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Recommend J-Dramas (Ask for suggestions here)

Post by apples » Dec 12th, '04, 11:45

Recommend your favorite Japanese Dramas and/or look for recommended Jdramas here.
Future threads for Jdrama recommendations will be merged here.

C-Drama recommendations topic
J-Movie recommendations
K-Drama recommendations topic

Need help to identify a C-Drama / HK-Drama / TW-Drama
Need help to identify a J-Drama
Need help to identify a K-Drama
Need help to identify a celebrity
Need help to identify music or songs from dramas

--added by puccakiss79

THe first jdorama i watched was Beautiful Life... then a few eps of koukou kyoushi and kimi wa petto. when i started a kdrama, beautiful days, i got hooked to it that i stuck with kdrama for a few months now. i wanna start on jdorama again, but where do i begin? i love romance, drama, romance-comedy, or comedy.. as long as it's a good series, i'll try it. any recommendation?

Yoshitsune- taiga (history) ; i really love this drama because it takes you to that era, i believe the heian period. 49 episodes may seem long, but it's enjoyable and not draggy (except for the recap). i love rewatching this again, the only problem is i often have a hard time finding a particular scene with 49 episodes.

Grave of Fireflies - history; i heard it's based on an autobiography.. well, prepare a tissue for this one because it's really sad. the kind of drama that anyone can get attached to.

H2 - high school/ some comedy ; just like yoshitsune, one of the few dramas i can watch over and over again.

Hana Yori Dango - high school; based on my favorite anime and manga. i thought i'd be disappointed because they compressed the 30+volume of the manga or 52 episodes of anime into just 9 episodes. true, there are some things that i wished they stuck to, but the way they fit the story into just 9 episodes was pretty good. as a matter of fact, it left me impressed and amazed instead of disappointed. even if you haven't watched Meteor garden or the anime or read the manga, it's still a rather enjoyable drama.

kizarazu cat's eye - friendship/ comedy ; it's hilarious! still an ongoing project by jtv and i'm so curious how it's gonna end.

Princess Hiro - romance/ history;

Heaven's Coins -romance

news no onna- family/career
Beautiful Life -romance
Pride -sports/romance
Trick- mystery
Love Generation - romance
Love Revolution - romance
stand up! - teens/comedy
Mukodono - family/ comedy
Yanpapa - family
Akimahende -family/ comedy
Hitonatsu no Papa -family/ comedy
Hero - mystery
Waterboys - high school/ comedy
Strawberry on the Shortcake aka SOS- high school/ romance
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Post by jaycee05 » Dec 12th, '04, 12:18

For updated version, please click here.


Jyoou no Kyoushitsu(Queen's Classroom) - Akutsu-sensei puts Yankumi and Onizuka into shame. I haven't watch Kinpanchi sensei, so disregarding that drama, I have to say that this the best sensei drama I have seen. It stars grade six kids, but even then, this drama would force viewers of all ages to think and speculate what the writer is hitting at. This is both an emotional and intellectual ride which would keep you at the edge of your seats.
One Litre Of Tears - This is truly a life altering drama. The first episode would probably hint a very depressing mood and most people who favor comedy stop at ep01 without seeing the rest. Big mistake, buddy.
Orange Days - The first ever jdrama I seriously fell in love with.
Tiger and Dragon - This drama and the next one are from the same writer(Kudo Kankuro :cheers: ). The man with a fantastic sense of humour. T&G is one of the funniest drama I've seen(yes, even more so than Densha). Full of wit, charm, a memorable cast, and scenes that would stick with you and make you smile just from the thought of them.
Kisarazu Cat's Eye - I could have cut and paste my comment from T&G, but this one here has its own special place in my list of fave dramas. A silly comedy (when I say silly, I mean it in an endearing way) about 5 goofy guys, each with a unique character thrown in the weirdest situations. When u read the synopsis at jdorama and see the c-word, don't assume like me and think melodrama...IT'S NOT. I almost had stomach cramps from laughing too much while watching this drama. Man, I miss them already and I feel like watching it again.
Dragon Zakura - Sakuragi-sensei might not be a match against Akutsu-sensei, but he's got his own style. A level above GTO, Gokusen and Gachi baka! coz unlike those three school dramas, this one actually teaches! A good drama to marathon, I mean you have no would want to see the next episode, and the next, and the next...that's how addicting it is.
Gambatte Ikimmashoi - Personally, I think this is 5 or 10 times better than Water Boys. Don't watch 3 episodes and stop, coz this is one of those type that gets better and better after each episode,
H2 - Among Yamada's dramas that I've seen(yes, including Sekachu), I like his character the most in here. A bit of repetition had killed my interest and at some point I thought it was going nowhere. But overall, it's a feel-good show and the ending is really nice.
Lunch Queen - Oh my...this drama would get you hungy and fall in love with Japanese food--especially OMURICE!
Pride - My first ever Kimutaku drama. Now I know what's the fuss about him.
Engine - There's really no chemistry between Koyuki and Takuya, but it doesn't matter...coz the story didnt center around them. It's mostly about a childish Takuya against a bunch of very interesting kids. Again, the first episode is slow, but the following eps till the end will definitely hold your interest.
Million Falling Stars - This is not for the faint of heart. Try to guess what the big secret is while you witness one of Takuya's excellent performances.
Love Generation - I might be biased on this one...but wat the heck...this drama made my heart twist in pain, literally. Teppei sukebe :lol ...poor Riko :-(
Brother Beat - I haven't finished watching this series yet, but from what I've deserves to be in this list.
Kimi wa Petto - Don't u think Koyuki is the most beautiful and stylish Japanese actress? Her smile brightens up the whole screen and her tears makes me wanna weep with her. Her connection with Momo(Jun) is more platonic than romantic. And Jun's character in this drama is the total opposite of his Domyouji. It shows you how versatile an actor he is.
Kamisama Mou sukoshi dake - Kyoko's best performace( if u can call it that) and an excellent OST to go with. Have some tissues nearby.
--Must See dramas based on number of downloads/public opinion. Just jump on the bandwagon, alright...if the majority like it, u might fall for it too--
Densha Otoko - all of us here in d-a could probably relate with the plot since we are all otakus in one way or another. Without watching the anime, I find the humor gets better halfway, maybe because I got used to Yamada as I watch more episodes.
Hana Yori Dango - I'm not ashamed to admit this, but I really <3 this drama with its cliches, insuffucient number of episodes and Domyoji's fur coat. Even if I knew the basic plot from watching MG and the anime, the drama felt brand-new and easy to get addicted.
Nobuta wo Produce - The first half was really good. But at some point, I came to develop an affection for the characters, so even if the story is starting to lose half of its magic, it didn't matter. I'll watch it just to get my weekly dose of Nobuta, Shuji to Akira.
Gokusen - whoah, I'll be amazed if you haven't seen this yet.
GTO- One of the classics, make sure to watch it if u dont wanna get behind.
Sekai no chuusin de, ai wo sakebu - I don't really get the hype with this drama. It's a good drama, it has some breathtaking sceneries, excellent actors, beautiful script but I can't really imagine myself riding the whole thing the second time around. It does have some poignant scenes but it still dragged a lot. But do give it a try, the majority really LOVED it...I ain't one of them.

