Do you stay in Korea?

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Do you stay in Korea?

Post by korealoca » Dec 26th, '13, 11:01

You already bought an air flight ticket and checked the place you sleep? Then this time, you have to decide “How live in Korea”.

Do you stay in Korea? or Do you have a plan to visit to Korea?

If you are student, you’d better find part time job. Then the earning money will be your extra money.

If you are visitor, you want to receive tour guide services with proper expense.
In KoreaLoca, you can find part time jobs and you can contact freelancers.
Also, you can enjoy parties and coffee time with international friends.

It would be also great that if you know some good hospitals at which doctors can speak in english. You can find them on KoreaLoca’s map.

We are welcoming foreigners who have troubles to stay in Korea due to the language barrier. Also we are consistently finding Koreans who want to meet and help foreigners.
We eagerly want that all you guys will make great memories with kind people in Korea.

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