Unable to download .rar subtitles

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Unable to download .rar subtitles

Post by Shldn » Nov 1st, '14, 20:16

For some reason I cannot download subtitles as .rar files anymore. When I try to download a .rar file nothing happens. I get a "Connecting" message and it stays that way forever. Individual subtitles download fine though.

What is going on?

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Post by MoerkJ » Nov 1st, '14, 21:24

How do you try to download them? Which browser and/or operating system do you use?

Maybe some other software (e.g. anti-virus software) blocks the download or has changed the file association for rar files.

Usually I never left-click on links to download files. I mostly download using the right mouse button context menu. I select the "save destination as..." option in the context menu.

If you just left-click on the link then the browser may try to open and "display" the file instead of saving it. What actually happens depends on how the handling of rar files is configured in your browser (or operating system).

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