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Where are Taiwanese Drama Raw Subtitles to Download?

Posted: Mar 19th, '15, 10:14
by LuffyNoTomo
hello everyone~!

thanks for reading this - i have a question on where to find the Taiwanese subtitles that are usually on a Taiwanese drama for SRT download
or a subtitle file to be able to easily copy and past the text that is show on the Taiwanese drama

there are so many dramas that never get subtitles - and i don't know Taiwanese but i thought if i could get the text subs then i can place it into a translator and figure it out from what they give back but i don't want to try and type out everything that's listed bec. its difficult to do
if anyone knows of someone who rips or makes SRTs for Taiwanese drama's like how i'v downloaded Japanese raw sub SRTs -- then please let me know

i'm looking for True Love 365 - Taiwanese subs and the version of My Sassy Girl TW drama subs
Viki started on these but never followed through - here are the Viki info sites they have
My Sassy Girl
True Love 365

thank you for reading and i hope to find the subs soon and be able to try and place em into a translator in order to follow the show ~!