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How to hardsubbed a video

Posted: Jan 20th, '24, 00:34
by jdiskool
I did a quick search on this site to see if there was any information on hard-subbing subtitle onto a video
and did not see anything. So I thought I'd share what I have been using for some time to hard-sub videos --

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It currently runs under Linux and was developed on recent Fedora distributions -- it may run on a Mac,
but it is totally untested. It's still in development, probably has some bugs, but handles most use cases
quite well.

My guess is that most probably watch their dramas on their computer as most TVs do a poor job with
subtitles either muxed or as an attachment. For example, my older Samsung can handle SRT formats,
but the rendered text is white with no outline around the letters! So basically, unusable in most cases!

I hope that the script is useful to some of the drama viewers out there who may want to watch their
dramas on their TV, or any other device that can play a simple H264 file in an MP4 container ...
Anyway, this is my 1st post to this site; I hope I got the mechanics of the post right!