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Post by TravelAgentsPerth » Apr 16th, '11, 16:52

Hi! It seems like D-addicts are quite a lot...count me in...

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Post by complexfest » Apr 17th, '11, 21:36

Hello to everyone :dance:

My name is Anna and I am Greek.
Studying Japanese and have been watching jdramas for almost 3 years now.

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Post by muziklover » Apr 18th, '11, 05:32

Hi, everyone
i'm Tik. from Thailand^^
i love watching Korean drama, K-POP very much

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Post by odaesan » Apr 19th, '11, 05:14

Hello, everyone. I'm odaesan, like the mountain. 8)

I'm going spend most of my time here on the Korean section and the name should have been a good hint for it. :D

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Post by hohfw » Apr 19th, '11, 12:55

Hello every one.

I have just join in. Hope I can interact meanfully with you all.

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Post by rjl » Apr 22nd, '11, 19:04

Hello everyone

My name is Bob and I live on the South East coast of England.

I'm a massive fan of Japanese dramas and films and am looking for any sites where I can download subbed versions of great dramas. :D

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Post by PoetTamashi » Apr 28th, '11, 21:44

Hi fellow addicts. I am Tony from the states and a huge drama fan in general from Tokusatsu to K-dramas with a reverse harem xD. But yeah Nice to meet you all

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Post by pacang » May 1st, '11, 12:52

hi everyone

my name's pac, a new member here, and a new fan to korean and japanese drama as well.
nice to meet you guys

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Post by Llyss » May 3rd, '11, 13:23

My nickname's Llyss and I just registered. I've already been on this site a few times and looked around the forums... I enjoy watching Japanese and Korean, as well as Taiwanese dramas - otherwise I wouldn't be here. :p

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Post by Loveless_Emi » May 8th, '11, 01:03

Hi everyone!

My name is Loveless_Emi but you can just call me Emi~. I currently live in Canada and I've been using this site for a year now for J-dramas and I appreciate everyone's hard work. ^_^ I go around with the name "Loveless" Emi since I've never been in a relationship xD.......ANYWAYS nice to meet everyone! ^_^ (oh and don't be afraid to message me xD~ big forums like this are kinda scary! and intimidating!)

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Post by Limbus » May 18th, '11, 23:25

Hey, what up nice site forum.

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Post by Rakuten06 » May 25th, '11, 01:59


I'm getting back to the forum after the absence, this time will help with the new fansub/fandub groups as much as possible. I'm deaf and I love international dramas, not only Asian! :)


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Post by lovecityhunter » Jun 8th, '11, 13:37

hi everyone..I'm aina from Malaysia, I'm a new member.I just want to know usually at what time City Hunter drama will uploaded to this site? Is it on the same day or after that day?

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Post by Orion1986 » Jun 8th, '11, 13:48

Hello to everyone and welcome to D-Addicts! ^^

We don't have a welcoming committee or something, but since I have a few moments to spare, I can say a welcome to all of you. Hee hee.
Enjoy your time here, be respectful to others and know you have the right to any opinion, positive or negative one as long as you play nice.

Lovecityhunter, you should check the torrents for the series. Most korean ones get uploaded here about 4-5 hours after they have aired in their country.

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Post by arifrahmanhakim » Jun 8th, '11, 14:13

Hello everyone~
My name is Arif. I'm from Indonesia. Nice to know this forum. I'm totally Korean drama lover. Nice to meet you all.

Add my facebook :
Follow my Twitter :

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Post by electricheart » Jun 20th, '11, 22:46

Hi everyone~

I'm a huge nerd for drama shows, especially Korean comedy/romance ones. So any recommendations is welcome! Oh, and my name is Taryn, haha. Forgot to introduce myself first.. derp

Anyway, nice to meet you all.

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Post by Lintu » Jun 24th, '11, 18:02

Hi minnasan~ My name is Paula, I'm 22 years old and I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina ^^
I've been stalking this forum for a few weeks and then decided to registry XD
What about me? well, I'm a japanese student and I'd love to learn some korean too!
I love dramas! I started watching Nodame Cantabile two years ago and I couldn't stop since then! hahaha
About music, I love Kpop, Cpop and Jrock ^^

I think that's all for now, don't be afraid to ask ^^

Yoroshiku, ne~

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Hey Guys

Post by $in » Jun 27th, '11, 13:55

Hi Guys Em Just New Here...
Here Is Some Detail Of Myself.

Nick: Sin
Gender: Female
Location: Pakistan
Occupation: Student

Now Please Can I Know You Guys? :wub:

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Post by LoloPinky » Jul 1st, '11, 23:27

Hey everyone; newbie here.