OK dramas

Anego - I started to watch this drama because of Jin, but my attention shifted to its female lead. Ryoko-san is one of the most provocative j-actress I have laid my eyes on. And from all the Older-women/Young-men pairing, the Jin-Ryoko has the best sizzling chemistry. I didn't care about the 10+ age gap, they fit each other perfectly.
Kindaichi Shonen no Jinkenbo 2(Matsumoto Jun) - I love the Kindaichi series. It's genre is kinda like whodunnit mystery dramas. My eyes and ears are glued to the screen whenever Kindaichi Jr. unfolds the mystery. There is some similarities between the culprits on each it'll get more predictable as you watch more cases.
Kindaichi Shonen no Jinkenbo 2005(Kame Kazuya)
My Little Chef - If Lunch Queen gave you feeling of salivating while laughing, this one would make you cry and salivate over French cuisine while showing how it could alter the life of each of its subject.
Good Luck - Again, I didn't like the pairing between Takuya and Shibasaki Kou. But this drama is interesting because you get to see the works behind Airlines.
Koukou Kyoushi - My only problem with this drama is the ending. Other than that, I would have included this on my Must Watch List.
Itsumo Futari de- very entertaining drama about friends turn into lovers.
Waterboys--I'm not really impress with this drama. For 9-10 episodes, they introduced a number of hurdles just to expand the story into 11 episodes when 2 episodes might have been enough. But the comedy keeps you going and the last episode is totally worth it!
Slow Dance- it's like a contemporary long vacation, but the cast is a lot better/funnier and the dialogue more creative. (speaking as a Satoshi fan).
nowhere. But overall, it's a feel-good show but the ending is corny. Ick. hahaha.
Last Christmas - Same feel(not plot) as Slow Dance, except an older leading man and a better pacing.
Shotgun Marriage - Ahhhh, Ryoko Hirosue is too annoying in this drama. Her cutesy acting came pretty close to Kyoko Fukada's level.
Gokusen 2 - It didn't live to its predecessor's name. It's still entertaining though and you won't miss much even if you skip the latter half of some of the episodes.
Kuitan - A detective drama about food! Sometimes, I get the feeling that its target audience is kids for it simplistic layout and no-brainer mysteries.
Star No Koi - A lot of times while watching this drama, I said, "HAHAHAHA, geez, Sosuke is really geeky(ugly) looking. HAHAHA." Not in a bad way, of course. As the drama progresses, I came to like his character...his way of speaking some words..."Hai~"...his humble and nice personality...and these aspects made him handsome inside and out. They say this is the Japanese take on Notting Hill. IMO, I love this version much better.
Stand Up - I'm not a big fan of Anne Suzuki. I also didnt laugh as much as what others had said about this drama.
Kiken na Aniki - The boys like it because of Itoh Misaki from Densha Otoko. I find her unfit for this role.
--OK dramas that some would categorized as a Must Watch--
Summer Snow - It's not that bad nor it is good. The type of drama you watch and forget...but won't leave a bad taste on your mouth.
Long Vacation- This one is a classic. It didn't really appeal to me though regardless of the high votes at jdorama. The age gap between Tomoko and Takuya didnt sit well with me which ruined their supposedly good chemistry with each other.

I didnt like...

Strawberry on the Shortcake--Maybe the reason that made me dislike this drama lies on how the characters were written and acted out-especially Takky and Kyoko's characters. Nevertheless, it wasn't draggy at all, just corny and sometimes irritating. No need to say who makes it irritating. Heh.
Forbidden Love- great beginning but it goes downhill halfway through.
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Post by lilswtangel » Dec 12th, '04, 12:20

hmms...i thought mother and lover was pretty good. but so far only 3 episodes are posted up. however, there are i think 10 RAW episodes up, too?

umm.....Taiyou no Kisetsu i think is good, too. but then, that's probably because I'm a Takizawa Hideaki fan!! SOS was okay....not the best....but not the worst.

Nanisama is pretty funny and Cheap Love is also funny, too. :lol

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Post by pepelepiu » Dec 13th, '04, 21:55

Check out and click on the top 50 and see if you seen any of those around. Ie., its an availability * goodness (times) type of decision. With more emphasis on current availability if you know what I mean.

on that note PPL please cast your ratings good OR bad for a few dramas on that site as often as possible.

<b>conflict of interest:</b> none listed, no connection to outside parties regarding above.. (this is a bad habit I got into when I started writing research papers, I'm trying to get rid of it I"m on step 6 I think)

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Post by jholic » Dec 14th, '04, 00:07

apples: take pepelepiu's suggestion and check out

then, come back to this forum, click on 'general discussions' and 'completed drama projects'. you'll see what has been completed.

then, you can click on 'seed req' section and click on MoerkJ's 'index of requests'. you can see an overview of what's being seeded, etc.

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Post by innocentchica » Dec 14th, '04, 00:25

umm i recommend PRIDE with takuya kimura :wub:

just finished watching it this weekend and i think you should definitely watch it!

