Where to buy cheap dramas in Japan

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Where to buy cheap dramas in Japan

Post by rahula » Jan 24th, '15, 14:31

Hi-ya, guys

I'm going to Japan in the next weeks, staying 14 days :cheers:

so, I'd like to know if you guys could help me out with suggestions of where I could buy cheap (used?) dorama dvds/blu-rays ... since I'll finally be there, I just wanted to take advantage of it and give a little back to the industry. y'know, I'm from Brazil and there is no other way I could watch doramas if not via fansubs (love you guys ;D) , then it's a good opportunity to buy and pay for it officially ^^"

my japanese is rusty and mediocre, so I'd always go for english subtitled versions, whenever possible.

of course I'm visiting those huge many-floors stores in akihabara and going for loads of anime/manga, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to find doramas there, does anyone know it? I'm going to liberty / madarake where I'm pretty sure they've got a "used" section for cheap material.

well, that's it... thanks!

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Re: Where to buy cheap dramas in Japan

Post by slassagne » Jan 27th, '15, 08:50

Book Off (which is everywhere, including Akihabara) typically has a good selection of used movie DVDs, occasionally with English subtitles (you need to check the jackets). They also have some used dramas, but they're not cheap and they won't be English subbed. That's why I'm so grateful for all the fansubbers - I'm in the same boat as you as far as my Japanese comprehension, so I definitely wouldn't get as much out of these dramas without the subtitles. One advantage of buying the drama DVDs is that they often have extras, like cast interviews (again, no subs), and like you say, it's nice to give something back to the studios that are producing these as well.

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