How did you get introduced to K-Drama?

Anhyong haseyo. Post Korean related stuff here.
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Re: Hmmm...

Post by KoreanMania » Mar 31st, '06, 14:36

chunkie munkie wrote:My cousin told me abt the Kdrama....
then i went to HK and saw the 1st few eps of Samsoon (dubbed)
Then I found it here....dl'ed it.... (i'm on ep13)
and I've been trying to find more romatic comedies ever since....
OMG, i'm like dying in laughter with Samsoon....

Besides My Girl, Full House, and Goong... any other recommendations?
You might like to try:

Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang (by the same director as 'My Girl, so you have to watch this if you've watched My Girl =)
Save the Last Dance for Me (it is romantic but not really what you can call a comedy... but it is recommendable to watch this too.. )
18 vs 29 (some might say it is like Full House... hehe)

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Post by KoreanMania » Mar 31st, '06, 14:41

Hmmm... I guess it was around 5 years ago? when Winter Sonata was about to air on our local tv, and when I saw the advertisements for it, I was looking forward to it, cos we did not have any kind of Korean programme on before that. So somehow fate played a strong hand in this and since then, everything turned Korean. The songs I listened to, the dramas I watched, sometimes the food I eat (there's a Korean restaurant in town : ), and have been taking up Korean classes too. :lol This is all just so addictive~ :D

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Post by Irn » Mar 31st, '06, 14:57

I was bored so I wanted 2 see some asn dramas... HK dramas were stupid =p so I watched Kdramas,,
I'm addicted 2 it hahaha :mrgreen: it also learns me some korean:lol

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Post by mimi_siko » Apr 1st, '06, 12:55

It has been approximately 2 years and a half now :roll ...
I liked to watch anime first then I heard some of my friends talk about kdramas and that they are so interesting. I never heard about kdrama before so I was a bit surprised :O and started asking questions such as "where do u get them?" and "how do u know about it?" cuz I didn't have a Korean channel on my TV back then>> now I only have arirang.

Anyway, my first kdrama was "Winter Sonata", for me it was like an introduction to kdrama >> it is definitely a classic 8) ..
After that I watched "Full House", "Stairway to Heaven", "My Girl"...

But somehow I got also interested in Jdrama and some TWdrama :D ...

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Post by Kayote » Apr 1st, '06, 13:29

I was bored of Japanese dramas and couldnt bear another disappointment after 'My Husband' and few others so decided to give Kdramas at Daddict a try...

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Post by Ping Pong » Apr 1st, '06, 20:34

Hmmmm.....the first kdrama I watched was 'Sweet 18'. I LOVED it!!! It was sooo different from Japanese drama (i.e. the plots, humor, the mention of sex). That was about 2 years ago, and I've only watched 'Sweet 18', 'I'm Sorry I love You', 'Wonderful Life' , and now 'Goong'. Any other good ones I should watch???

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Post by yakusoku92 » Apr 2nd, '06, 00:27

my brother borrowed the movie my sassy girl and the classic, after really liking them, he made me watch full house and thats where it all began

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Post by KoreanMania » Apr 2nd, '06, 00:45

Ping Pong wrote:Hmmmm.....the first kdrama I watched was 'Sweet 18'. I LOVED it!!! It was sooo different from Japanese drama (i.e. the plots, humor, the mention of sex). That was about 2 years ago, and I've only watched 'Sweet 18', 'I'm Sorry I love You', 'Wonderful Life' , and now 'Goong'. Any other good ones I should watch???
Besides the one mentioned above, you must go for 'Super Rookie' & 'Resurrection'~ Another 2 really good dramas :-) Oh, and if you've not yet watched Full House, this is no exception, you have to watch it :D

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Post by enkhee » Apr 2nd, '06, 01:07

my country plays every korean drama ever aired. dubbed of course. or so i've heard ....
but when i was back there kdrama was only coming in, the very first and and
the very last kdrama i watched there was 'White Night 3.98'.
i thought Lee Jung Jae was the most beautiful thing ever. but the one that got
me hooked on kdrama was 'Wish Upon a Star'. now i think Ahn Jae Wook's Forever
is most beautiful song i've ever heard.

