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KDrama Tumblr

Post by anisahx » Aug 11th, '12, 12:52

(Im not too sure if this is allowed so please delete if it is)

So I want to start a Kdrama community on Tumblr, because I've noticed thats where most kdrama watchers are.

My plan is to make a page, where people can become members and post, the layout we'll use would be compatible with Disqus so everyone can comment on posts.

For example if someone were to post, "what did everyone think of this weeks [insert drama here] episode" and everyone can comment. You wont need to have an account to comment but you'd need a tumblr to post.

It seems a little all over the place at the moment, but im certain it can work.
It'd be a kdrama community, with active discussions without long sign ups needed.

Of course I only have one problem, I need a group of people to help me start it up.
I need Admins and some members to get the blog going.

Would anyone be interested?

Thanks in advance :)

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Post by Ethlenn » Aug 11th, '12, 13:58

I moved it here because that's not exactly a Kdrama discussion topic.

Tumblr, you say. Not sure if tumblr is made for such big construction like community. Unless you'll make it more of Allkpop style or Koreaportal (actual tumblr).
The market saturation with such communities is really high, so better think twice and don't expect million visits a day.
I'm sorry for being your dream-crusher, do it, and who knows, maybe you'll hit the jackpot, what I know?
Good luck!! :salut:

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