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WikiDrama Logo Competition (Result)

Posted: May 1st, '05, 11:12
by Ruroshin
The winner is kyungie2 with his creative design:


Honorable mention to seirin and mt877 who came close and staritedr3amer who had 3 different design voted on.

I will ask kyungie2 to either add a border to the Logo or make it transparent then I will change the logo image the wiki :D

Thanks to all who participated and voted.

Posted: May 2nd, '05, 02:10
by mt877
Job well done kyungie2, nice to have your logo grace the drama wiki page!
Yeah, I can be proud as well, I didn't even think I'd get an honorable mention, so woohoo!!
BTW, excellent entries by all.

Posted: May 4th, '05, 15:29
by Carn
Congratulations, kyungie2!! You did a fantastic job.

And super job to all the others who submitted entries, too--they were all fabulous!