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Post by Peggy » Aug 10th, '13, 07:38

Can't believe we have no thread for this charmer. He is now on TV every Friday night. It is a show called 'ON MY OWN' He has filled the vacancy left by Seo In Guk who is making a drama. I think tonight may have been his first real appearance. He has a nice apartment. He has four little lapdogs. I think all different. He babies them and takes them out in the park etc. It is funny but he does take care of them.
There are four or five older actors in this show an they are all being shown as men living alone. One is the Boolwha leader and he is married, but he plays it single in the apartment. he has.

I liked it with Seo simply because he is a charmig person. So is Kangta who will keep me watching.

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Post by Ethlenn » Sep 3rd, '13, 06:06

Oh that's bad, now I have 2 threads to keep updating. But well, for this man I'm eagerly to bleed myself and half of the planet.

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