[Problem] D-Addict's Insecure Password Warning on Firefox

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[Problem] D-Addict's Insecure Password Warning on Firefox

Post by bakaman » Dec 12th, '17, 07:10

I recently updated my brower from an older version of FireFox to the newest one.
In doing so, when I logged onto D-Addictrs, Firefox gave very stark warnings about logging onto the site, how it is not secure.
I did try its suggestion, by typing https:// beforehand, but I just got another Firefox page saying the website had not configured itself correctly.
I don't know much about the software and such configuration, but I updated my browser a week or so ago, and D-Addicts is the first site I've come across (of those I log into) with this problem.

Seeing this, I don't particularly want to log into D-Addicts because of the security concerns -- and this is coming from someone who may not be a techie, but who has been here for well over 10 years (since 2005!) Of course one does not need to log into D-Addicts to, for instance, get the subs posted here, but I very much like to be able to log in to express my thanks to those people who make the subs for all their hard work. However what is one supposed to do?

Can't the site be made properly secure with just minor modifications from someone?

Please don't flame, I'm not a techie, I'm a drama fan, and I'm just reporting what the latest version of Firefox is saying about the site here, and have enjoyed D-Addicts for many years and want to make it as good as possible. Is there someone who could address this? Thanks! Also, please answer in the thread, I'm not sure about logging in again to check for PMs...

Here's what Firefox said at the D-Addicts Login page:
"This connection is not secure. Logins could be compromised" appeared by the password box. There was "Learn More" which I clicked to take me to this page:
https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/in ... =inproduct

(Part of the text from that page is here below):
Firefox will display a lock icon with red strike-through red strikethrough icon in the address bar when a login page you’re viewing does not have a secure connection. This is to inform you that if you enter your password, it could be stolen by eavesdroppers and attackers.
Starting in Firefox version 52, you will also see a warning message when you click inside the login box to enter a username or password.
If a login page for your favorite site is insecure, you can try and see if a secure version of the page exists by typing https:// before the URL in the address bar. You can also try to contact the web administrator for the site and ask them to secure their connection.
Not recommended: You can also continue to log in to the website even if the connection is insecure, but do so at your own risk. If you do go this route, try to use a unique password or a password that you don’t also use for other important sites.

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Re: [Problem] D-Addict's Insecure Password Warning on Firefox

Post by Keiko1981 » Dec 12th, '17, 08:55

D-Addicts hasn't used an SSL (secure certificate) in a long time.
It was removed sometime when the forum upgraded.
Not sure if it was related to Cloudflare. Going to contact MoerkJ and see if can shed some light on this.

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Re: [Problem] D-Addict's Insecure Password Warning on Firefox

Post by MoerkJ » Dec 23rd, '17, 01:39

You get this error when you browse the forum through a https link. The https support on our server is broken (because the certificate is outdated or so).

Everything should work fine when you access the forum through a http link. Just removing the "s" in your browsers address bar should fix the problem.

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Re: [Problem] D-Addict's Insecure Password Warning on Firefox

Post by takeda_shingen » Dec 23rd, '17, 18:10

http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/index.php (no "s" after "forum", old bookmark) seems to redirect to https://www.d-addicts.com/forums/ ("forums" but https) though, which then throws up this error.

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