[Discussion] Before/After

Discuss about Japanese TV Variety, Music, Game and any other TV shows that is not drama.
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[Discussion] Before/After

Post by WhiteHawk » Jul 11th, '15, 06:11


I miss Before-After. It's my favorite Japanese non-dorama. Since the torrents died I've only been able to see it while in Japan, and then only if the place has a TV (my usual place doesn't).


Sorry, just venting. Withdrawal symptoms. I'm sure you understand.

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Re: [Discussion] Before/After

Post by linusl » Jul 22nd, '15, 06:06

Episodes can often be found online on various streaming sites, but quality and availability can vary greatly. Sites such as http://owaraimovielink.blog136.fc2.com/ ... y-175.html will list episodes and working links, but the links will sometimes go down quickly

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