Korean Soju.......

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Korean Soju.......

Post by loveme23 » Jun 8th, '07, 07:12

I been looking around my neighborhood for a place that sell soju. The korean market near my house said it's hard liquor so they don't sell it.....I live in Phoenix, AZ. Does anyone know where I can buy this. If you know some site that sell it online, it's ok too.

Also could someone tell me the average price for a bottle of soju.

Thank you very muc hfor your help.

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Post by PJB » Jun 8th, '07, 15:13

Expect it to be a high price. Here in UK it's very expensive for one bottle in a restaurant, about ten times of that in Korea. Can't think why... hah. Guess it's hard to import the genuine stuff.

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Post by doohyunee » Jun 8th, '07, 17:35

http://www.azkorean.org/biz.php#23 (grocery stores)
http://www.azkorean.org/biz.php#22 (restaurants)

should be around 5 bucks at grocery stores and 10~20 bucks at restaurants. fyi, in korea, a regular soju is about $1 a bottle at stores, 3~4 bucks at restaurants and bars.
don't expect too much, it's a cheap liquor.

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Post by sirdavey » Jun 8th, '07, 17:46

When i lived in hawaii, you could get soju at the local grocery store, but i am not sure about in the mainland. I wouldnt mind finding out for myself also, i liked soju.

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Post by loveme23 » Jun 9th, '07, 21:07

Thanks for the info, I will go check the other places out.

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