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Post by shiny plastic » Apr 2nd, '06, 06:42

my introduction to K-drama was totally random. It just happened 2-3 weeks ago. Anyways, I remembered about Winter Sonata on my last trip to japan seeing as how it was a big hit, I decided to search it up on youtube. I saw that it was only one of the four endless love series and checked out Autumn Tale. Watched the first 6 episodes on youtube and searched for torrents so i can see it in better quality. D-addicts popped up on google and well here I am :-)

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Post by beldaran » Apr 2nd, '06, 06:49

from jdrama -> twdrama -> kdrama... i followed the the irc trail. the final jump point was finding out where i could get the switch.. and landing in a cdrama chan that, for some reason, distro'd a lot of kdrama... unfortunately, i wasn't that impressed with kdrama..

what got me really watching now... is when gumiho (forbidden love/nine-tailed fox clan) became KSOTM. ;)

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Post by babycurious » Apr 2nd, '06, 07:57

It started with Endless love aka Autumn Tale.
It was so popular in my home country that my housemate rent it and we took turns to watch it. Ofcourse I fell in love instantly with SHK, SSH and Won Bin.....
and now that I've found D-Addicts....the story goes long..........

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Post by Ceciel » Apr 2nd, '06, 20:13

The first kdrama I've watched was Full House.
Lots of people said it was really good so I decided to watch it. After Full House I'd watched other Kdrama's. And I must say Kdrama's are really good :thumright:

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Post by sheep11 » Apr 2nd, '06, 20:18

it was full house for me too. and then i watched sang doo, and love i want to kill. wat can i say bi does it for me :P .

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Post by jmyang » Apr 3rd, '06, 01:48

I got into it from my mother. She regularly watched Korean drama ever since I could remember with my grandmother. The first drama I could remember that I truly liked was when my mom checked out "Tomato" at the Korean video store. I believe it is an MBC drama that came out during the mid 1990's. haha~
Kim Hee Sun and Kim Suk Hoon came out in it. I thought it was the best drama at the time until Happy Together (It was a really popular drama back then among the Koreans) came out later. There was also another drama that was really popular that Cha Tae Hyun came out in during the 90's and ever since then I fell in love with him until I fell for this other actor. Ahh.. the old dramas during the 1990's! Seem so long ago~ T_T;;

There also was other dramas like "I love you teacher" (it's the translation from Korean to English) which was a comedy romance with ChaeRim (a popular actress back then, but now she's married), "All About Eve" with Jang Dong Gun and ChaeRim, and lot more.. lol~ :lol

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Post by yummiekiwi » Apr 28th, '06, 05:08

I turned on the TV.. and WHOOPIE there it was... my first drama was Full House it was strange b/c I rarely watch TV... and that day I just decided to flip thru the channels and there it was! then I started my addicition.. KDramas are like crack.. once you're on it you can't stop.. :D

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Post by 13dayfairytale » Apr 28th, '06, 06:41

how did i got introduced?

blame it on a tv network here. they showed "the succesful story of a brightgirl" and my mother got a crush on the lead actor, and so when they showed stairway to heaven, my mom watched it too and out of addiction, bought the whole series. and we got hooked. we have more than 20 kdramas and also quite a lot of movies now. all courtesy of my mom. :P

and teh rest, is history!

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Post by memo » Apr 30th, '06, 06:30

Well.... in my first year in ZU I heard girls talking about Winter Sonata and I was curious.
Than I found that my best friend saw it and I asked her to give it to me.
And from that moment I never stopped watching K-Dramas

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Post by DITA » Apr 30th, '06, 19:08

i just started with this kdrama addiction early this years! previously ben very pasionate with japanese drama. i before i thought that kdrama was to mellow nad dramatic. the only kdrama i watch before is jang geum (stat it somewhere when she about to b sent to jeju island if im not mistaken). iwatch it as everyone in my house watch it. and just early this year my litle sister recomended my girl and that the start of this addiction. i had just watch sam soon and fulhouse, and anxiously dl 19years old sister in law and wonderful life. now i cant hardly stop myself from having kdrama in my life..hehe

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Post by onjena » May 1st, '06, 04:17

My drama addiction started with Sang-Doo, Let's Go to School! I started watching the series (Primarily) because Bi had the lead role in it. I actually bought that series on DVD without seeing it beforehand, so I was taking a bit of a risk. Luckily enough I absolutely loved the series, and it made me look into kdramas a lot more. I can safely say I'm totally addicted now :lol

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Post by ukbratboy » May 1st, '06, 09:38

I started with korean movies (watched a lot of them along with Japanese and chinese movies) and have only recently moved to K-Dramas. They are pretty big in Thailand though. I originally watched full house dubbed in Thai - but then watched it again in Korean with English subtitles and have realized that subtitled version was much better.
I haven't watched much K-dramas, only 2 or 3 (stairways to heaven along with full house). So any suggestions?

