Singapore Cantonese Storyteller: Lee Dai Soh (1913~1989)

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Singapore Cantonese Storyteller: Lee Dai Soh (1913~1989)

Post by junsan » May 4th, '21, 16:13

I don't speak or understand much Cantonese but I am fascinated by this.

Lee Dai Soh was a Cantonese storyteller in Singapore who narrated pulp wuxia, chinese folk tales and ancient ghost stories from Pu Songling etc on Rediffusion Radio in Singapore from the 1950s to the 1980s.

And example:

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Any Cantonese speakers here whose parents or grandparents grew up listening to Lee Dai Soh? Could you tell me a bit more about his influence and legacy in the Cantonese storytelling world?

How wonderful if some of his storytelling was fansubbed. I don't think this sort of thing has ever been done before. I could help in anyway possible.

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