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Post by apples » Dec 14th, '04, 00:35

innocentchica wrote:umm i recommend PRIDE with takuya kimura :wub:

just finished watching it this weekend and i think you should definitely watch it!
I've been looking at this drama... I think I'll download this one first since I love takuya kimura in beautiful life.

There's so many titles! Still got some finals, so I wasn't able to read through them... I did before, but there were so many that I got confused. :blink But I really do like to hear your favorites, maybe it'll help me prioritize which dorama I should download first. Thanks!

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Post by Peggy » Dec 23rd, '04, 01:30


Pride is the most satisfactory Kimura drama I have yet seen and I have seen a lot of them. I loved Millions Stars Fell but that was a very dark drama. Great mystery and good actors with him. However for a nice warm 'squooshy' kind of romantic story I loved Pride. He is so mature and sure of himself now. Also has Kenji Sakaguchi as his sidekick ...and that ain't all bad. Takeuchi Yuko is a wonderful choice for leading lady for Kimura. They had that marvellous kiss which is the most normal and passionate kiss I have seen on jdrama or kdrama. Do watch it if you haven't and watch it again with English subs. good... and not bad icehockey games either.


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Post by apples » Dec 23rd, '04, 03:47

I'm currently watching pride... after hero and kimi wa petto.. i actually enjoyed hero.. and i'm really loving pride! No wonder Kimura is lead in many drama.. he's a really good actor.

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Post by Charmy » Dec 25th, '04, 04:58

I dont know how popular it was with other people, but i really enjoyed "Story of One Century" :-) ...short and sweet :D

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Post by LittleGreenGrasshopper » Dec 25th, '04, 05:10

Hmmm, jdramas eh... well, my top vote would be Pride, but since you're already watching it, I guess you already know it's good 8) ... how about Family Values? It's only 5 episodes and has a young and spunky Noriko Sakai in it... :O , just realized that's all the jdramas I watched so far... gak.... gotta find time to watch more this holiday break... :crazy:

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Post by xiaryx » Jan 13th, '05, 20:24

hehe this is about the 5th time I am writing this..Here we go! Must watched:

1)Tokyo Love Story
2)Long Vacation
4)Aoi Tori
5)Koukou Kyoushi

1)Sleeping Forest
2)Million Stars Fall From the Sky

Teenager related:
2)Strawberry on the Shortcake

Disability/Health related problem:
1)Beautiful like
2)Hoshi no Kinka
3)Kamisama mou sukoshi dake

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Post by jholic » Jan 13th, '05, 23:11

xiaryx: great list, and by genre too!

i wonder if you saw any of the 'investigator mariko' series or 'odoru daiso sassen' series? i think they could go under your 'detective' category. :D

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Post by donna8157 » Jan 14th, '05, 21:51

Recommended: (the ones that were exceptionally good to me are highlighted):

Profession-Based Dramas:
1.) GTO - Sorimachi Takeshi/Matsushima Nanako
2.) Gokusen - Nakama Yukie/Matsumoto Jun
3.) Good Luck! - Kimura Takuya/Shibasaki Kou
4.) Yamato Nadeshiko - Matsushima Nanako/Tsutumi Shinichi
5.) Shomuni 1 and 2
6.) Koukou Kyoushi 2003 - Fujiki Naohito/Aya Ueto
7.) Dragonzakura - Abe Hiroshi/Hasegawa Kyoko/Koike Teppei/Yamashita Tomohisa
8.) News no Onna - Suzuki Honami/Takizawa Hideaki/Nagatsuka Kyozo
9.) Shota no Sushi - Kashiwabara Takashi

Sad Dramas:
1.) Summer Snow - Dohmoto Tsuyoshi/Ryoko Hirosue/Izumi Chizuru/Oguri Shun/Imai Tsubasa
2.) Beautiful Life - Kimura Takuya/Tokiwa Takako
3.) Taiyou no Kisetsu - Takizawa Hideaki/Izumi Chizuru
4.) Hoshi no Kinka - Takenouchi Yutaka/Noriko Sakai
5.) Shin Hoshi no Kinka
5.) Kamisama mou Sukoshi Dake - Takeshi Kaneshiro/Fukada Kyoko
6.) Majo no Jouken (Forbidden Love) - Takizawa Hideaki/Matsushima Nanako
7.) Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu - Yamada Takayuki
8.) Itoshi Kimi E - Fujiki Naohito/Kanno Miho

1.) Boku Dake no Madonna - Takizawa Hideaki
2.) Long Vacation - Kimura Takuya/Yamaguchi Tomoko
3.) Love Generation - Kimura Takuya/Matsu Takako
4.) Love Revolution - Fujiki Naohito/Oshio Manabu
5.) Kimi wa Petto - Koyuki/Matsumoto Jun
6.) Orange Days - Shibasaki Kou/Tsumabuki Satoshi
7.) Itazura na Kiss - Kashiwabara Takashi
8.) Tokyo Love Story - Suzuki Honami/Oda Yuji

1.) Million Stars Falling from the Sky - Kimura Takuya
2.) Files of Young Kindaichi Series - Dohmoto Tsuyoshi
3.) Trick Series - Nakama Yukie/Abe Hiroshi

1.) Pride - Kimura Takuya/Takeuchi Yuko
2.) Water Boys - Yamada Takayuki
3.) Ganbatte Ikimasshoi - Suzuki Anne/Nishikado Ryou/Uchi Hiroki
4.) Ace wo Nerae - Aya Ueto
5.) H2 - Yamada

Family Dramas:
1.) Otousan - Ryoko Hirosue/Fukada Kyoko
2.) Oyaji - Ryoko Hirosue
3.) Hotman - Sorimachi Takeshi/Yada Akiko
4.) Engine - Kimura Takuya/Koyuki

Serious/Darker-Themed Dramas:
1.) Seija no Koushin - Noriko Sakai/Hirosue Ryoko/Ando Masanobu/Towa character
2.) Ikebukuro West Gate Park - Tomoya Nagase/Kato Ai/Koyuki
3.) Tentai Kanzoku - Itoh Hideaki/Koyuki/Sakageuchi Kenji

1.) Kisarazu Cat's Eye - Okada Jucichi/Tsukamoto Takashi
2.) Tiger & Dragon - Nagase Tomoya/Okada Junichi/Itoh Misaki/Tsukamoto Takashi
3.) Mukodono (My Husband) - Nagase Tomoya/Takeuchi Yuko
4.) Stand Up!! - Ninomiya/Oguri Shun/Yamashita Tomohisa
5.) Antique Cake Store - Takizawa Hideaki/Fujiki Naohito/Shiina Kippei
6.) Densha Otoko - Itoh Misaki

Taiga Dramas:
1.) Shinsengumi!
2.) Toshiie and Matsu - Matsushima Nanako/Takenouchi Yutaka/Sorimachi Takeshi
3.) Yoshitsune - Takizawa Hideaki/Aya Ueto/Maki Goto
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Post by JadedAngel » Jan 15th, '05, 03:58

Hmmm, recommendations?

