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[Poll] When to mark projects as dropped and merging completed projects existing of several topics?

Posted: May 30th, '19, 05:53
by Keiko1981
This is a suggested change, I want to hear what you think of it first.

Reposted from here.

Marking Projects as Dropped
I'm wondering if you, fansubbers in particular would like there to be a time limit before a subtitles topic is marked as dropped?

For example: If a user hasn't been logged in/posted in 1 year (or 2 years?). The exception could be if a subber knows they'll be away for a longer time in advance and announces it.

Ex: "I will be away working/studying abroad the following year and won't be able to update as often."

Edit The two whom have replied so far think 6 months would be an okay time before a project is marked as dropped. Others, do you think it's too soon?

In case a topic has been marked as dropped and a subber returns, they do always have the choice to continue.

Merging Two or More Topics of Completed Projects?
Also, would you like projects that's been picked up by one person, and completed by another one(s) to be merged into one topic?

If that would happen, then the person who started a topic first would become the author of the first post.

I'm more reluctant of doing this since it'd feel like hijacking one or the other person's topic, and it's easier for people to know who continued.