[TW Drama Fondant Garden] opinion

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[TW Drama Fondant Garden] opinion

Post by Demfuckaz » Jul 4th, '13, 15:46

Hi everyone! I'm new here.
I've just watched 3 episodes of Fondant Garden.
I got to know of this drama because of Kimberley Chen's song 爱你.
Now, first of, I'm a guy.
I wanted to give it a try since I heard the drama is quite famous.
I've noticed that there is a current trend of having Korean stars acting in Taiwanese dramas.
Anyway, I find that the 2 girls and the brother are really interesting in the drama. However, when it comes to the Korean guy (not sure if it's his role or his acting), I get bored so fast..
After finishing the 3rd episode, I feel like I have no desire to watch further.
This is actually coming from a guy who watches drama.
So, am I the only one who feel this way? :unsure:

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Post by Tonza_09 » May 1st, '14, 07:20

Nice post.

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