[Discussion] Tobu ga Gotoku (1990 Taiga)

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[Discussion] Tobu ga Gotoku (1990 Taiga)

Post by TenguKing » Jan 10th, '12, 11:26

In this thread I will be posting RAW episodes of the 1990 Taiga Drama Tobu ga Gotoku, the story of Saigo Takamori (from Kagoshima -> Boshin War -> Satsuma Rebellion).


Title: 翔ぶが如く
Title (romaji): Tobu ga Gotoku
Director: Takeyuki Hirayama
Writer: Ryotaro Shiba (original story)
Network: NHK
Episodes: 48
Genre: Taiga drama, Renzoku drama
Broadcast Period: 1990-Jan-07 to 1990-Dec-09

More info at (surprised there was no dramawiki...):

Please let me know if this is appreciated... also looking for someone to transfer this project into a torrent at which point the links will be removed.

Also note that these files were EXTREMELY hard to obtain via Japanese filesharing... which is why I decided to share them as I really like Saigo Takamori and would hate for this show to disappear forever, should the seeders suddenly stop (as DID happen once in the middle of my obtaining of this series, forcing me to fortunately find another source, which it seems has now also vanished).


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Tobu ga Gotoku (Season 2)

Post by TenguKing » Jan 10th, '12, 11:27

Links removed due to request from moderators... and I'm completely done sharing...

PM me for links to what I've already uploaded.
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Post by Ethlenn » Jan 10th, '12, 12:16

Please do it before me or other mod:
You can always make torrents and upload it here.

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Get on Japanese Filesharing

Post by TenguKing » Jan 10th, '12, 13:32

To anyone who still wants to watch this show, try looking on Japanese Filesharing and it might still be available.


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Re: [Discussion] Tobu ga Gotoku (1990 Taiga)

Post by 健次郎 » Oct 27th, '23, 13:27

Thanks for sharing this interesting drama.

Do you also have the Japanese subtle for this show? Or any website in general that provides NHK Taiga drama Japanese subtitles?

I surfed the net but only found JPN subtitles for non historical Netflix dramas and animes.

Thanks in advance.

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