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[Discussion] Seito Shokun!

Discuss Japanese drama series here.
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Post by Liantasse » Jul 24th, '07, 00:08

He-he, I'm surely rooting for Hinata-san and Kitashiro-sensei! XD :wub: At least I hope that by the end of the series he'll be dropping that iron mask of his, and who knows, maybe those tender feelings that seem to be budding will actually blossom? :wub:
chickenruns wrote:sometimes japanese school dramas make me feel very confused. are highschoolers in Japan always be that naughty and powerful ? maybe they just exagerate the situations
To everyone who is wondering about the students' bad attitude and their stubborn reluctance to trust adults/teachers being exaggerated, look what a very quick bit of Googling shows us:
Andrew Pollack @ The New York Times wrote:For more than a year, four of his classmates had been demanding money from him, sometimes hundreds of dollars at a time. Once, when he would not comply, they held his head under water in a river. Another time they forced him to undress and left him in the gymnasium in his underwear.

Finally, Kiyoteru Okouchi could not take it any more. On Nov. 27, the 13-year-old eighth grader hanged himself from a tree in the family garden, leaving behind a suicide note detailing the extortion, a poignant diary that named his tormentors and a note promising to pay his mother back the roughly $11,000 he had taken to give to the bullies.


What has disturbed the nation is not only the bullying, which has long been a problem in Japan. It also appears that the victims did not, or could not, turn to their parents or teachers for help, so the only way they could tell the world of their suffering was to take their own lives.
Read entire article here.

Sam on Passage-To-Japan @ blogspot wrote:A female student in a Japanese school was being pressured by a group of fellow students routinely to hand over money to them. Up until her suicide she had collectively given them a large sum of money. She didn't sit quiet while all of this happened. Instead she complained to the school administration. When the principal reviewed the case he labeled it as not being a case of bullying. When the girl finally failed to get the school's help, from teachers and from other faculty members, she committed suicide.
Read entire article here.

James @ Japanprobe wrote:Yesterday, a ’shocking’ news story was reported by Mainichi. A 13-year-old junior high school student in Miyagi Prefecture committed suicide because he was being bullied at school.
Based on what I have seen on Japanese news programs and my own personal experiences as a junior high/elementary teacher in Japan, it would seem that bullying is a serious problem in Japanese schools. It would also seem that most bullying is passively encouraged by teachers intentionally ignore bullying and fail to discipline bullies.
Almost every case of bullying I have witnessed in class, from verbal abuse (”shut up”, “ugly”, “drop dead”, etc.) to outright physical violence, was clearly visible to the Japanese teachers present, who did nothing.
Read entire article here.

Richard Lloyd Parry @ Times Online wrote:The first letter arrived nine days ago, sent to Japan’s Education Minister by an anonymous schoolboy in a state of extreme distress.

Bullies were making his life a misery, and he could bear it no longer. He was going to kill himself by the weekend.
Just over a week later, the government has been overwhelmed with similar unsigned letters from persecuted children, announcing their intention to die.
The original message arrived on Monday last week at the office of Bunmei Ibuki, Japan’s minister of education, and nothing about its origin was clear, even the postmark.

It contained seven letters, addressed to the minister, to a teacher and to classmates - but neither they, nor the sender, were identified.

"Why d’you have to bully me?" he asks his tormentors. "Because I’m disgusting? Because I stink? Why d’you have to pull down my pants?"

To his teacher, he writes: "I’ve told you over and over that I’m being bullied, and so have my parents. Why don’t you help me?"
It was on Thursday that the suicides began, with a 17-year old girl who jumped four floors to die on her school playground in the southern city of Kokura.

On Saturday, a 12-year-old girl, who had been tormented for being small, jumped to her death from an eighth floor apartment building in Osaka.

The next day, a 14-year old boy in Saitama prefecture hanged himself in a shed at his home, after telling his teachers that a bully was demanding 20,000 yen (£90) from him.

The following day, a boy of the same age hanged himself in the city of Nara, and yesterday a 17-year old girl jumped from the fifth floor of her school.
"Recent years, I can see the children thinking that adults cannot be trusted," said Yukiko Nishihara, who runs a suicide prevention centre in Tokyo.

"We have fewer phone calls from children. They think there is no point of consulting the adults about their troubles."
Read entire article here.