1) GTO - I think this is arguably one of the most all time popular dramas around. Funny, yet occasionally with its moments, you can't go wrong watching this show. And Takashi Sorimachi ain't bad to look at either! :lol

2) Gokusen - Another school drama like GTO, with just as much hilarity!

3) Trick - For all those ex-X-Filerswho love a mix of sci-fi and mystery, without all the dramamtic seriousness (atleast for the most part).

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Post by TheBombastic1 » Jan 15th, '05, 16:32

apples wrote:Recommend your favorite Japanese Dramas and/or look for recommended Jdramas here.
Future threads for Jdrama recommendations will be merged here.

All Genres' Recommendations
Kdrama Recommendations

--added by puccakiss79

THe first jdorama i watched was Beautiful Life... then a few eps of koukou kyoushi and kimi wa petto. when i started a kdrama, beautiful days, i got hooked to it that i stuck with kdrama for a few months now. i wanna start on jdorama again, but where do i begin? i love romance, drama, romance-comedy, or comedy.. as long as it's a good series, i'll try it. any recommendation?

All the doramas mentioned here are worth watching. If you need a starting point, I think you can't go wrong with the Series of the Week they have here. Or go to, they have a list of top 50 dramas that people voted for and also the site has good descriptions of the doramas that tell you what its about. Just pick one from that list that you think might be interesting to you, and I think you will be satisfied.

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Post by expo1970 » Jan 15th, '05, 17:23

i find it interesting that PRIDE has so much popularity. here in japan, it didn't get so much acclaim, in fact i stopped watching it because i thought it was pretty boring. i kept the channel to it though because i like takeuchi yuuko, hehe.

i'll go donna-style with this post:

Profession-Based Dramas:
1.) Furuhata Ninzaburou - Tamura Masakazu
2.) GTO - Sorimachi Takeshi/Matsushima Nanako
3.) Yamato Nadeshiko - Matsushima Nanako
4.) Sayonara Odu Sensei - Tamura Masakazu
5) Odoru Daisousasen - Oda Yuuji
6.) Shiroi Kyoto - Karasawa Toshiaki
7.) HERO - Kimura Takuya
8.) Beginner - mimura
9.) Medaka - mimura
10.) R-17
11.) Seigi ha katsu - oda yuuji
12.) Suna no utsuwa - nakai masayuki
13.) Kabachitare - tokiwa takako
14.) rikon bengoshi
15.) Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo - Doumoto Tsuyoshi

Emotional Dramas:
1.) Koukou Kyoushi 2003 - Ueto Aya / Fujiki Naohito
2.) Hitotsu Yane no Shita 1 & 2 - Eguchi Yousuke, Sakai Noriko
3.) Koukou Kyoushi 1993 - Sanada Hiroyuki
4.) Strawberry on the Shortcake - takizawa hideaki
5.) Kimi to ita mirai no tame ni - doumoto tsuyoshi
6.) Aruja-non ni hanatabawo (Flowers for Algernon) - yusuke santamaria
7.) Garasu no kamen - adachi yumi
8.) Ienakiko - adachi yumi
9.) toubousha - eguchi yousuke
10.) Bokura no yuuki - doumoto brothers
11.) Summer Snow - Dohmoto Tsuyoshi/Ryoko Hirosue/Izumi Chizuru/Oguri Shun/Imai Tsubasa

1.) Tokyo Love Story - Oda Yuuji
2.) Sekai no Chuusin de Ai wo Sakebu - Yamada
3.) Last Christmas - Oda Yuuji / Yada Akiko
4.) Long Vacation - Kimura Takuya
5.) konna koi no hanashi - sanada hiroyuki / matsushima nanako
6.) Koi ga sitai x 3
7.) Mukodono (My Husband) - Nagase Tomoya/Takeuchi Yuko
8.) Boku to kanojo to kanojo no ikiru michi - kusanagi tsuyoshi
9.) Orange Days

1.) Shota no Sushi - Kashiwabara Takashi
2.) Food Fight - Kusanagi Tsuyoshi

Sports-Based / Teenager:
1.) Water Boys - Yamada
2.) Water Boys 2
3.) Stand UP!
3.) Ace wo Nerae - Aya Ueto
4.) Wonderful Life - Sorimachi Takeshi

Family Dramas:
1.) Fuufu - Tamura Masakazu
2.) Otousan - Tamura Masakazu/Ryoko Hirosue/Fukada Kyoko
3.) Oyaji - Tamura Masakazu/Ryoko Hirosue

these are the only ones that pop into my head at the moment. many japanese people will argue that "Kita no kuni" is number 1, "Kinpachi sensei" is up there too. "Manhattan Koi monogatari" is famous, "love generation" and many others are legendary but I have not seen them so I cannot rank them.

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Post by shinichi_nio » Jan 16th, '05, 15:28

hue2 guess d topic is quite hot...
ok.. here's d list

romantic drama/sad drama
1.beautiful life->awesome but sad
2.long vacation->cool love that all d time
3.Love generation->ok..

1.GTO->must 2 see
2.beach boys->hue2, cute frienship
3.Back2school->mostly like GTO but cool

cool drama
1.pride->same as d title... pride as a man

1.sleepin forest->not 2 great but ok.
2.hero->more prefer this than sleepin forest

oohhh... got a lot more maybe this is enough 4 while...
u should try a Kdorama FULLHOUSE... i recomend u 2 watch this....
4 me very2 interestin....

