Eternal Summer

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Eternal Summer

Post by ScrambledWords » Oct 7th, '06, 07:25

So, what's the scoop on "Eternal Summer"? Anyone looking forward to seeing it? Anyone actually seen it? I believe it's a Taiwanese movie; I've seen the trailer for it online and tried to get info by Googling the Chinese title, but obviously the sites are all in Chinese, which I can't understand. The movie has really piqued my interest; I really, really wanna watch it... if only to see the sex scene between the two male leads (whose names I can't figure out... anyone know?). :cheers:


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Post by habukie » Oct 11th, '06, 02:19

^^from the bottom picture, it says that the one on the right is 張孝全 (Zhang Xiao Quan) and the one on the left is 張睿家 (Zhang Rui Jia).

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Post by ScrambledWords » Oct 14th, '06, 19:15

Oooh, thanks! :D

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Post by sourbodhi » Oct 25th, '06, 12:38

I googled 'eternal summer movie' and found these reviews of the film: ... id=31&cs=1 ... 2003331665

The movie was released in Taiwan on 13 Oct and I'm hoping it'll be released internationally soon(probably mostly in the chinese-speaking countries, i'm hoping it won't be censored in singapore where i live). the latest news is that the film received 4 Golden Horse Award nominations, namely:
Best Supporting Actor: Joseph Chang Hsiao-chuan
Best New Performer: Bryant Chang Jui-chia
Best New Performer: Joseph Chang Hsiao-chuan
Best Original Soundtrack: Mayday

Anyway a longer version of the trailer(6 min) just came out, you can see it on youtube, just search for eternal summer. From the trailer the movie looks really good. Really hope i'll be able to catch it.

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Post by pedang_patah » Jan 16th, '07, 22:12

Yeah i can't wait to watch it! The DVD is due to be released on May 30! Can't you believe that? 5 months of deprivation!!! Both are hot blokes! And the love scenes are just to die for! Hahahaha! Taiwanese is more daring now! But i'm grateful! :) Now i just wished if there's Tony Yang Yo Ning (from Formula 17) acting in Eternal Summer as well! Eternal Summer, Sommer Storm. Gee! Why is summer being associate with gay themed? LOL! Can't wait can't wait to watch this movie!

I reckon it'd be censored in Singapore! I'm not even sure if they even allow the movie to be released in Singapore considering they totally BANNED Formula 17. But that's just because Formula 17 is potraying a total gay utopia. Eternal Summer is more like coming of age movie, so let's just hope they don't censor it in Singapore. But i'm buying it online though..

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Post by sourbodhi » Jan 18th, '07, 05:33

pedang_patah wrote:The DVD is due to be released on May 30!
thanks for that piece of info! speaking of Formula 17 i bought it on a trip to Taiwan...saw it in the shop and was like, *grab it* lol. Had to make sure my friends with me didn't see me purchasing it though...pedang_patah are you from singapore too then?

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Post by ccsharry » Feb 20th, '07, 10:37

i have just watched it. (you can download it somewhere) enjoyed it! it's a very touching story! highly recommended!

the end of the story left me miserable tho...

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Post by ac_word » Mar 4th, '07, 05:01

After I watched this movie, it was obvious that Janathan fell in Shane... but at the end of Movie there`s left no clear Answer that if Shane fell in Janathan too. Even tho.. he showed his nature in Some Scene that I did really Care Janathan more than Carrie somehow. But for Shane, Jonathan is my Best Friend or His Lover... This is I want to know.... Who can answer me or guide me.....

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Post by altessa » May 3rd, '07, 06:47

This movie was surprisingly good, actually. The cinematography was nice, and the characters are nicely developed. Sometimes it got a bit draggy, but the pacing was okay, overall. It isn't a very long movie anyway. I really like how the director revealed the struggles of the characters. Very touching.

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Post by Bok1618 » Jan 30th, '13, 03:19

If you really think that the story ended at these scenes...

Jonathan to Carrie: you know? I’ve been thinking… maybe I’m too used to having Jonathan by my side. Too used to having both of you to take care of me. Carrie, will we lose each other in the future? Did I mess everything up? Am I the one who messes everything up?

(Jonathan interrupted, fight scene, Carrie give both Jonathan and Shane a time to talk alone)

Jonathan: Shane, you say best friends can tell each other anything. Fine. Then I really want to know, if you still be my friend after you hear my secret… Shane, you’re not just a friend to me, I really love you.

Shane: I have a secret too. (Flashback of Shane’s childhood when a psychiatrist informed her mother that he actually has ADHD condition and advised her that to be able to modify and improve Shane’s behavior he needs to be pair to someone, a friend). I always knew you were force by the teacher. I always knew you didn’t volunteer to be my friend. At first, I wanted to hurt you and get you in trouble too. But then I realized that I couldn’t do it. I’m really too lonely. Jonathan Kang, You really are my best friend.

… Carrie move out of the car and from crying into somehow looked calm….

This is the juncture when it becomes clear to Carrie that Shane has also harbored the same desire and love for Jonathan all along.

To support this, I suggest that you should watch again the first part of the movie again, for you to be able to have a closure about how the story really ends.

If you will noticed the first scene started showing a car (they used on the last scene) at rest nearby the sea shore and the very next scene was the three of them (Shane, Carrie and Jonathan) sitting on a bench inside a building (this scene is definitely what happened after the last scene-ending of the movie due to the fact that Carrie has a hematoma on her forehead, she caught when Jonathan and Shane fought and they are all wet, were most of us thought or assumed that here’s the story ends) at exactly 1:13 the camera focuses on Shane and suddenly there were voices from the past, in their childhood…

Shane: Jonathan, hurry
Jonathan: Shane Yu (when the present Shane imaginarily heard this voice from the past or young Jonathan calling his name, he looked outside)
Shane: Jonathan, hurry up (Shane in present smiled and suddenly stood up and move or run outside…)

And the next seen he was running as a young Shane again running on the sea side calling his best friend

Jonathan to hurry up
Jonathan: Wait for me (while running)
Shane: I’m waiting
Jonathan: wait!
Shane: Waiting already!
Jonathan: Don’t run like that it’s dangerous


I think at this point (first scenes), it already sink into him that what he always felt and thought all his life with Jonathan, about the reason of Jonathan’s friendship with him changes… from a forced friendship (unsecured state) to a friendship out of LOVE or actually not just love of a friend but a real Love (more secured)…

He realized that he is actually never been alone… He is more than being like… He always has been LOVE all along (proven and tested)… by his best friend. And I think this weighs more than what Carrie can give her (unsecured future) questions like what he expresses to Carrie on the last scenes…

From there, we can strongly assumed that Shane feels more secure on Jonathan and he’s more happy knowing true reason why his friend stays on his side (He smiled when he remembered their childhood on the first scene)... with this, he will choose Jonathan over Carrie because he always knew (and we knew) that if he keeps Carrie as her girlfriend and Jonathan as his best friend. Jonathan might find someone who will securely love him (as boyfriend) and if this happens Shane definitely and obviously couldn't take that fact – the moment that someone would be more important to Jonathan’s life than him. And surely, with Carrie’s personality, she will let the two to be happy ever after.

For me, this was the conclusion on the story, definitely based on the behavior, emotions, situations and observed personality of the characters.

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