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D-Addicts Uploading Rules

Post by Ruroshin » Nov 16th, '05, 07:07

This is a general guideline for posting torrents and fansubs on D-Addicts. This site is primarily for Asian drama and asian tv shows. Please review this guideline for understanding in order to make posting torrents easy and helpful for all.

General Rule
  • Please don't post your anime episodes/clips, anime soundtracks, anime theme songs, Asian pop music that is unrelated to dramas, or unrelated Asian pop music videos on D-addicts.
  • No Porn.
  • Please don't post Fansub group's torrents here without their permission.
  • Please don't post ANY MOVIE torrents here.
  • Do not post rip from commerical products from yesasia.com
  • Please ensure that the torrent filename is in english!
  • Help us enjoy what you share without bugging you for info! When posting a torrent, please insert a comment about your file describing any helpful details about your file such as:
    Required codecs, file source (TV cap? fansub? who made it?), if/how you altered someone else's work, file format, quality, bitrates, spoken language, subtitle language and type (hard encode or soft sub file), episode #, plus anything extra you wish to make others aware of.
  • Please indicate how much you plan to post in the future (if at all), if you are posting one episode from a series. If applicable, approximate intended posting schedules aren't required, but are appreciated.
  • Please select the correct category for your file from the dropdown menu, such as jdrama, kdrama, etcetera. If you mistakingly put the wrong category, you can go back and edit while logged in.
  • NEW: Please do not upload any key-protected torrents or torrents with an enabled private flag. (Private torrents cannot find peers through DHT and PEX which can make filesharing slow or even impossible!)
Rules For Uploading Fansubs
  • The fansub is entirely your own work or your group's work and you did not use someone else's fansub work unless you have their permission. This applies to both hardsub and softsub as well as all aspect of fansubing including timing and translations (that means don't edit someone else's translation and pass it off as your own.)
  • You MUST start at the beginning and not upload from where another group is currently at. Exception to this point is if the existing project has been dropped and confirmed by the individual or group working on it and they have agreed for you to continue from where they left off.
  • You do not bash or otherwise bad mouth another individual or group(s) work.
If you wish to discuss the fansub uploading rule do please do so here

Rule for batch torrents

D-Addicts invites you to upload batch torrents as long as the files are not shared already on the d-addicts tracker through individual torrents or if they are then you have gotten permission from the original uploader. Furthermore, if you are the original uploader/creator of the already existing individual torrents, you may re-upload them in a batch, but be sure to DELETE your old (single) torrents first. Although we appreciate your eagerness to share, please do not upload a batch torrent if you are not the original uploader of the existing single torrents or you have not gotten permission from the original uploader.

Rule for Multiple RAWs
  • Maximum of 2x RAW versions per series.
  • 1x High Quality (HQ) RAW and 1x Low to Medium Quality (LQ/MQ) RAW.
  • IF in the event that no LQ/MQ versions are available then 1x HQ and 1x Ultra High Quality (UHQ) RAW is allowed.
  • If you are uploading the 2nd version please label the torrents in a way to clearly distinguish it from the 1st version e.g. put what resolution it is or the encoder name.
LQ/MQ/HQ Clarification

Different people can have different measurement of quality but in the interest of keeping this place organised please follow these guidelines in determining whether or not the series falls into a certain category.

Some indications that a torrent might be LQ/MQ:
  • encoded from VHS or analog TV source.
  • video resolution is 640x480 or less.
  • filesize is around 400mb or less for a 45 minute episode.
LQ/MQ tend to be smaller in filesize and filesize is a big consideration since our means of distribution is via the internet and not everybody's internet connection is equal in speed nor in quota not to mention storage capacity. With that in mind there is no need for LQ/MQ version if its filesize is near, equal to or larger than the HQ version.

Some indications that a torrent might be HQ:
  • encoded from HDTV or other digital source.
  • video resolution is greater than 640x480.
  • filesize is larger than 400mb for a 45 minute episode.
Some indications that a torrent might be UHQ:
  • encoded from HDTV.
  • uses high end HDTV resolution e.g. 1024x768, 1280x720, 1920x1080.
  • filesize is larger than 700mb for a 45 minute episode.
Of course these are best estimate of quality but should be used as a guideline and not an absolute. Please use common sense and refer to other existing torrents for comparison.

Rules for uploading multiple RAW versions can be discussed here http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=24780


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