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My fave shows...

Post by Twilightsky » Jan 16th, '05, 20:56

I started out watching japanese programs after I saw the movie Andromedia, with SPEED and Da Pump. Even though there werent any subtitles at that time, I still enjoyed watching it, since Id been into J-pop for a while. My first JDrama was Kasouken no Onna 2, and since then Ive been an avid fan and I am looking forward to Shin Kasouken no Onna Go, the fifth season. My only regret is that Koba san is no longer in the show... ah, sorry, spoiler. :mrgreen:
I love several other shows although they might not be populer, but they were cute and fun...
Private Actress, Pu Pu Pu (I love Morita Go) Yome wa Mitsuboshi (The Perfect Bride) ah, Morita Go in there again...thats one of my favorites. Koi ga Shitai was good, I love Tokoro George. Hes also in Pu Pu Pu... Akimehende, it was okay. Summer Snow was excellent. I liked Live, something about having been in music classes made it come home to me. And the guy in that one is cute as well... Pretty Girls was just sweet. I started watching Big Wing, it had its good points.

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Post by TIticamara » Jan 18th, '05, 11:03

I would recommend all dramas with TAkuya Himura or Takeuchi Yuko in it. Both of the are funny and love to watch.

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Post by shiruchan » Jan 23rd, '05, 16:13

I´ve seen just a few j-doramas, but I would recomend:

- Kamisama, mou sukoshi dake
- Orange Days
- Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu
- Over Time
- Yamato Nadeshiko
- Majo no Joken
- Beautiful Life

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Post by alvy » Jan 23rd, '05, 17:03

Everybody misses two of my absolute favorites - Virgin Road and Koibumi (Love Letter) :wub:

Both star Emi Wakui. Me likes her. Nobody can cry like Emi. :D

Atsuro Watabe and Miki Mizuno are great in Koibumi. Top class.

For romance and KimuTaku, you can't go wrong with Long Vacation and Love Generation. Simple stuff that works.

Strawberry on the Shortcake was my first and it really got me hooked. I recommend it strongly.

Star no Koi is sweet.

Yanpapa is silly but funny and moving too.

Shotgun Marriage is a nice one - funny, a little crazy-hip, but it works. And it has Takenouchi Yutaka and Hirosue Ryoko in the leads. Yummy. And Abe Hiroshi and Sonny Chiba give great backup.

Oh oh oh, and for a really silly, heartwarming romantic comedy - Golden Bowl. About a quarter of each episode is stupid, but the rest is mostly wonderful. Kaneshiro Takeshi and Kuroki Hitomi. :wub:

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Post by apples » Jan 23rd, '05, 19:32

thanks y'all for sharing your recommendations, also for arranging it by genre and putting more details.. :lol it's quite overwhelming to see so many titles.. btw, just curious.. how long have ya'll been watching these? some lists are quite long that i wonder how long it'll take me or if i'll ever have enough time to watch all those titles.

thanks again!

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Post by SoiLadyTaki » Jan 24th, '05, 00:57

Love Generation =Kimura Takuya ,Matsu Takako
Love Revolution= Fujiki Naohito ,Ezumi Makiko
Majo no Jouken= Matsushima Nanako , Takizawa Hideaki
Taiyou wa Shisumanai
Taiyou no kisetsu
Sore wa Totsuzen Kaze no Youni

I think I like every Tackey's drama !! :mrgreen:

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Post by GhstDreamer » Jan 24th, '05, 03:33

Favourite J-Dramas:

Heaven Cannot Wait
Koi ga Shitai
Investigator Mariko - All seasons and the special (I just watched it :))
Beach Boys
Shopping Hero

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What about,,,

Post by jboy » Jan 27th, '05, 07:58

Lunch Queen!!

Yousuke Eguchi is fantastic actor!
Funny and yummy show. :thumright: :thumleft:

Somebody help me DLing the final episode!!
I will invite you to G-mail if you could!!

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Post by fayenatic » Jan 28th, '05, 06:30

you cant go wrong with GTO. I think if you're new to jdorama, then thats a good place to start. :wub:

Dweji Kharbi
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another fav

Post by Dweji Kharbi » Jan 31st, '05, 02:25

One of my favorites was also my first J-dorama...Kira Kira Hikaru. A medical mystery series, it had a great ensemble cast. (
It was presented subbed on i-Channel years ago, but I didn't make a copy.

Wish some kind soul would dig through their video tapes and share a copy with everyone! :D


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Post by Smith555 » Feb 3rd, '05, 06:47

I recommend ORANGE DAYS
great drama

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Post by meow_meow » Feb 3rd, '05, 10:10

My top 10 list:

1. Orange Days
3. News no onna
4. Love Revolution
5. Kamisama mou sukoshi dake
6. Seikimatsu no uta (it's different from other love drama but the stories were very touching)
7. Gokusen
8. Seikimatsu no uta (I like the first story the most)
9. Suekko chounan ane san nin
10. Hoshi no kinka 2

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Post by disfordennis » Feb 3rd, '05, 10:10

- Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu
- Majo no Jouken / Forbidden Love
- Taiyou No Kisetsu
- Summer Snow
- Koibumi
- Good Luck

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Post by NaoKun » Feb 4th, '05, 05:59

I recommend:

1. Beautiful Life
2. Konna Koi no Hanashi
3. Odoru Daisosasen
4. News no Onna
5. Renai Kekkon no Rule
6. Keizoku
7. Heaven's Coins 1
8. Churasan

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Post by sillypanda114 » Feb 6th, '05, 01:43

1. beautiful life
2. gto
3. gokusen
4. summer snow

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Post by Jelithe » Feb 12th, '05, 20:23

I like very much Ace wo nerae (unfortunetlly I saw only 2ep), Cheap Love (Sorimachi have a great hair in this dorama :), Kimi wa petto (Jun is so kute), GTO and Goksunen

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Post by gromitt » Feb 13th, '05, 22:10

It's interesting to read about fans' fave list.

Here's mine, I've only two cos I just wanna list the ones thst I think are best... there are others that I like of course, but these two are OUTSTANDING in my opinion.

