Visiting Japan and Korea for the first time, tips?

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Visiting Japan and Korea for the first time, tips?

Post by koitsu » May 25th, '13, 02:48

Hey, I'm visiting both Japan and Korea over the course of 3 weeks. Just curious if anyone has good advice on what to do, where to go, and planning tips? Sharing your personal experiences is cool too.

Going to be taking the ferry from Fukuoka to Busan sometime mid second week in case you were wondering.

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Post by Nocchuri » May 25th, '13, 03:36

Curious about this too. Same situation as you, except I'm not going to Korea.

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visiting japan for the first time

Post by godzuki » Sep 6th, '13, 21:54

If you are travelling as a couple of a group of people it may be wise to rent a cell phone.

Its a bit pricey but you can text within softbanks rental:

for details go here:

if you have a unlocked 3g phone rent a sim card instead much cheaper.

this way you can split up your group or go your on way and keep in touch for evening meetups or whatever.

if in Tokyo familiarize yourself with the loop line (yamanote line) and you should have fun.

from that line itself you can go to my favorite places to explore

Akihabara <-- my favorite

If you are planning to go to out of tokyo you should look into getting a japan rail pass.

Allows unlimited access to JR trains at a price (including most bullet trains).

google japan rail pass

or here is one of the many links to purchase. ... 4Aod5CwAZw

enjoy your trip!!!!!

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Post by tuku99 » Jan 16th, '14, 08:50

Japan - Depends, have a idea of what theme or what you would enjoy.

Plan where and how long you wish to spend in each area, Island or Prefecture, budget, etc

JNTO website and physical locations are great resources, JETRO and other Ancillary organizations, as well as NHK should provide helpful, but biased views. Just be aware, it's free for a reason.

Yes, In Tokyo, JR Yamamote Line is important. The Tokyo Metro 2 or 3 day unlimited pass for tourists when offered are a sensational bargain, remember MOST cities or smaller regions also offer these for Metros, buses, other transport or "local tour buses." As MARKED discounts, but may be limited in scope to tourist areas, which you are interested

JNTO, if you can get to a physical location, has wonderful handouts in most languages of countries they are targeting. The also are a venue for flyers, pamphlets of deals, etc, there will be lots to wade through, plus FREE MAPS, good to get Hands on physical maps to study BEFORE you leave!

It will be easier to study the maps a bit BEFORE you arrive. It won't solve all your problems, but it will help

The web is wonderful, since most, even small towns or regions have a presence... BUT some may be inaccurate or not updated frequently enough! Carpe Diem!

Subways are reasonable, Taxis are darn expensive.

YES< JR Rail Pass is a steal, be aware there are 2 basic types:

The Nationwide one, that you can only buy in YOUR country or the "local/regional" ones that can be had in Major JR stations of that particular "regional JR" Japan Rail, is like a United States of Railways. You may have only heard of the one you can buy in your home country, it's been perhaps recently the downturn in the Japanese economy and Yen had necessitated this strategy, More online, at the "separate JR's" besides the BIG JR East, also physical literature, read pamphlets at JTNO when available

Renting a bike has been a wonderful option, my last 3 times in Japan. Twice biking in the Tokyo area, and once in the Seto Island Sea Bridge Area. Japan is bike friendly. Please be aware, Bike insurance is not available, if you HIT someone, while riding on your bike! YOU will assume FULL Financial burden IF YOU HIT A pedestrian when on a bike!!! And maybe Criminal! SO be careful! use the "bells" and its fun!

Walking is a good way too, but if you are short on time, the other two methods are best, unless someone is shuttling you around in their private vehicles!

Business Hotel Chains, offer a safer alternative to the Youth Hostel scene, if you can afford little above the Hostel price nightly, you will have privacy, your our bathroom, etc although small... Remember you are in Japan, most things are small. With a frequent customer card, most give the free night with 10 nights paid. They are clean. courteous, well informed, and consistent throughout the country.

Good Luck, I could go on... but, my pillow calls...

:fear: :fear: :fear:

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Post by neko2626 » Feb 5th, '14, 06:10

Agree, the JR Rail Pass is the way to go, found that using all levels of JR trains to be easy, they are clean, very, very on be at the platform a bit earlier, as if it leaves at 1:01 pm, it will leave at 1:01 pm......found that the Rail Pass is especially handy as you can get on and off the Shinkansen lines as long as you can get a seat in the non-reserved cars, which is pretty easy.

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Japan for 6 nights, Tokyo entry. Any tips?

Post by ilovetrenchooo » Oct 19th, '14, 08:25

Hi guys! :)

Was wondering if any of you can give me tips on traveling to Japan. I'm going with my parents, 50++ years old and my sister who is in her 20s. We'll be arriving in Tokyo on June next year and would like to know if it's possible to still travel to Kyoto with only 6 nights to travel. I heard, there are a lot of cultural stuff out there.

I am thinking of going mostly sight-seeing (temples, castles) since I'm with my family. We can do amusement parks also since I'll be with my sister. Food trip would be nice too, so if you can recommend hole in the wall restos that is not too pricey, that would be great.

Accommodations, we're good even with guesthouse type like in Korea. Please let us know where's the best district to stay accessible to public transport.


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Post by ilovetrenchooo » Oct 19th, '14, 08:32

Can I use Japan Rail Pass in bullet trains and Tokyo Metro Lines (yamanote line)? Unlimited times for certain number of days? Will be in Japan for 6 nights mid next year. :)

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Post by antspace » Oct 19th, '14, 09:19

Lucky you ☺
There are too many nice things to do in Japan. So just a few examples from my visits.

I really enjoyed Nikko. Not too far from Tokyo and very beautiful. With wonderful landscapes and interesting temples in an almost rococo style.
Kyoto is very beautiful too and not too far as the shinkansen gets you there in 3 to 4 hours.
In Kyoto highlights are the many temples and of course Gion. I particular enjoyed the Konchi-in temple and garden. Liked it better then the more famous Nanzen-ji temple nearby. There are so many other wonderful things to see there.
Tokyo itself is also definitely worth it. I really liked shopping in the little stores in Shimokitazawa.

It of course all depends on where your interests lie, but you will most certainly find something to your liking. 😊

The JR railpass gives you great comfort in most shinkansen and local trains like the Yamanote line indeed. Some useful information can be found here:

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Re: Visiting Japan and Korea for the first time, tips?

Post by jacky321 » Dec 2nd, '15, 04:49

Well Buddy, I am planning to go Japan next year with my friends. I am very excited to see new country for my travel interest. I heard much about Japan attractions and foods. It is also famous for food and wonderful attractions. I hope I will explore there lots of things which are according to my interest. Anyone like to suggest me some tips about this trip?

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Re: Visiting Japan and Korea for the first time, tips?

Post by ironfeather » Aug 14th, '16, 02:05

Hi, I live in Hokkaido Japan and can answer questions about the Hokkaido area.

I am working on a list of recommended places and events and will post here.

One idea is the Sapporo snow festival, very fun.


stevyn ironfeather

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Re: Visiting Japan and Korea for the first time, tips?

Post by istorzka » Nov 16th, '20, 19:35

koitsu wrote: May 25th, '13, 02:48 Hey, I'm visiting both Japan and Korea over the course of 3 weeks. Just curious if anyone has good advice on what to do, where to go, and planning tips? Sharing your personal experiences is cool too.

Going to be taking the ferry from Fukuoka to Busan sometime mid second week in case you were wondering.

I think that you should better start with learning their traditions. It concerns Japan, first of all. As for Korea, nothing special is needed. They are modern people. Certainly, if you are going to risk visiting North Korea…better stay away from this trip

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