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Post by Engelchen18 » May 1st, '06, 17:10

I saw a picture of Goong in a forum so I try this dorama and I liked it so I watched more K-Doramas. :P

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How did you get introduced to K-Drama?

Post by byul82 » May 1st, '06, 17:26

started watching k-drama thanks to my parents. my parents thought one of the best way for me to learn korean was to watch k-drama every weekend. they rented the videos at a korean video store. the first k-drama i watched was 'Mo-Rae Shi-Gae' or SANDGLASS (1995) when i was like in middle school. then it was TOMATO, MR. Q, and the list runs on and on. my parents' plan totally worked. i learned korean and watched every k-drama that came out in the video store and became a totally k-drama mania.

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Post by klinsi » May 1st, '06, 20:02

I was away at college in the UK between 1997-2002 and never saw or even heard of Korean dramas. When I moved back to Malaysia, some of my girlfriends were excited about Winter Sonata and I was curious. I got hooked on it (I thought Jun Xiang was like the paragon male for the modern women and I fell completely in love with Korean tv dramas haha). I watched a lot of other Korean dramas, but Winter Sonata is still my fav. I love the symbolism used there. Now I'm living in the US, I'm having difficulties adjusting to the lack of Korean shows shown here!!! :(

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Post by stargazer » May 1st, '06, 20:27

Is it just me or is Full House the deal breaker that got most d-addicts members addicted? A friend of mine lent me her copy of Full House and told me I need to watch it. I just thought, what's the big deal, and kept putting it off and putting it off for 4 months. She finally convinced me to start and, after 2 days and 2 sleepless nights, I've become an official K-drama addict. Since then, I've pulled my sister, mother, 4 aunts, 3 cousins, and countless other friends along with my obsession. :P The only drawback is, I've become the official drama provider for all these not-so-computer-savey addicts. :blink

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Post by alos31 » May 2nd, '06, 01:34

I got started watching Roof Top Room Cats on AZNTV while doing my Organic Chemistry. The Korean dramas are still with me Organic well thats been forgotten haha.

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Post by drkazndragon » May 2nd, '06, 01:45

full house and wonderful life, both at the same time!. god that was tiring.(T_T) so many dramas to watch, so little hd space.

jdorama and kdrama sucks up all of my time :cussing:.... but i still love being a drama addict

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Post by mallorn » May 2nd, '06, 08:10

Well, I started when Lovers in Paris was dubbed in the local language and shown on a local tv station here in my country. It sparked a real craze but I refused to watch it, thinking it 'stupid'. That changed when my sister bought the DVD set for her k-drama addict best friend, and decided to 'test' the discs beforehand. :lol: I joined her, was sucked in, discovered FSC while looking for asian movie downloads for MY k-drama addict best friend, discovered D-Addicts, and the rest is history. :)

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Post by jpoplover08 » Jun 8th, '06, 22:35

I started watching the Hana Yori Dango anime episodes on youtube and one of the things it pulled up was the live action series of it. So me being a huge fan of HYD i watched it and LOVED it, on this other site where i was reading the synopsis for it, there was an ad for Stairway to Heaven so i read the synopsis for that and i thought it was good so i started watching it. I LOVED IT and from that point on i was HOOKED.

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the dark angel
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Post by the dark angel » Jun 11th, '06, 17:32

A friend of mine recommended me to try out the movie 'My Sassy Girl' once, and since then I went over to watch Kdramas.. Can you believe that. My first Kdrama was Winter Sonata II and 'Jewel in the Palace'? :D

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Post by cuddly » Jun 11th, '06, 21:08

I started watching K-drama from 2 months only scine I am not korean and first tv- series I watched was full house but I get addicted to them seriously now each day I can't miss watching X-man or other show :lol

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Post by vrossi46 » Jun 14th, '06, 06:09

is there anyway u can get korean satellite in Australia?