You can call me Lolo, or Pinky. I'm 18 and from Scotland. I've been interested in Japan and Japanese culture for a long time, on and off, so I know a little Japanese but I'm hoping to focus on learning it a bit more. I've also been interested in watching J-drama for a while now but never got around to it until now. Any suggestions on where to start would be great. I've started downloading 1 Litre of Tears and 14 Sai no Haha.
Recently I've also started listening to K-Pop, mainly 2NE1, my new favourite band. So I'd like to watch some K-drama too.

That's about it really :P

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Think I've Said Hello Before Already.

Post by MissJonelyn » Jul 11th, '11, 18:29

Introduction: Hello everyone. My name is Julia. I'm pretty new here I thought I would join because I've been interested in joining a forum. Not just a political forum in particular, any forum. I like discussing my ideas on anything and everything.

About Me: I am an artist. I like painting, drawing, sketching, anything involving a brush and paint with stencils. Hopefully I can start doing things involving molds and statues in the future. I don't really have any experience with that type of art but I'm willing to try almost anything once. Here are of few samples if any of you are interested:

Image Image Image Image

If you want any others or any suggestions on my next project feel free to ask.

I'm a traveler. I love going to new places and seeing new people. I've been to 9 different countries in the last 2 years. I've also lived in 3 different countries before I decided to settle down in the one I am currently in. I travel an awful lot. More than I'd like to admit. It can be tough settling down and making new friends in a new area and I hardly have time for a relationship but it can be interesting being introduced to different cultures and living in different walks of life.

Countries Traveled (In no particular order): Italy, Germany, Spain, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, Thailand, Czech Republic, Singapore.

Countries Lived (Last being most recent): Philippines, Denmark, United Kingdom, America.

This summer I plan on going to Hong Kong. It'll be my first time going and I'm pretty excited. Hopefully if we are friends long enough I'll share some photos.

I also want to try to make it to Japan. I'm a J-Culture addict and I am fascinated with everything involving Japan. I hope to add Japan to one of the few Languages I can speak (English, Tagalog, Danish).

I am into fitness and working out. I guess you can say that I am a health nut. I like muscles, weight lifting, everything involving fitness. I try to work out every day and diet correctly but I do have my vices. After all, you only live once. I currently work as an independent Fitness Trainer. My job is the main source of my unstable living arrangements but every job/career has its ups and downs.

Well these are the main three things about me that most people are usually interested in. My other hobbies include:

Reading, Writing, Movie Critiquing, Anime Watching, Learning another Language, Swimming, Dancing. If there is anything else you'd like to know about me, feel free to ask.

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Post by redz1 » Jul 13th, '11, 08:08

Hi everyone, im red from brunei. Thanks to my sis for introducing me this site... J-drama, here I come... Hi admin... :D

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Post by ryu-chan » Jul 13th, '11, 09:07

Hello everyone!

I'm ryu from Malaysia. Age 24. Love Jdrama so much. Best Jdrama till now (for me) are 1 liter of tears and Bloody Monday ^^ I like to watch Kdrama too. So, any suggestion? As for now, some Kdramas that I've watched are Full House, Coffee Prince, Witch Yoo Hee, Couple in Trouble and Princess Hours/Goong.

So, that's all. Yoroshiku ^^

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Post by cheezyy » Jul 15th, '11, 15:03

hello, newbies here ;D
And i'm quite new for using bit torrent stuff too...
I have browsed through the FAQ stuff and some post.
But I still have no idea how to download the torrent and the file, could someone teach me?

Global Moderator
Global Moderator
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Post by k361 » Jul 15th, '11, 15:22

Welcome cheezyy

search at for your wanted media file and download the torrent file (extention .torrent) by clicking at one of the arrow-icons (this file are hostet by external sites and can be temporary out of order).

Open this .torrent file in your torrent client.

If you have further questions, ask in the Tech Support section
please ask exactly what you need and tell what you have done

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Post by sayapikun » Jul 25th, '11, 01:31

Hi guys! :-)

Just call me Rin or Pii. I enjoy watching all kinds of drama. Currently studying Japanese and Korean <strike>(hopefully some Chinese too in the future)</strike>.

Hope we can get along :D

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Post by ulzzangmiko » Aug 15th, '11, 16:13

Hi all, i'm miko from Thailand.

i loveeee Japanese and Korean dramas, which is what brings me here. Excited to meet everyone from all around the world with the same interests :)

Nice to meet you guys! ^^

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Post by NovatoJudoka » Aug 31st, '11, 18:58

Hello everyone,

I'm a drama addict like the rest of you. I love the shows and I'm glad so many other people love them as well. English is my native language but I do speak Spanish and some Korean. I'm fro the United States.

