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How do I set my profile to public?

Posted: Apr 20th, '15, 02:21
by Ariel_Nugie
I've sent request to Doramatique but they rejected me...

I PM them about my profile in their journal cz their rule say that they have to see about who I am so I sent link about my d-addict profile to them

I didnt realize the reason they rejected me until they sent me a message saying that I've sent an inaccessible link...

I tried to log out to see my profile again, and I realize that my profile is set to private (cz we need to login to see them)

I tried to set my profile to public in control panel with no luck

Is there even a way to set my profile to public, so anyone whom doesn't login can see my profile???

Sorry my english is bad, i tried my best to make my message understandable.

I really want to watch Dr. Rintaro :'(

Re: How do I set my profile to public?

Posted: Apr 25th, '15, 00:21
by MoerkJ
Well, I think it is better to have the user profiles not publically readable. And I think it was the same for our old forum. So, you always needed to be a registered forum member to lookup other user's profile page.

:idea: Why not sending them a screenshot of your profile page. Or save the page as html file and send it to them for verification purposes. Some of your userinfo is displayed with every of your posts (e.g. username, postcount, date of registration, etc.).