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Post by fairytwix » Jun 14th, '06, 06:26

hmm..i think the first k-drama that i saw was winter sonata..and i was 15 then..kinda young to watch sumfink as serious as i wasn't realii addicted to then..i saw oh! pil seung boon.. and green rose..but wut got me realii addicted was goong!!! hahahaah.. then i started watching all the kdramas that i missed like MNIKSS, FH etc.. ^^

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I got the DRAMA BUG!

Post by awsomwriter » Jun 14th, '06, 06:28

I caught the bug when my son recorded an episode of Winter Sonata to see what it was about. It was episode 11 and then I was hooked! I recorded and look at them all. A friend of my son told me about Damo and where I could down load the episodes of WS that I missed. I've enjoyed all the ones I have seen thus far and would love to find a group that enjoys, meets and watches or discusses Asian TV.


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Post by asiandreamer117 » Jun 16th, '06, 13:32

Oh goshers.. *giggle*

As a Chinese person.. I was hooked on dramas since a very young age.. but then my friend came in to Chinese school one day with subbed Korean dramas.. and I was like.. O_o

My first K-Drama was.. stairway of heaven... WHEW.. I remember first looking at the box and going.. "Wow.. Korean people are sorta creepy"...
NO OFFENSE.. IT WAS BECAUSE KWON SANG WOO was like.. sitting in a really weird position.. like STRAIGHT up... the way him and CJW were sitting made them look like Frankenstein's monster couple.

Then I started watching one day when I was home alone on a snowday.. and I was like.. O______O *red eyes red eyes hooked hooked hooked like a drug* :cry: :w00t:

That led on to... Autum Love Story.. Autumn in my Heart...?!?
Which led on to.. MORE STAIRWAY OF HEAVEN.. and then A Moment to Remember.. and then.. Winter Sonata (yeah the order was all messed up)... Full House.. GOONG!!!.. MNKSS... Il Mare... SPRING WALTZ (omgomgomgomgomg my absolute FAVORITE)

It was love at first sight :wub:

And I'm still intent on learning Korean.. *nod nod* :cheers:

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Post by Riroi » Jun 16th, '06, 13:52

The first KDrama I watched was "the Nine Tailed Fox" with Kim Tae Hee.
That was almost 3 years ago. Short after that I watched "Stairway to Heaven"
and I was hooked. Since then I've been watching a lot of different Korean series.

Before KDrama I started with JDrama. The first ever JDrama I saw was "H2".
And before JDrama I was watching Anime.

It was a coincidence that I started to watch Dorama, I was checking some anime sites
and got redirected to, FOB and Studio Oto. After I saw H2 and
the Nine Tailed Fox, I started searching for more Dorama's, but couldn't find any
place to download. And then, Studio Oto hit me with D-Addicts.

Since then I'm an Dorama Addict. I only watch JDorama & KDorama though,
since I find them far better then CDrama and TWDrama.
Not to mention Korea has the best actresses in Asia with Japanese actresses not far behind.

Kon Kon
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Post by Kon Kon » Jun 16th, '06, 14:16

For me,,
I had some friends who were talking about winter sonata. They got the drama from one of their teacher in the university..
they told me that it wasrocking. I took it from them and since then i started to watch korean drama.. moreover, we had an intranet withen the university, some stidents downloaded k-dramas and i got them.. after that i started lookin' for it by myself..

I 'm really happy that i knew k-dramas.. and i hope i can make friends from korea and Japan since we are from the middle east and it is hard to get korean friends...

I Hope my wish come true..

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Post by razberrymeringue » Jun 16th, '06, 14:36

hmmm well i was into kpop and stuff, so sometimes on the sites i would get it from, they would have osts to different dramas, and i became curious. so then i searched around on the site a little more and found link to download one of the dramas i was curious about, full house. but the links didn't work, so i looked around until i found this site. and then i became curious about other dramas and not long after i actually got an account here. so i really haven't been into dramas that long, but now i'm completely addicted! lol. so i guess if you look at who introduced me, it would probably be my one chinese friend who loves korean stuff (haha) because she introduced me to kpop and recommended some dramas to me, and now i do the same for her. :D

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Post by vrossi46 » Jun 16th, '06, 17:04

i was brought up on korean drama when i downloaded Full House from clubbox, thanks to you guys ofcourse. D-addicts is mainly who I have to thank for, along with Asian Fanatics, for making me realise that great shows are being made in Asian countries.