I hope to improve and subbing and timing skills here.

I'm enjoying learning languages and things about every culture.

I'm a big Nujabes fan.

Hope to learn a lot here.

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Miss. desu!

Post by MissBlackRabbit » Sep 5th, '11, 14:50

Konnichiwa mina-san! :cheers:
  • I'm an avid manga reader and a movie enthusiast.
  • So far, stuff from Hong Kong has caught my eye but what can I say, bishies on the screen is always a plus :wub:
  • I speak English, French, a bit of Spanish and I'm currently learning Japanese... Y a-t-il des Français dans la salle? :)
  • Started a website in the hope of training new scanlators (manga and anime no drama) so feel free to visit us! :thumleft:
- Too much kawai makes want to puke :glare:
- j-pop drives me mad :goggle:
- self-centered people :cussing:

"We cannot change anything unless we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses." -Carl Jung

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Post by HAVA-RAVA » Sep 5th, '11, 15:00

Hello !

I'm a total drama addict from Finland. Tomorrow I'll turn to 17 years :D I've been member for d-addicts about an year or so but only now I'm introducing myself ToT

I've been watching drama since 2008 November and so far watched about 200 series and some movies also. I've rewatched Gokusen 3-4 times (all seasons + specials) and some other dramas like Hana Kimi, HanaDan, Kimi wa Petto, Anego, YAB, etc. 2 times.

I LIVE for Asian music also. For more info about my music taste see my ( here's a link: )

I'm also part of 2 drama subbing groups: Renai Fansubs and DramaCrazy Fansubs. I work as a timer on both groups.

Hmm...i guess that's all i have to say :D

PS. I love chocolate and salmiac (salty liquorice) ~~

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Post by burneggroll » Sep 9th, '11, 04:46


Hi there! I'm new here. I'm a big fan/collector/poster of Doctor Who audios & videos.

Currently enjoying Abarenbo Shogun (1978-2004/2008) THANK YOU!
Is this a Private Tracker?
Can I post direct download (megaupload) links?
Can I post streaming links?

I'm also looking for rumored special Japanese version of James Clavell's Shogun (1980 mini-series/movie) with alternate scenes?
:scratch: Does it exist?
If found would it be acceptable to post here?

:wub: Thanks for letting me share! :wub:

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Post by SilverRadd » Sep 17th, '11, 13:48

im new to jdrama and im new here.. SilverRadd tomoushimasu

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Post by paulineeeho » Sep 30th, '11, 13:56

hi my name is pauline . im live in brooklyn, and currently 17 years old. haha

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Post by chinesedramafan » Oct 1st, '11, 04:41

Hi, my name is jason and I love tvb shows!!!

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Post by seondok123 » Oct 1st, '11, 05:54

Im new to the forum but not new to jdrama, kdrama and cdrama. I live in California and so we get a lot of channels that I can watch as many shows as I'd love to-'don't even watch American tv anymore.
If vietnamese dramas have English subs, I'd probably be watching them, too-hehehe---

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Post by budbellybottom » Oct 4th, '11, 01:19

HI again, it been years since i last log in.
Great to be back.
hopefully the time i been away, great drama has been made.
months of works means time to catch up. 6 month here i come,

Asim Jofa
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Post by Asim Jofa » Oct 13th, '11, 09:07

Hello to everyone my name is Asim Jofa and i am new here in forum i want to take part in discussions and looking forward to share ideas and views with others.

Asim Jofa Collection

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Post by lindajamison76 » Oct 18th, '11, 01:00

Thanks you for the post.
Hi guys, Im a newbie. Nice to join this forum.

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Post by dubholic » Oct 18th, '11, 09:38

hi there. c:

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Post by apoldeer » Nov 6th, '11, 10:19

Hello! Apol here, just wanted to greet you all hello!

I've been watching asian dramas for quite awhile on youtube with english subs and someone directed me to this forum.

I think I'm gonna like it here.

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Post by gochun » Nov 14th, '11, 17:06

I finally made an account here...YAY !

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Post by dreamracer » Nov 22nd, '11, 04:07

Hi to everyone
I love anything related to j-stuff & love this forum very much with alot of thanks to all members working hard behind this forum & finally today I registered as a member.

Personal :I am Hong Kong born Indian & japan is my favorite country in my life although I am not japanese. zannen deshou


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Post by pakariverman » Nov 28th, '11, 15:53

Greetings all. Paka here from Singapore. Glad to get into this Group. Can't wait to view all the available movies! Yahoooo!

