The D-Addicts Mega-FAQ (Your Launch Pad To D-Addicts!)

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The D-Addicts Mega-FAQ (Your Launch Pad To D-Addicts!)

Post by jholic » Apr 20th, '05, 09:36

** The D-Addicts Mega-FAQ **
(and there was one FAQ to rule them all....)

(Most browsers support the "FIND" command. Go to EDIT in your browser menu, choose FIND, and type in the keyword you're looking for. You can repeat this process until you find your answer.
Please read through the Section Descriptions carefully. If you have a question and decide to post it, please include enough information and describe your problem in detail, someone should eventually answer your question.)

D-Addicts Mission Statement
To help people find and enjoy asian dramas and to help spread the joy of asian dramas to people all over the world.

Main Chapters:

* General Forum-Related FAQ
..........I never participated in a forum before. How do I register, participate, post questions, send messages, check my private messages, add an attachment, etc.

* Forum’s Section-Related Rules/Descriptions
..........Which section should I ask my question, request for (re)seeds, lend my expertise to others, talk about dramas, etc.

* Video/Subtitle Related FAQ
..........What is bittorrent, how do I download from here, how do I get the files to play, subtitles to display, what are the guidelines for uploading things to the tracker, etc.

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