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Post by Dlfiles » Jun 18th, '06, 14:09

A couple of months ago I notice that the Spanish TV channel (TV-Chile) in the satellite was playing an Asian drama (Stairway to Heaven) so I got curious and started watching it. I liked it so much that I decided that to watch the rest of the episodes in Korean and then I started watching more Korean dramas. I even bought the box set of a Korean drama (Save the Last Dance) since I liked it soo much.

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Post by angeizahoy » Jun 18th, '06, 14:32

it was the banner for Korean Series of the Month, for Save The Last Dance For Me. indeed, Korean actors/actresses are so much more fun to watch! watching Goong now

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Post by mimmi » Jun 18th, '06, 15:06

First the videao stores that rented out movies and dramas, but mostly dubbed in Thai and inlaws love to watch I accidentally came upon d-addicts site one day with the dramas subs in Eng. then "yehey! that's more like it" now and then I watched K-dramas when I'm in the mood of watching romance....I just hope somebody continue with "Happy Together"....I watched eps. one and two and really like the story, quiet moving eventhough it's just 2 eps. so far....

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Post by Sinjin » Jun 21st, '06, 03:25

Well, I went to my cousin's house for a party, and he was watching My Sassy Girl upstairs. So I decided to join in, it was a pretty good movie, and from there I went to more Korean movies, and after that, I started on Korean dramas, my first one was Full House.

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Post by itzjustfranciz » Jun 21st, '06, 03:31

well thanks to my cuzen for introducing me to this site right here i was bored out of my mind and deicieded to check out some series and the first korean drama i watch was delightful choon hyang, i really love this series. Kdrama makes the bestest storys.

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Post by tempestt » Jun 21st, '06, 03:43

I really don't remember. I was hooked on watching anime on Youtube and I just happen to come stumble on Meteor Garden. I started taking note of who was posting dramas and checked out their videos. The first one I saw was Tree of Heaven. By the end of it my daughter and I finished an entire box of tissue. We have been hooked since then. Personally, I think Kdramas are the best.

If we could only make American television and movies as interesting and less predictable...

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Post by info07 » Jun 21st, '06, 03:46

mine is 3 years ago.... Fuyu no Sonata(Winter Sonata) one of the stations in here in japan, subbed this... though im still not that good in my japanese, for somehow i got hooked into this... :lol

nanto naku ne....

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Post by Jesette » Jun 21st, '06, 04:16

Winter Sonata started it all for me. Reason why it is my all time favorite. It may not be the best series, but from then on I am hooked to k-dramas. It has been three years now...and yes K series are still my fave.

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Post by da_thao » Jun 21st, '06, 07:32

my mom bought home Winter Sonata,and i love the OST so i got started on k-pop,eventually im hooked on k-dramas.

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Post by loony_rose » Jun 21st, '06, 19:24

It's kinda weird but my addiction to k-drama came from watching the Japanese Live Action Sailor Moon. Before that I wouldn't of even been able to tell you anything about Korea. Actually before that if you asked me where I'd want to travel to if I could I would of said Japan. Now I'd totally say Korea.

Well, as I was saying. My friend sent me a clip of the Live Action Sailor Scouts battling what at the time could only be called a "Power Ranger Bad Guy Wanna Be". And I wanted more. After we finished watching the entire series we had to watch more show like it. And we found, or technically my friend found, My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

NOW I'M A KOREAN DRAMA ADDICTED!!! Slowly learning Korean one drama at a time.

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Post by ohmymace » Jun 21st, '06, 19:38

i had always heard about movies like my sassy girl and windstruck from my friends so i knew that kdramas & movies were THE BOMB.. but after another friend described goong to me and how she couldn't sleep bc she watched it so much i decided to check it out to pass the time in the summer. thanks to youtube i found asian dramas like crazy and now i'm a sad sad addict! i came here bc i was tired of all the suspensions interrupting spring waltz for me haha

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Post by destiny_ayu » Jun 21st, '06, 21:11

The television in Singapore broadcasted "Autumn of my heart".