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Post by mrswaggaright » Nov 29th, '11, 23:52

hey im mr swaggaright im new here im just starting to watch drama's and would love some recommendations the first one i watched was boku to star no 99 its still going on now its ongoing. but i remember see other dramas b4.

there is one in particular im searching for if anyone knows it please tell me its name .in it there is a poor guy with three kids he is a single father who lost his job and there is a rich celeb girl who runs a clothing company who he met once by coincidence and he ended up becoming her limo driver and her pretend boyfriend until they fall in love with each other.

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Post by rainbowSword » Dec 3rd, '11, 01:28

oh, forgot to do this...Hey everyone! Aside from what you know from my only other post on these forums, I'm mostly an overall animation enthusiast who does a bit of it as well, along with comics, possibly film, and some other forms of storytelling...

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Post by moadeep » Dec 19th, '11, 20:49

Hello. :-) My name's Amber and I actually started watching kdrama a looooong time ago. When I was a teenager I discovered the international channel. The international channel had Korean soaps. I loved them. They were Chinese, Tagalog and Vietnamese. No, I don't speak any of those languages. I was hooked, couldn't understand a word, but I was hooked. So I don't really know what my first kdrama series was.
Fast Forward about a decade to last year and my friend posts a link to Soulmate on Dramafever. "They...They subtitle these in English now? This is a thing?? .... I will love you forever <friend>!" My only problem is that now I'm like a kid right after halloween, zooming around like there's no tomorrow and starting about six series at once :roll .

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Post by samchn07 » Dec 30th, '11, 11:48

Hey guys I am sam chn from New York. I am searching movies geek. Because i am big fan of movies.

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Post by nasomi » Jan 15th, '12, 18:49

Hey, I'm Jay. I started watching just last summer after a Korean friend recommended Dream High. She regretted it I think because i texted her non-stop for the next two weeks while I was watching. Totally awesome stuff, blows anything I've seen out of the water. I've seen a few dozen or so since, and I'm always on the hunt for more. My only complaint is having to occasionally retime subtitles...

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Post by Seregil » Feb 15th, '12, 16:56

Hi, my name is Tanja. I just finished watching my first Jdrama Hana Yori Dango and now I want more :D

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Post by yonsama_86 » Feb 18th, '12, 14:32

Annyonghaseyo :music:

I'm Bojidara \it's too cmplicate for every one to remember it so they call me Bobi) from Bulgaria.
I'm 25 years old, I love Kdramas and Jdramas, mmm my first drama at all was Korean - Dream Hihg and that's it
:salut: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Post by AlyMew » Feb 19th, '12, 09:39

Hi! I guess I'm kind of new, because I started getting back into asian dramas and forgot I had an account here. =]

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Post by MitsukaiKuroi2 » Feb 20th, '12, 01:41

I am the same person as MitsukaiKuroi... I changed my OS and now I can not log back in... Also, I don't have the same e-mail addy that the old account was attached to... I started a new account and thought I would let others know that it is me...

But I really want to get back in to my old account... I have had it for years... :(

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Post by itoshinotegoshi » Feb 23rd, '12, 11:40

I`m joy from the Philippines, a jdo addict. Nice to meet you all.
woahhh I`m so sorry that I wasn`t able to introduce myself first...moshiwake arimasen..... Thanks for all the files ... d addict sis great. korekara yoroshiku ne. :salut: :D

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Post by bakapyon » Mar 1st, '12, 08:25

hi, i'm newbie here :wub:

love this site very much, yoroshiku onegaishimasu :salut:

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Post by jessica444 » Mar 10th, '12, 01:03

Hi there,
My name is Jessica im 23 I have a Italian Hertiage but live in Australia, Melbourne. I am a freelance Makeup Artist and currently studying Business (Marketing) at University. I love J/K Dramas and of course Manda....unfortunately i dont know where to get it all so im here to start learning! ^^

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Post by fandorama » Apr 28th, '12, 02:53

Hi! I'm also new here! Call me Nin.

Nice to meet you all! :) Hope we'll get along fine. :D

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Post by eirwen555 » May 1st, '12, 20:39

Hi there, I've been stalking the torrents and wiki for quite some years but haven't ventured into the forums before now. Yoroshiku ne!

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Post by dinnw » May 9th, '12, 08:07

Hi, i am new member, I like watching movies.

Virginia Sims
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Hello world i am a new here!!!

Post by Virginia Sims » May 14th, '12, 07:27

Hello, I'm new member here and I'm happy after a part of this forum site ...

