[Recruitment] Uploaders

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[Recruitment] Uploaders

Post by Keiko1981 » Nov 7th, '14, 16:11

D-Addicts would be in need of some new uploaders.

If you're interested, please take the time to read through the following.

Please don't add your anime episodes/clips, anime soundtracks, anime theme songs, Asian pop music that is unrelated to dramas, or unrelated Asian pop music videos on D-addicts.

No Porn.

Please don't add JEM's, JTV's or any other Fansub group's torrents here without their permission first.

Please don't add ANY MOVIE torrents here.

General rules/FAQ D-Addicts is no longer use it's own tracker, see below for tutorial.

How to create a torrent or batch torrent

How to make proper comments Information about what you're posting. You can use DramaWiki, MyDramaList.com, MyDramaList.info, AsianFuse to lookup info about dramas.

Kdramas Sept-Dec 2014 List of dramas and who has decided to upload what.

If any of the current uploaders/moderators have something to add, feel free to reply.
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The Chaos
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Upload Addict
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Post by The Chaos » Nov 11th, '14, 15:56

Thank you for making this thread ..looking forward for new uploaders :salut:


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