From then on, i'm on a k-drama frenzy :lol

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Post by souldoutt » Jun 23rd, '06, 01:41

Hah, I was flipping through channels one day and I didn't know what drama was on, but, I remembered the channel and time and have been watching ever since (when I have time :P )

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Post by Sundial » Jun 23rd, '06, 09:42

I started watching Winter Sonata at my friend's house since she had the DVD, but I didn't really like the slow pace of it so I didn't really get into kdramas. Later, I was flipping channels and saw Full House on the Chinese network. It was the scene where Young-Jae kicks Ji-Eun out and then checks up on her at the bus stop. That scene was kind of slow and dinner was starting so I totally ignored it and forgot about it for a while.

Later, these girls in my registry were talking about dramas and I, being a nosy person, checked them up on YouTube and watched those. They were Taiwanese dramas: ISWAK, Devil Beside Me. And then I made the switch to d-addicts when I couldn't find some of the other episodes. Downloaded Full House when those girls mentioned it and the rest was downhill.

So, I got into kdramas by being a nosy eavesdropper. =x

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Post by nahiki » Jun 5th, '07, 10:00

hahaha... i started to watch winter sonata.. but it was a lil too sad i liked it but didnt really hook me.. but what really hooked me was FULLHOUSE!!!
i loved song hye gyo...
then they showed sassy girl chun yang so i watched it coz i knew it was korean and hey it turned out to be good too hahaha but not better than fullhouse tho..
now im watching witch yoo hee...

i love han ga in hahaha

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Post by fizzlex3mh » Jun 6th, '07, 19:48

My sister asked me "wanna see a really pretty girl?" and I go "okay". Next thing I know, I'm watching an episode of Full House. It looked cute, so I started from the beginning of the show and now I'm addicted to kdramas.

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Post by AboutDrama » Jun 7th, '07, 21:53

For me, it was my friends who introduced me to watch "All About Eve" few years ago. That's how I started K-drama :-)

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Post by AboutDrama » Jun 7th, '07, 21:54

For me, it was my friends who introduced me to watch "All About Eve" few years ago. That's how I started K-drama :-)

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Post by la_la_la » Jun 7th, '07, 22:20 friends r all canto-speaking and they'd talk about chinese dramas all the time...i can't watch canto shows coz i can neither read nor understand the language and canto shows do not have english subtitles...but one time we were at my friend's cousin's place and her cousins r totally into korean dramas so we watched a bit of the first episode of FULL HOUSE XD and i was so happy that there was an asian show that i can finally watch with ENGLISH SUBTITLES ever since then...i've been addicted =)

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Post by dragonmaster » Jun 7th, '07, 22:43

I watched an un-subbed drama called "King of Crystal Mountain." It was an obvious remake of "The Count of Monte Cristo," so I was able to follow the story completely. It went on-and-on for hours and I was as absorbed as if I were rereading the novel. I later was able to find a few subbed videos and later, I subscribed to a satellite provider that had a Korean subscription. Now, I watch KBS almost exclusively, just for the dramas. I found D-Addicts by accident when I started Torrent downloads and have been very actively building a K-drama library for at least the past year. They remind me of the innocence of American TV in the 50's and I don't have to go through blood and gore to enjoy a story. The only programming I miss are scientific and historical, but I am so busy watching the K-dramas that I never manage to catch the American educational programs.

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Post by keesio » Jun 8th, '07, 03:27

I got hooked when I started watching "Lovers In Prague" a year ago. I had bought the entire DVD collection simply because I was fascinated with a K-drama set in Prague. Having visited Prague in the past, I was curious and many of the scenes in the first few episodes made me smile since I remember being there myself and it brought back a lot of good nostalgia. I felt the storyline in the earlier episodes were great and I really liked the two lead characters and the actors playing them (Kim Joo-Hyuk and Jeon Do-Yeon). Though the story kinda went a little nutty midway through the season, I still enjoyed it and the series made me a big Jeon Do-Yeon fan and I ended up tracking down nearly every movie and drama she has appeared in. btw - congrats to JDY on her win at Cannes!! Blew my mind!

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Post by hilarydilarydoo » Jun 21st, '07, 05:52

i used to be addicted to anime and japanese culture but then when my brother showed me full house (at first i thought he was gonna show me an anime) i said i wanted to watch an anime but then as i kept watching full house, i loved that drama. its my favorite drama and my favorite actor/singer/actress are playing in them!
haha i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE rain bi, he so sexy! and i love song hye gyo shes so pretty!!