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Post by neha46101 » May 17th, '12, 09:10


I am Neha ,,,,,, I am good Singer ,, .. I like paintings...........

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Post by k2spitfire » May 20th, '12, 00:08

hello, i'm jerry. i only like 3 kingdoms (both '92 and '10). but i grew up watching a lot of crap with my mom. i'm fluent in chinese but the rtk language is just too deep... thanks again

professional websurfer.

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Post by kevinyourock » May 26th, '12, 11:47

Hello :D

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Post by nula » Jun 6th, '12, 10:01

Hello to all.

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Post by RUFCTR » Jun 11th, '12, 08:53

Hello!!!!! Anybody like ROLA ?? Not ROLA CHEN, the ViVi model, ROLA

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Post by R3ynara » Jun 17th, '12, 11:41


I'm Rey... I'm new here...I'm BIG fan of wuxia series... nice to meet u all :D

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Post by sazaez » Jun 17th, '12, 12:40 new here...please guide me... v(^.~)

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Post by klouvios » Jun 24th, '12, 11:46

Geia sas from Greece
As I wrote in another thread, I am new to korean drama, actually one month new :D
I have seen Radio Dayz and The King and the clown (what a wonderful movie)
I saw the first shop of Coffee Prince and now I am watching Big.
I also watched My Little Bride, Always.
I wanna watch Silenced and everything else Gong Yoo has done.
I am open to recommendations or better say please help me to find out what I have missed all this time :D

See you :D

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Post by chocopair » Jun 24th, '12, 11:52

hi, i'm newbie here

love this site very much, yoroshiku onegaishimasu

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Post by Yurihwa » Jun 24th, '12, 20:10

Hello there!
I'm a french girl, and my favorite drama is Hana Yori Dango~! I'm currently watching Ghost! :D
Yoroshiku~ ^^

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Post by evatung » Aug 14th, '12, 20:26

Hi there!! My name is Eva. I am a Drama Junkie :)
Its my first time downloading torrent files so I would really appreciate some guidance. Nice to meet you all!
Thank you^^

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Post by Keiko1981 » Aug 14th, '12, 20:48

evatung wrote:Hi there!! My name is Eva. I am a Drama Junkie :)
Its my first time downloading torrent files so I would really appreciate some guidance. Nice to meet you all!
Thank you^^
Welcome to D-Addicts (D-A) hope you will enjoy your stay.
Hee's a tutorial on how to download
As well as here on magnet links.
If a torrent doesn't have any seeder you can make a re-seed request. Here's an index of all seed request topics if you don't see a topic for drama you're trying to download. Make a new seed request in this forum.

Information about subtitles
If you download RAW (no subtitles) videos and use softsubs (subtitles in files) - (hardsubs: subtitles embedded in the video).
Place the video file and subtitles file in the same directory.
Make sure the video and subtitles file have the exact same name. Easiest way is the copy the name of the video and paste. Index of softsubs can be found here.

DramaWiki is a database part of D-Addicts with information about Asian dramas, actors and actress. It can be of good use, sometimes dramas are known by several names.
You can also search dramas and actors/actress by their original name.

For more information see the FAQ.

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Post by Cypsis » Aug 22nd, '12, 08:42

HI! I am so-called "new". Actually I have been checking d-adi for years already through my sisters account, but now finally made my personal account.
I have been watching Asian dramas and movies for almost 4 years. I also have a blog as I have done reviews for 1,5 years - first month reviews suck, but I will try to make new updated reviews of them as soon as I rewatch them,.
Hope you will treat me well here :D

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Post by charia-chan » Aug 22nd, '12, 08:55

Welcome! I hope you have a good time here.

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Post by Macchan-Hyphen » Aug 28th, '12, 17:25

Hi, I knew this forum already but only now I have open an account.
I'm Italian, so sorry for my bad english. I love Jdrama and everything about Japan.
Not being now I can seed several drama, if anyone are interested here ( there is a list of them.
Yoroshiku onegai shimasu. Treat me well, please :)

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Post by Balki23 » Sep 3rd, '12, 17:06

Hey everyone I'm new here, am a big fan of korean cinema (especially Kim Jee-Woon and Park Chan-Wook) and I'm just starting out with kdrama shows and as such I have no idea and would welcome some recommendations.

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Post by keiichisama » Sep 27th, '12, 10:40

Hi everyone. I've always been a lurker of d-addicts and finally created an account. I'm a huge fan of jdrama and kdrama and I'm one of those guys who aren't ashamed to shed a tear over a show. :P

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