't know the latest "sayings". When I watch the korean dramas, I can only understand about 70%. If they discuss anything to do about their work or health or whatever, I'm lost. Which is why I NEED the English subtitles. Thank Goodness for FanSubbers and D-Addicts! :D
I'm the same. I know grammar and "social" language well enough, but when the characters bust out with medical and business language then I don't know what's going on.

I'm trying to become fluent in Korean and I'm going to learn Japanese soon also, I'm already busy studying Hiragana and Katakana. Mandarin is something I'd be interested in learning as well. I'd also like to learn Spanish and French. (Hopefully, I'll die a polyglot.)

I'm surprised some people find Korean difficult to pronounce. For instance, what's difficult about pronouncing 가? ("Gah") It's basically the same as english except the sound borders between G and K.

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Post by Kirosia » Oct 3rd, '04, 18:20

I'm fluent in English and Khmer (better with the former than the latter, still have a rough asian accent though).

I know some japanese, and used to know spanish (took like 7yrs worth, aced every test, but I don't understand a word of it now) It's fun messing with people who don't know what race I am. I've been thought to be mexican, spanish, vietnamese, chinese, and white (although that last one confuses me a little, my white friends think I look half-white for some reason) :-(

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Post by cococrust » Oct 3rd, '04, 18:22

I think almost anyone is at least well-versed in 2 languages this days (see how we evolved :| )

Anyway, I am fluent in English, Chinese and Indonesian language. about 50% versed in the dialects Cantonese and Hokkian (sounds a bit like Taiwanese). I really liked to learn Japanese or Korean and in addition a European language (but I think I am well too old to absorb linguistic skills well anymore)

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Post by JALAL » Oct 3rd, '04, 18:37

I though you speak english in Hawaii :shocked: I mean Kiku TV has english subs for the japanse drama they show.. Im confused now!

Persian, I had to learn it cuz I was born in Iran and now I dont use it much since I live in sweden! but well there are persian movies that look pretty nice so maybe and I love the persian music so maybe its not a total waste..
Arabic, hate it cuz it sounds UGLY.. my parents lived in Iraq for a while I learned that too.. I think Its a waste I did!
Swedish, I was forced to learn this horrible language cuz my parents moved to sweden.. Its not that bad but I just dont like it so maybe I'll move to another country :crazy:
English, well maybe the best language or ah its just useful one
German, belive it or not I like it!

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Post by _FlaYer » Oct 3rd, '04, 18:53

JALAL: German, belive it or not I like it]

Haha oh my god =)
As a famous Swedish writer said, "German sounds as one is using the barf-bag in an airplane =)

(Roligt med en till Svensk här! Funny with another Swede here!)

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Post by jnbb » Oct 3rd, '04, 20:08

My native language is Chinese. But I darling is a english speaker. We enjoy jp kr cn shows those with english subtitle so much, and thanks the peple who applied those wonderful shows!

I hope we have more chance to watch hkddramas, cdramas and twdramas with english subtitle. Here, I'd like to thank somebody who could release "cha shi gu xiang nong"(茶是故乡浓) and "jiu shi gu xiang chun"(酒是故乡醇)!

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Post by Kizyr » Oct 4th, '04, 06:22

Languages that you know tend not to sound as good.

Japanese sounded a lot cooler to me before I understood most of it. Now, Chinese sounds really good to me, but I dunno if that'll be the same after I understand it.

Spanish might be an exception... that sounded better the more I understood it. Maybe this theory only applies to further removed languages, or ones with certain connections. KF

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Post by hiro01 » Oct 4th, '04, 08:40

I can speak vietnamese pretty well but can't read or write it, so that make my primary language is English. Trying to learn Japanese so I can watch jdrama and anime that doesn't have subtitle, so right now subtitle is my best friend :D

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Post by dhkimboa » Oct 4th, '04, 08:46

english, korean and spanish here

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Post by Agent007 » Oct 4th, '04, 16:58

Kizyr wrote:Languages that you know tend not to sound as good.

Japanese sounded a lot cooler to me before I understood most of it. Now, Chinese sounds really good to me, but I dunno if that'll be the same after I understand it.
I know Japanese, but I still like the way it sounds. Mostly when women speak it, though. I can't always understand men and they're always so guttural.

I do know that Japanese music has a very different feel to it when you start to understand the lyrics... You start to realize they're all about the same thing. :D

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Post by venz » Oct 4th, '04, 17:34

I speak Cantonese Fluently, can read but cant write :glare:
and I speak Mandarin also, took classes in Highschool on Japanese know most basics and can understand most Jap anime now. Still relying on subs somewhat. And learning Korean from dramas (hey, I learned englisho like that) :P

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Post by r3v » Oct 6th, '04, 01:33

Studied Japanese in high school (exchange student)... studied in Japan (someone ask me where ;) for a year+ in college.

Minored in Mandarin in college, spent 6+ months in China.

Spent a semester at Yonsei in Korea.

Get most Japanese, get by in Mandarin, and get the gist of stuff in Korean (fluent if soju is involved).

Now I just have to not forget all that.

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Post by C_U » Oct 10th, '04, 09:23

Hrm lets see...

1.English (fluent in reading writing and speaking)
2.Teo chew (pretty much fluent..slowly losing my vocabulary)mother tougue language
3.Cambodian(understand fluently but speak with an accent and can't write)
4.Madarin (write/understand and speak enough to get by)
5.Cantonese,Vietnamese,Indonesian/malay,Japanese and thai are pretty much in the same categor of knowing bits and peices of sentences

currently...want to become fluent in madarin and learn Jap and any other asian language!!!!