Ijime, or bullying, has already been the subject of sociological research and writing.
In English, there is the book "The Japanese Highschool: Silence and Resistance", by Shoko Yoneyama. You can read the first few pages on Amazon.
Here's a few lines from a description of this book:
incidents of bullying, suicide, dropout, and violence of one kind or another proliferate. The growing sense of educational crisis came to a head with the 1997 incident in which a child was murdered and decapitated, apparently by a fourteen year old student. When the child killer of Kobe claimed that he had been avenging himself against school which 'threatened his existence', many students were reported to have expressed understanding and support for his views. For large numbers of school students in Japan, school has become a battle field.
I also found a paperpresented in 1999 at the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development. Here's an excerpt:
Ijime problems are prevalent in Japanese schools, and it has been reported that over 80% of primary and secondary students had been involved in ijime.

So it really seems what we've seen depicted in Seito Shokun! may actually not be far at all from a very sad day-to-day Japanese reality... Children being hurt by their peers and by the adults/teachers who were supposed to protect them and help them develop and flourish...

Maybe to us a teacher who leaves a student to fall to his probable death, and abandons his class in the middle of nowhere, taking away from them, by force, even their basic means of survival, just to save his own skin, and a whole school who then treats those students as liars just to save face, is unthinkable.

But I doubt it would be so for those Japanese teenagers for whom no-one stood up to protect them, as we could read in the articles I quoted above!

There must be a reason for all the school dramas being churned out by Japanese television, and for me Seito Shokun! is one of the series which offers some more insight than usual into the problems of Japanese education, and into some possible solutions...

Anyhow, chickenruns, please do feel free to make up your mind and stop watching this "very weirrrd" and "too silly" drama, I think I can assure you that no one will sue you for that! XD Probably you can use your time much better than watching it and writing three posts on one discussion page about a drama that you "really hate"... :roll

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Post by chickenruns » Jul 24th, '07, 01:39

thanks for your advise, but i don't have the super ability to know a drama is silly without watch it. anyhow i stopped watching this drama ! ciao ~

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Post by Liantasse » Jul 24th, '07, 08:52


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Post by eirammm » Sep 24th, '07, 02:01

well it might be so unrealistic to us but seeing how japanese dramas always have bullying scenes in it, i guess bullying has been a part of japan's society. so its like a no wonder why these students, in their early ages, act and think like that. so immature actions yet mature thinking (in a way... i mean who would think such cruel/crazy ideas like this at the age of 14. havent seen all the episodes so far since they werent subbed yet but im liking it so far. how these kids try soo hard just to feel happ and secured, this teacher's perseverance to get her student's trust are just superb. i havent seen gokusen so i cant compare the two of them... kanata is such a cutie..LOL. anyone would like to spoil some bits of the story passed over ep 5? like why did juria and kohei went out and seemed like they were dating and such????

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Post by Jy » May 17th, '08, 13:26

Sorry to revive this thread, but I need to vent a little. I watched the first five episodes of Seito Shokun about six months ago. I thought it was ok and thought that the show was interesting since it had a darker light than most school dramas. I didn't watch the last 5 episodes since then because as we all know, no quality subs were ever released for the show. I just happened to run into softsubs for 6-10 on this site yesterday so I hurry and downloaded all 5 raws. I didn't really remember everything in the first five episodes, but I remembered enough to be able to continue the series without rewatching them. I watched all 5 episodes in a row, and this is my conclusion.
I'm sort of pissed. The drama was getting pretty good until the point where most dramas fall, the last episode. I mean, come on. We all know that it's routine that in all school dramas, the last episode will contain a big meeting between the main character and all of his/her students/classmates relating them all. This is usually a very happy/sad scene where the viewer can go back and see the best parts of the series. However, Seito Shokun had to have the WORST final recap scene I've ever seen in any drama. First of all, no flashbacks. I mean, what the kids said to the teacher had nothing to do with anything. It was pathetic. Also, about half way through the class roster, the kids start pretty much saying either the exact same thing or nothing at all! One kid said "Me too" for crying out loud.

Second. So... what happened to the whole Kohei and Julia relationship? Where the hell did that go? I saw more than 30 minutes of the development of their relationship but it disappeared from the show in the last episode. Did Julia finally accept Kohei even though he's three years younger? Did Kohei just stop his feelings for her? Wth? Dumb.

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Post by may_rani » Jun 29th, '08, 04:06

minna,, i'm a newbie here,
senpai.. yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!

where i could get soft subtitle os "seito shokun"..
well.. gomen if i'm little late for the dorama..

i've juzt open the site "airashii fansubs"..
but i don't understand what to do next..
should i register at livejournal too before?

doumo ^_________^

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