Index of Jdrama Discussion Thread Topics

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Index of Jdrama Discussion Thread Topics

Post by mizune » Mar 13th, '06, 07:26

Discussion threads for the dramas listed below can be found in this forum. Please search for an existing discussion thread before making a new thread.

Beware that many of these discussion threads include spoilers that may or not be marked! Read at your own risk!!!


Last Updated - 2016.05.27

Recommended/Suggested Jdramas (Please ask for recommendations in this thread)
Questions about unknown Jdramas / Help me identify this Jdrama
[Survey] Your Best J-dramas
Favorite Dramas of 2006
Worst JDrama Ever!! Warning: spoilers

Dramas about food
Dramas about bullying
Dramas about school / Dramas about a teacher and his/her class
Dramas about sisterhood/sister and brother
Dramas about sports
Sad Dramas / Dramas that make you cry
Favorite Crime/Mystery/Action JDramas
Jdrama Filming Locations
Favorite Screenwriters
Favorite JDrama Theme Songs

JDrama list
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