Online Chinese Wuxia Fantasy Novel - Bamboo Rain aka Yu Zhu

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Online Chinese Wuxia Fantasy Novel - Bamboo Rain aka Yu Zhu

Post by dramatictealeaves » Feb 15th, '14, 06:22

Hey guys,

Dramatictealeaves here, I've recently started writing an online historical fantasy novel that blends elements of Wuxia, fantasy, fiction, and romance. I've always been interested in historical Chinese dramas and have recapped a few and watched more than the recommended dose. But now I'm trying to write my own and I would feedback about the feel of it. So I've decided to post it on this forum in hopes that some brave readers will try it out and let me know. All comments are appreciated. Thank you!

Here is the link to my blog or just google dramatictealeaves

Here is the link to the Introduction of the Novel ... trayed-by/


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Post by y0ssy » Feb 21st, '14, 08:27

I think you might stand a better chance of getting feedback over at the Chinese-Forums. :-) ... e-culture/

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