Finally found hte right one

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Finally found hte right one

Post by nasomi » Mar 27th, '12, 14:37

At 28, divorced, 2 kids who live with me, I thought I'd never find a good woman for me. It didn't help that my prior 2 relationships left me so bitter towards woman that I live every day thinking every woman I meet is going to try and screw me over some how. After 5 years of being single, meeting countless women that were obviously not for me, I was pretty sure I'd die alone. At this point my only real requirement was not american, as I see many american women in my daily life, that I knew most any woman I met would end unsuccessful.

I joined one of those dating sites, after much reluctance, sent one message, she messaged me back, we im'd for 2-3 days, met, and haven't wanted to be apart since. I thought love at first sight was a sham, but we were both instantly and insanely attracted to each other. She's 26, in the US just under a year, 4 year degree completed, and never dated a guy or even kissed before. Here we are a few months later and everything is as great as it could be. She loves to cook and take care of me, and I enjoy doing the same with her. She loves affection and attention, and gives it back plentiful. And after a couple awkward nights we got "that" figured out too(she had no idea what she was doing, and even screamed the first time she saw it).

So, success! Also she likes to watch drama's with me, and has seen a few on her own and has been able to make recommendations to me.

So those that think it's hopeless, if I can find a good woman, anyone can.

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Post by wilsontc » Mar 30th, '12, 10:27

Good for you nasomi!

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Post by Bellanova » Apr 6th, '12, 14:52

Congratulations! I love reading successful love stories. It makes me hopeful. <3

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Post by carmay » Jul 25th, '12, 00:22

Nyaw. Thats cute. :)

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Post by princysharma1990 » Oct 29th, '12, 06:19

Congratulations nasomi... Its good to hear this that after all your hard time finally you got someone whose perfect for you.
Best of luck for your future. :)

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Re: Finally found hte right one

Post by stud1al » Jun 1st, '22, 04:55

I found most dating sites to be scam sites ,so , congratulations.

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