Lost Ainori Video Game (2002)

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Lost Ainori Video Game (2002)

Post by Manchunk » Aug 4th, '19, 17:27

ok so back in 2018, i made a thread on the Lost Media Wiki about a lost PSX game called Ainori that was presumably based off the 1999 drama of the same name that was planned to be released around early 2002 but was cancelled early in development (link to the thread here: http://forums.lostmediawiki.com/thread/ ... arly-1990s). I made an article on the LMW on August 10th of that year detailing the strange lack of publicly available information on the game as well as the games existance (link to said article here: https://lostmediawiki.com/Ainori_(lost_ ... how;_2002)). Now, i've decided to revive the search so i decided to check my old original thread and i reread one of the responces to my posts and a particular sentence stuck out to me:
Maybe the initial announcement of the game was while the show began airing (1999) and that's where all of the information comes from.
then i thought, what if i looked at the show itself to search for any kind of promotional material or information about the game? which leads to where i am right now. so i was wondering if anyone remembered or could find any promotional material or information about the game that came from the early days of Ainori's airing (around 1999-2002).

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