Majo no Jouken
Yasha - this one is truly underrated. I bet not many people saw this one. Wish I can rip and sub it someday for everyone here :roll

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Post by minidora24 » Feb 14th, '05, 14:53

school based dramas:
-Gokusen (Gokusen 2's airing now)
-Kinpachi sensei (a classic)
-GTO --> a lot of people say it's good but i read the manga first so didn't think it was as great but it's recommended for starter j-drama ppl
-Sayonara Ozu sensei
-Kou kou kyoshi (legendary in japan - the older version's better i heard)
-Until the battery dies
-Boku no Ikiru Michi

A lot of the dramas I like aren't on BT or they're Chinese subtitled... sorry.. most of them were on KTSF :lol

1.Boku no Ikiru Michi :wub:
(SO GOOD..but some people think it's slow.. :glare: WELL.. I argue dramas nowadays move way too fast. Makes you cry but not in the same way as kdramas)
-->currently working on eng subtitling it..
2.From Oregon With Love (Oregon kara ai) --> Same team that did Kitano Kuni kara.. similar storyline..just that it's set in Oregon. I would die for if anyone has these..was on KTSF looooong time ago
3.Under One Roof (classic)
4.Long Vacation (classic)
5.Furuhata Ninzaburo
6.Yamatonadeshiko (classic)
7.For You
8.Kamisama, Mou Sukoshi dake (God, Give me more time)
9.Ai Kotoba wa Yuuki

+other good ones: Boku to Kanojo to kanojo no ikiru michi, Waterboys, Mukodono, At Home Dad, SOS, Dr. Koto Health Clinic, Pure, Orange Days, Ienakiko, Garasu no Kamen, Beauty or Beast, Shiroi Kyoto (White Tower), Say that you love me (Aishiteru to itte kure), News no Onna, Oyaji, Trick 1~3

...i know there's other's I haven't seen/forgot
Again, sorry many of them aren't on BT/not English subtitled (>_<) If would be happy to subtitle them if I had time.... and share it with the rest of the non-Japanese speaking drama-loving community since I know there's sooooo many good dramas out there that aren't subtitled yet....(but it's starting to thanks to all the subtitling teams out there!! props to all you guys!)::sigh::

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Post by shirahime » Feb 18th, '05, 07:01

Kimi wa petto
Long vacation
Forbidden love
Minami no koibito
Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu
Good Luck
Golden Bowl

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Post by keisuke » Feb 24th, '05, 04:09

well, obiviously, it depends on what genre u like. IMO, i think konna koi no hanashi, koibumi, meguri ai, were pretty bad love stories... kinda easy to guess wut was gonna happen next...
well, there's too many, but some notables are:

-Hero (detective)
-sora kara furu ichioku no hoshi (mystery/suspense/ love story?)
-lunch no jo-ou (food/family/love story)
-odoru daisousasen (kinda comedy/ detective)
-last christmas (love story/ kinda comedy) (i luvvved it, except for the last episode-- it sucked)
-M no higeki (mystery) (so far, its prbly one of the best drama ive seen)
-beautiful life (love story)
-sekachuu (teenage love story)
-kyumeibyoutou 24 III (medical) (this season's pretty good)

yeh some are pretty sad, but for me, i think the sadder the drama makes me feel, the better, although i didn like itoshi kimie, kinda corny. these are all just my opinions by the way, so dont get mad at me being a critic.

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Post by miracles » Feb 24th, '05, 04:20

Recently, i've just finished watching Pride and Mukodono! I absolutely loved both of them especially since Takeuchi Yuko is in both of them. For those who like watching love/comedy dramas i definitely recommend Mukodono! Tomoya nagase from Tokio is in it as well. I think he acts really good. He's just hilarious! I mean come on, the theme song in the drama itself is titled 'hitoribotchi no haburashi (lonely toothbrush). It can't get any funnier than that!

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Post by armaniboi » Feb 24th, '05, 05:02

After watching I'm Sorry, I Love You (kdrama), I have officially given up on korean dramas because that was just ridiculous.. Heck, even the Korean sub-story on Lost is much better than any korean drama I've seen.

Anyway, I love my J-dramas. I've always been a fan of teenage and family centered dramas.

Orange Days is my newest love, I can relate so well with the characters and they have so much depth. A scene without any talking could evoke tears out of my eyes.

Densetsu no Kyoshi
Love & Peace
Kimi wa Petto

I really disliked Strawberry on the Shortcake, I've never liked the idea of crossing the line of sibling love even if its not related by blood. The only thing I liked was reminscing with the ABBA songs and the line "Maybe we aren't supposed to be with the one we love the most."

Beautiful Love had high production values, it was filmed very nicely, but I didn't like the flow and all the same constant struggles they had. I think the only thing I liked about it was the ending scene. Great song, great chemistry, great concept.

I can't think of anymore at the moment..

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Post by senakun » Feb 24th, '05, 05:12

among what I have seen so far:
Long Vacation
Forbidden Love
Odoru Daisousasen

some other good ones I've deen:
Mukodono (2001)
My Little Chef
A Sleeping Forest (Nakayama Miho~~~)
Shotgun Marriage
News no Onna

don't bother:
Fighting Girl

There are so many good ones. I've seen close to 40 and I've liked a huge majority of these. Some I didn't think I was even going to like until about the third episode. So, watch as many as you can!! :P


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Post by apples » Feb 26th, '05, 07:53

i haven't watched a lot so far, but i love them all!

Beautiful Life (Kimura Takuya :wub: )
Pride (Kimura Takuya :wub: )
Heaven's Coins (i love the ending! I love this one so much!)

Yanpapa(so touching.. weird at first, but i cried near the end.. i'm a daddy's girl afterall)
Akimahende (funny.. )
Hitonatsu no Papa

High School:
H2 (so addicting!)
Ganbatte Ikimasshoi
Stand Up!


I'm hoping to make this list longer.. i'll edit it the more jdoramas i watch
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Post by Lynn Minmei » Mar 4th, '05, 05:46

Summer Snow
Beautiful Life
Long Vacation

Everything that casts Takuya is good.

