Help with translation of short text in korean :)

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Help with translation of short text in korean :)

Post by newersumm » Nov 1st, '13, 14:22

Hello guys, I just bought my nintendo 3ds and I found this text in korean on the back. Is there anyone kind enough to help me and translate this for me?
I would really appreciate it. I can return the offer and translate japanese in return :-)

Heres the picture of the text ... Rvikh.huge

Id like to know what says under the logotype and right of it, basically all that is written in korean. :-)

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Post by dima » Nov 16th, '13, 12:51

under the logo: ... Commission

to the right on the logo:
certification number: N...
Propagation of radio equipment operation such interference is likely(*)

(*) according to google translate, it's the equivalent of the fcc compliance statement.

sorry nothing magical there, ask for help with something juicier next time!

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