Popular songs in kdramas

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Popular songs in kdramas

Post by Silverman » Dec 5th, '11, 14:04

I don't know, if there is a thread about this. Since i didn't find one, i will open this one^^.
In dramas there are always some songs, which are played f.e. in these karaokerooms or in the radios or are used for competitions etc., which are not part of the OST, but are in most cases hitsongs of the respective time, in which the dramas are filmed. But some of these songs are still popular and are used in dramas, even after many years.
So write down the songs you noticed, which are used in many different dramas (over the years). I set now an example of songs i noticed:

Oppa (Wax) - this was used in sooo many movies and dramas for example in Oh my lady, Take care of Aggashi, Shooting stars

Sorry Sorry (Super Junior) - this one is also very popular and even if the song itself isn't always played, so at the time the characters apologize to each other, so the refrain and a part of the choreography is used. For example in You are beautiful and City Hall.

Run to You (DJ Doc) - This one was also in a few dramas, but i can't recall in which

Mother doesn't like Jjajangmyun - this one was also in a few dramas, for example in Pick the Stars and Fantasy Couple. But it's also often referred to. And there are such sentences in some dramas like: "Yea and you belive, that mother doesn't like Jajangmyun" But i don't know the name or the artist of this song. Does anybody know this?.

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Post by xk » Mar 14th, '12, 01:18

I can tell you that a good song from K-movie is the singer So Yeon "What Should We Finish". One of the best songs ever.....

Too bad that I can't find a CD to order... I need lossless quality audio. :(

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Re: Popular songs in kdramas

Post by davidtung » Jun 26th, '23, 04:37

This Love - DAVICHI song used in the movie l Descendants of the Sun
"Why" - Bi Rain used in the movie Full House

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