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Post by gnohz » Oct 10th, '04, 10:11

I chose Chinese since it's my mother tongue.

I've been studying Japanese for around less than a year but I can only understand bits and parts of shows ^^;; Sometimes, it gets really frustrating...

I can understand Singlish too...how i hoped that we can use singlish in school presentations lol xD

I can understand some Hokkien and Cantonese too, since they're dialects of my father and mother lol...

Hmm..what else..oh, English...duhhh xD

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Post by shayla » Oct 10th, '04, 10:31

Only speak and write 3 languages: finnish, swedish and english. Read german and russian for a year in school, french for 2 years. Studied hebrew when very young about 10 for a few years but don't remember much. Now trying to learn korean so maybe could read and understand kdramas and movies, also get by when I'll travel someday to Korea.

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Post by ar-a-mach » Oct 10th, '04, 10:50


(from what i know best to what i know the least) ^_^

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Post by |sUiZiD| » Oct 10th, '04, 10:53

well, I speak
english, as you can see
a little bit russian^^
and hopefully japanese in the near future^^ korean would be good as well^^

damn, I have too study more, sitting here like a lazy ass and watching dramas and anime but not studying^^

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Post by innocentchica » Oct 10th, '04, 23:11

i know chinese pretty well... except reading it for subs. they go so quick for me that i rarely get to finish reading the sentence. x__X

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Post by Agent007 » Oct 10th, '04, 23:16

gnohz wrote: I can understand Singlish too...how i hoped that we can use singlish in school presentations lol xD
Singlish? The only thing I can come up w/ is English from Singapore. Is that right? :unsure:

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Post by Ajatollah » Oct 12th, '04, 07:24

Native spanish
average english (or so I would like to think)
somewhat fluent japanese
and looking forward to learn cantonese, mandarin and korean (I'll need the subs in these for a good while) :D

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Post by Kizyr » Oct 15th, '04, 14:21

Agent007 wrote:I do know that Japanese music has a very different feel to it when you start to understand the lyrics... You start to realize they're all about the same thing. :D
You should start listening to hip-hop then, if you want some more profound lyrics in Japanese. There're a few just about the 'bling-bling' and partying like in American rap, but there's a whole lot of social commentary and criticism of Japan in hip-hop culture as well. I'm getting into King Giddra and Shing02 myself... already been into m-flo and Dragon Ash for some time. KF

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Post by Agent007 » Oct 15th, '04, 20:35

Eh. I'm not a big fan of hip-hop in general... The only artists I really listen to are The Brilliant Green, Asian Kung-Fu Generation and Nakashima Mika... I see the other stuff on TV, but I don't listen to it.

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Post by ThaChinky » Oct 15th, '04, 21:21

i know both mandarin and cantonese. and the jap and korean is starting to come from the series.
but i'm really surprised at the amount of ppl that totally rely on subtitles (aprox 40%). i didnt expect that..very interesting.

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Post by GiangX925 » Oct 16th, '04, 04:53

I know how to speak Vietnamese and a little Japanese. There's a lot of people that rely on subtitles though. People probably know the language, but aren't proficient at it.

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Post by theorem » Oct 18th, '04, 17:26

i'm mongolian, also can speak english and japanese, and understand russian thou

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Post by strawberry88 » Oct 19th, '04, 00:56

i know chinese..specifically cantonese....but i can also understand a lot of mandarin when someone speaks it to me...but i can't really speak it...i can pick up some basic phrases/words in jap..but then again, i think most ppl can if they are into doramas....

i hope to learn japanese one day cuz i want to teach english in japan

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Post by lazymui » Oct 19th, '04, 04:03

i speak cantonese, and i can speak sum werds in korean

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Post by lbhismyoppa » Oct 19th, '04, 07:11

Mother tongue = Vietnamese, neighbour tongue = Cantonese, toned-deaf = mandarino, koreano, japaneso.... :roll :roll :roll

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Post by flip_flop_lollipop » Oct 19th, '04, 10:52

i know chinese, english and a little bit of french(took it for 3 yrs but everything's degenerating now... :-( ) can understand a bit of basic cantonese too.

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Post by Amika » Oct 19th, '04, 11:11

let me see.. can read and write chinese, malay, english.. speak cantonese, mandarin, malay, english, hakka... that's about it.. :roll

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Post by Agent007 » Oct 19th, '04, 16:22

For those who speak Vietnamese, what's 'fai' or 'phai' mean? (I have no idea how to spell it, so I'm just going the phonetic route)
I hear it a lot on some tv shows I flip to on the I-Channel. I figured it means 'yes,' but who knows? Well, hopefully you guys do. :D

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Post by xkanamex » Oct 19th, '04, 18:03

Gah I still have to rely on subtitles. I'm learning Chinese and Japanese in school so hopefully one day I won't need them. I want to learn Korean though, I'll prolly start teachin myself....

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Post by lilswtangel » Oct 23rd, '04, 08:01

i'm cantonese and speak the dialect toisanese, but i understand mandarin fluently but speak it sparingly. i can sometimes get through japanese without subtitles due to all the anime that i've watched.... i can have a short if somewhat choppy conversation in japanese.

after watching a lot of dramas, i understand pretty much the most basic korean. one of my best friends is korean and she's been trying forever to teach me how to read the "letters." unfortunately, i still haven't picked it up. so pretty much, i rely on english subtitles to get by.

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Post by blue96813 » Oct 23rd, '04, 13:56

I'm chinese and english

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