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Post by freak » Mar 6th, '05, 07:02

Good luck
Long Vacation
A Million Stars Falling From The Sky
Beautiful Life
Summer Snow
Ao no jidai

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Post by rainidy » Mar 6th, '05, 07:18

My recommendations for jdramas are

Love Generation
Orange Days :wub:
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Post by Yoshiaki » Mar 14th, '05, 19:15

My are...

Home Drama Home
Summer Snow
Gokusen Seasons 1

I think that's all... :unsure:

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Post by doremonmax » Mar 14th, '05, 19:35

news no onna
meguri ai
golden bowl
long vacation
beach boys
love generation
love revolution
beauty and war
yamato nadeshiko
oshin ?????

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Post by juljul9 » Mar 20th, '05, 13:29

Under the same roof 1 and 2 --> old family drama
Love revolution
Love generation
GTO --> hilarious and inspiring too :D
Good Luck --> one of my favourite dorama now :wub:

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Post by mikomi » Mar 20th, '05, 14:39

juljul9 wrote:Under the same roof 1 and 2 --> old family drama
I'd definitely recommend Under the Same Roof I & II, too :D. It's a very good, heart-warming family drama and for a long time (7 years), it has always been at the #1 spot of my all time fav. dramas :P :P Too bad I can't find its completed series w/ English subs anywhere :crazy: :crazy:

Also look for these dramas, they're worth your time: GTO, Beautiful Life, Heaven's Coin, News no Onna, Gokusen, Orange Days...

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Post by aloyy » Mar 26th, '05, 10:03

jap drama : strawberry on a shortcake, forbidden love, my little chef.. they are all good :)
i thought that friends - jap/korean production was very unique, the story line was touching, and of course kyoko was great :P

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Post by petejunk97 » Apr 3rd, '05, 00:24


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Post by Kayote » Apr 3rd, '05, 00:36

At the moment Im in love with LAST CHRISTMAS. Such a wonderful drama. :cheers:


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Post by MimicNo3 » Apr 3rd, '05, 02:19

Roughly in descending order of favoriteness:

Shotgun Marriage / Dekichatta Kekkon
My all time favorite romantic comedy drama with Tekenouchi Yutaka and Hirosue Ryoko, two of my favorite actors. Also, this is the best usage of Abe Hiroshi's talents I think I've yet seen.

L'oiseau Blue / Blue Bird / Aoi Tori
Dark romance with some mystery and tragedy. Good ambience. Beautiful cinematography. Suzuki Anne did an excellent job as the little girl. So sad she had to grow up.

Summer Snow
Cute romance with family drama and sadness. Also has Hirosue Ryoko and Dohmoto Tsuyoshi who made a good pair in this one.

Koukou Kyoushi - the Original
Very dark and twisted highschool girl/teacher romance. I wouldn't say it was fun but it was very well done.

From the Heart
Sweet handicapped romance. Add a touch of twisted dark family history. Good show. I was impressed with Tomosaka Rie's acting as the autistic girl.

Long Vacation
This gets on my list because Yamaguchi Tomoko was so adorable in a refreshingly natural sort of way. Kimutaku, as usual, did a competent job too.

Itsumo Futari de
Another cute romance. This is the one that completely won me over to Matsu Takako fandom.

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Post by chckboy5 » Apr 6th, '05, 08:54

shotgun marriage
my husband
summer snow
good luck
love generation
last christmas
my little chef

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Post by ErickDM » Apr 11th, '05, 03:05

Since I´m still a newbie, I don´t have a long list of jdramas... ^^

But I do recommend H2 ~ Kimi to Ita Hibi!!! --> to tell the truth I´m still on the 3rd ep and waiting for the release of the 4th ep!!! But I´m loving this drama!!!

I would also recommend Last Christmas for the romantic ones!!! :P

Oh and of course!!! Hee hee!!! :D GTO!!!

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Post by Nikko » Apr 11th, '05, 04:03

My favourites are the sweet and sad ones :wub:

Beautiful life (my first j drama~!)
Denchi ga kireru made
Hikaru to tomi ni

Saw most of those in Japan. Great shows :)

I also saw Winter Sonata which is the only K-drama I' ve seen (dubbed in Japanese... it was closer to English for me then Korean was though ^^;; )
I love this one. I'm sure even though it's all I've seen it must be my favourite K-drama.
I bought the subbed boxed set :D

I wanna see more! Love this site for that <33

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Post by A.K » Apr 12th, '05, 04:17

Forbidden Love


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Post by babyxdorkii » Apr 12th, '05, 06:03

currently i would recommend Yoshitsune

others jdrama - big wing, forbidden love,

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Post by supi-san » Apr 12th, '05, 06:16

i watching pride 1-4
good series i waiting for the next
but love generation is good too :tv:

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MY recommendations

Post by Ashtaway » Apr 14th, '05, 03:13

I would recommend WaterBoys, Good Luck, Hero, and Gokusen.

BTW - a lot of you guys mentioned Waterboys2! is it good, and do you know where the torrents for it are?

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Post by dazed » Apr 18th, '05, 17:53

Long Vacation (Will always be great... going to be showed on scv soon cant remember which channel)
Love Revoultion
Love Generation
Water Boys
Good Luck!!
and the list just get longer n longer... too bad on one seedin most of em

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Post by sofee » Apr 19th, '05, 01:00

JadedAngel wrote:Hmmm, recommendations?

1) GTO - I think this is arguably one of the most all time popular dramas around. Funny, yet occasionally with its moments, you can't go wrong watching this show. And Takashi Sorimachi ain't bad to look at either! :lol

2) Gokusen - Another school drama like GTO, with just as much hilarity!

3) Trick - For all those ex-X-Filerswho love a mix of sci-fi and mystery, without all the dramamtic seriousness (atleast for the most part).
I am carefully selecting my first Japanese Drama. I loved my first Chinese drama Meteor Garden which has "boy chase girl" story line; great love story, and provides both funny and sad moments. Are Gokusen and GTO similar?

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Post by krazeealiens » Apr 19th, '05, 06:36

sofee wrote:
JadedAngel wrote:Hmmm, recommendations?

1) GTO - I think this is arguably one of the most all time popular dramas around. Funny, yet occasionally with its moments, you can't go wrong watching this show. And Takashi Sorimachi ain't bad to look at either! :lol

2) Gokusen - Another school drama like GTO, with just as much hilarity!

