[Discussion] Best dramas of the decade (2010-2020)!

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[Discussion] Best dramas of the decade (2010-2020)!

Post by hhnd » Nov 4th, '20, 01:02

While looking for newer dramas to binge, I've found the Recommended dramas thread to be extremely helpful. Figured I can make a thread that's more time-specific for those of us (like me) looking for more recommendations within this decade. The usual way of measuring a decade would have been 2010-2019, but I don't think there's a thread for this time frame yet, and 2020 is almost over, so here it goes :).

I would recommend the typical template of "5 best" and if you have more suggestions, maybe another "almost best" list. Also, if you could give a brief one-liner explanation as to why, that'd be great.

My personal "best of the decade", only 3 because I haven't seen enough within this decade to have more than 3 "best of" :-) :

1. Going my home - it's like the usual Koreeda, but in TV format (more to watch!) I'm an ardent fan of his - always love the slow, deliberate pacing, subtle tragedies, and his knack for getting very natural, documentary-like performances out of his actors/actresses.
2. Kazoku no katachi - a great social/comedy drama with a very light touch of romance. Plot line is more than believable, there's no villain, and it's just enough bittersweet. In the end I find myself rooting for all the characters.
3. Soredemo ikite yuku - not usually fond of great tragedies like the ones portrayed here; fortunately Sakamoto Yuji doesn't dwell on the tragic as much as the moving on. And Mitsushima Hikari is one of the best actresses, like, ever :-)

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Re: [Discussion] Best dramas of the decade (2010-2020)!

Post by in2sky » Dec 12th, '20, 16:13

Here's my TOP 3 :)

Repeat: Unmei wo Kaeru (2018)
Mahoro Eki Mae Bangaichi (2013)
Kazoku no Uta (2012)

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Re: [Discussion] Best dramas of the decade (2010-2020)!

Post by PenagihDrama » Jan 15th, '21, 17:05

Just saw this thread now in 2021...haha....Anyway, my memory is not in the best shape so I may missed out some but here is my best 5 (in no particular order)
1. Gomenne Seishun - The most balanced Kudo Kankuro's drama in my opinion with mix of coming of age, high school, romance, family and friendship themes plus the usual WTF plot development.
2. Juhan Shuttai - Japan has many work dramas, but what I like about Juhan Shuttai is its detail focus on the manga artists and other colleagues surrounding the main character.
3. Soredemo Ikiteyuku - The best Sakamoto Yuji. Love the characters and dialogs.
4. Nobunaga Concerto - Very fun spin off of Nobunaga. It managed to combine love, comedy, suspense and friendship perfectly. Also the production style was fresh at the time of airing for a Japanese jidaigeki.
5. Kiseki no Hito - Inspiring spin off of "The Miracle Man", but in Japanese "rock baka" style....haha. Love all the characters in this.

And the almost best 5 (in no particular order)
1. Mother - This is my second favorite Sakamoto's drama after Soredemo
2. Shinzanmono - Unique style of writing. The crime case was typical with the least suspicious person as the culprit, but the way it was divided into 1 suspect per episode was fresh to me at the time of watching. Furthermore Abe Hiroshi is a perfect cast in this.
3. Takane no Hana - New-wave style of production. It was a sweet comedy romance (Japanese style) and has some meaningful insights of life in the script although some might find it cheesy.
4. Hanzawa Naoki - This is a drama that totally changed my opinion about business theme (which I always thought as boring).
5. Legal High - Crazily over the top.

Others that I like
- Saikou no Rikon
- Dakara Watashi wa Oshimashita
- Doctors Saikyou no Meii
- Anone
- Spark (Hibana)
- Satsui no Michinori
- Kaseifu no Mita
- Tamiou
- Unubore Deka
- Prison Princess

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