Favorite place you've been?

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Favorite place you've been?

Post by Chippu » Aug 19th, '16, 00:54

Just wondering!

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Re: Favorite place you've been?

Post by Yggdrasil » May 31st, '20, 22:44

1. Philippines
2. Thailand
3. Myanmar
4. Laos
5. Vietnam
6. Cambodia
7. South Korea
8. Malaysia
9. Taiwan
10. Hong Kong.
11. China
12. Macau
113. Brunei

Pretty much in order.

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Re: Favorite place you've been?

Post by Parabasis » Oct 3rd, '20, 02:32

My most favorite place that I have been is Paris. It was really a good experience.

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Re: Favorite place you've been?

Post by istorzka » Nov 14th, '20, 21:06

I have been to many places in Asia, Europe, and North America. I would like to say that the USA did not surprise me. Egypt, rather poor now country fascinated me. I do not mean neat hotels and delicious food. Downtown life is amazing and people are kind…and their cats are weird.

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Re: Favorite place you've been?

Post by AkiiiToshi » Aug 9th, '23, 07:58

Favorite place that I've been to is Monasterio De Tarlac here in the Philippines. The view is unbelievable, it's almost as if you're facing a 3D mountain and village view from the top. It's as if elegant background music automatically plays in your ear soon as you're there. Not to mention, the food is also great, and the place is peaceful and quiet. Also Kyoto, and Osaka Japan. As for Urban and City vibes, Its Tokyo (Akihabara specifically) for me

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Re: Favorite place you've been?

Post by DanyDrama » Jan 27th, '24, 05:29

If I would pick a place rather than a country, I would select the Caramoan Islands in Camarines Sur in the Philippines for their pristine beaches. As for country, Japan would be my favorite country to visit.

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Re: Favorite place you've been?

Post by genki_labour » Jan 30th, '24, 16:12

Vietnam is nice too :)

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Re: Favorite place you've been?

Post by notallowedhere » Apr 1st, '24, 06:49

Singapore so clean

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Re: Favorite place you've been?

Post by kev112 » Apr 28th, '24, 19:54

Japan, Alaska and Norway

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