3) Trick - For all those ex-X-Filerswho love a mix of sci-fi and mystery, without all the dramamtic seriousness (atleast for the most part).
I am carefully selecting my first Japanese Drama. I loved my first Chinese drama Meteor Garden which has "boy chase girl" story line; great love story, and provides both funny and sad moments. Are Gokusen and GTO similar?
wow i recommend both... my first chinese drama was meteor garden as well... and i loved every bit of it... but i dont recommend u watching meteor garden II... its a killer of one... i dont know about Gokusen dat much but i know its good... and my first J-drama... was GTO and i've heard of it but never read the manga or watched the anime but i loved it... i really recommend GTO its funny and cute and has a really really really addicting openning... lol also i recommend GLASS MASK... its about a girl wanted to make something of her life and her only talent is mimicing other actress... then finally found something that she can do w/ her life and its acting and theres a whole drama bout her making her way up to the top and persuing her dreams of being coming an actress... SAD SAD SAD SAD... but its sooo goood ADACHI YUMI... shes soo cute and pretty such an excellent actress... nobody would of done it better

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Post by Moshi2! » Apr 20th, '05, 08:04

If you like GTO or Gokusen so much, you should try watch 'Naomi'. Played by Norika Fujiwara, Aiko Sato, and... uhm i cant remember the name.
It's about 3 female teacher, all of them have the same name in one school!!!
The storyline is basiclly the same but how they handle all the problems that occur in school is REALLY FUNNY!!! just like when you watch GTO or Gokusen.
I cant forget how Norika helped her class during exam. :w00t:.. :lol.... :lol (i cant stop laughing! especially when she get caught by the principle)
I really recommend it!

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Post by sutaretagaisce » Apr 29th, '05, 05:25

sofee wrote:Hmmm, recommendations?

I am carefully selecting my first Japanese Drama. I loved my first Chinese drama Meteor Garden which has "boy chase girl" story line; great love story, and provides both funny and sad moments. Are Gokusen and GTO similar?
GTO and Gokusen both have that inspirational teacher bent, but Gokusen is more comedic and involves the teacher, Yankumi, with a specific group of students rather than the whole class. GTO has Onizuka go through batches of the student's problems and is more teacher oriented since he has a romantic crush on a fellow teacher. Overall, GTO has a stronger plot, but I still prefer Gokusen because it's really cutesy with Yankumi's problems and I love Nakama Yukie/Matsumoto Jun. Hmm, Shin. :wub:

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Post by supi-san » Apr 30th, '05, 02:03

i love beautiful life it make me cried
alway two of us is good
good luck is great
pride +orange days is good (but i got only 2 +8ep)

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Post by WD » Apr 30th, '05, 02:23

My all-time favourite will always be Long Vacation. Such classic! :wub:

And then there are also Sleeping Forest (great mystery/thriller), GTO (inspirational story, think it's better than Gokusen), Summer Snow, Sorakara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi, Virgin Road, Beautiful Life...

Oh, I could list a lot! :D

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Dramas I love

Post by wickedlycute » Apr 30th, '05, 06:32

i'm kinda new to jdrama but i've watched a few now. i love them all but here is my list:

1. pride dvd uncut (jtv)
2. orange days (jtv)
3. yamato nadeshiko (jem)
4. long vacation dvd (jtv)

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Post by nhk9 » May 3rd, '05, 01:35

Am I the only one here that enjoyed Last Christmas? (2004 featuring Oda Yuji and Yaida Akiko). It may not be a classic yet, but I sure did find it worthwhile to watch. The cinematography was pretty nice too.

As for Beautiful Life, I have struggled to keep myself to continue watching it. The plot of this dorama seems to drag on forever, and the phrase "futari de ita hibi" just kinda gives the plot away. I am not saying it's a bad dorama in anyway, but I'd prefer to watch something more upbeat, or something that would make me watch the next episode.

I also enjoyed Long Vacation, and GTO.

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Post by daltonnnn » May 5th, '05, 16:05

I thought Last Christmas was great. It has become was of my all time favorites.

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Post by Sakurasan » May 5th, '05, 19:15

I also loved Last Christmas! I loved all the characters, there was something to like about all of them. OF course my Japanese boyfriend was laughing all the time at the language-jokes like "Otsukaree-risu" which I didn't find as amusing as he did (since I didn't get them of course).

My all time favourite is "Strawberry on The Shortcake (S.O.S.)", probably because Hideaki Takizawa is playing the lead :wub: I love all the dramas with him....

... and now I'm watching Taiyou no Kisetsu which I also love.

I have to add a warning about "Summer Snow" which I also liked. I have watched all the episodes today and I have been crying A LOT!! It really is an emotional drama so make sure you have napkins ready. My skin is quite sensitive so I'm all red now and it keeps burning so I've put on lots and lots of skin-care-lotion but it still doesn't help!

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Best J-Drama

Post by micoboka » May 8th, '05, 17:16

I have watched dozens of j-dramas and i have to say that there arent many **** one. i rank them pretty much above all hk dramas and korean dramas. most j drama's story are well-plot and the characters r well-picked....

one of my favourites are (which are not mention in this discussion and probably most of you havent watched it before ) is

SATORARE.... ( about a person whose thoughts can be heard by other people.) one of the most touching jap drama i have ever watched.

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my favorite

Post by gentaka » May 9th, '05, 05:38

my favorite drama is ORANGE DAYS

i think you all shoukld watch it

I also loved GTO. It's as good as Orange Days and Pride
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Post by tyn » May 13th, '05, 10:23

- Pride
- Orange Days
- With Love
Currently watching: Engine. Gettin addicted... :D
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Post by rossier » May 16th, '05, 17:23

It would be easier if you tell us the type of drama you like to watch. Oh wait... I guess you did tell us. Here are my personal fave, all has the comedy element except for Hero. Since everyone make a long list, i guess i'll make mine shorter...

1. Gokusen 1 & 2
2. Trick 1, 2 and 3
3. Shomuni (Power Office Girl) 1, 2 and 3 the final.
4. Antique
5. Hero
6. Kisarazu Cat's Eye

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