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Post by planodrama » Jun 21st, '07, 06:07

I was watching my favorite actor,Donnie Yen's movie Seven Sword. I saw Kim So Yeon, and I watched Jacky Chan's The Myth and I saw Kim Hee Seon. So I searched for these 2 names and I was directed to youtube. It showed me a lot of kdramas. That's how I find kdrama.from youtube, i found megauploads,rapidshare,sendspace,megashares,etc. Finally it brought me to d-addicts!

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Post by franchosa » Jun 21st, '07, 06:16

A local channel where I live shows Korean dramas.

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Post by notimeforfairytales » Jun 21st, '07, 06:19

As for me, I stumbled across a review of My Girl while I was surfing the Internet. I though the plot sounded pretty interesting, and decided to give it a shot. After the first episode there was no turning back!

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Post by nophankh » Jun 21st, '07, 06:21

It started 9 months ago.

I'm lao and as lao people we usually watch lakorn (thai drama). I haven't been watching lakorns for a couple of years now because of accessibility issues.

MY discovery of dramas started with YOUTUBE. Oddly, in my Press and Society English course, I had a young professor who was really into Youtube. I discovered Youtube through him. I started searching up "asian" stuff on youtube and rediscovered Lakorns. I started watching them and in the comment section someone girl recommended going to, a site to watch lakorns and other asian dramas dubbed in Thai.

I watched Lakorn through Obizgo and I wandered through the other ASIAN dramas dubbed in Thai and discovered GOONG. At first, I thought it was really gay because my thai isn't that great and I didn't understand the story. For some stupid/ bored reason, I decided to stick with it and found certain parts of the drama so touching that I got hooked.

I started searching for pics online for GOONG and for some reason decided to search on Youtube. I found Goong with english sub uploaded on youtube and finished the series. GOONG was my first drama and it opened me up to Korean Dramas.

I started to search more Korean Dramas with English sub and discovered D-addicts, torrents, Idols-unlimited, and all these sites for Dramas.

Now, I'm a really bad d-addict.

I now have several collections of sites that I got to for DDL for dramas.
ChinkyMovieSpoiler-great site for asian films and drama. great site for asian films and drama

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Post by kimmy12 » Jun 23rd, '07, 04:53

i first watched autumn in my heart..since that..i fell in love with wonbin gorgeousness + the story made me cry a lot..after that i looked for other wonbin drama and i found i became an obsessed fan of korean movie and drama..but still wonbin is my first fav actor..hehe

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Post by amirvero » Jun 23rd, '07, 05:22

I started watching Korean dramas when I was randomly flipping through the channels because I was bored. The first drama I watched was My Girl. It caught my attention and I started watching it...unfortunately it had Chinese subtitles and i didn't understand. I looked it up on youtube and found it and starting watching it. Ever since I saw My Girl I have been watching Korean dramas.

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Post by nandasmith » Jul 27th, '07, 12:12

For me it was like that: I was commenting with a friend how much I love the series where "Good girl fell in love with Bad boys, or The love/hate relationship", and that I was sad that none of the American series has it ( except for Veronica Mars, my addiction at that time), so she recommended to wach" Hana Yori Dango" J- drama...I never, ever had watch anything japonese in all my life, but when she told me the history I went for it!!! No regrets!! Just love it!!!

So I started to look in the internet from more dramas with the same history and guess what? I found "Full House"!!!! Got completely addicted!!! And since that time I pratically forgot about j-dramas, and just watch k-dramas...

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Re: How did you get introduced to K-Drama?

Post by namilussah » Jul 27th, '07, 21:13

Bam-Bam wrote:I think for me,

I was reading some Korean news stories about how Winter Sonata became very popular in Japan. Considering the history between these two Countries, the fact that a Korean Drama was a major hit in Japan got my curiosity up. So, i decided to check out Winter Sonata by Googleing and downloading from this site.

And after watching the first few episodes of Winter Sonata, I was instantly hooked. I've never seen anything like this, not even in American TV which is pretty bad to begin with.

Well K-Drama has conquered Asia, and it's becoming more popular in America, thanks to internet, and Korean stations in American cities.
FOR Me Toooo!!! Winter Sonata was my first korean drama to watch and it was the reason that i got hooked on watching asian dramas specially korean's. Loools

i got introduced to it through my sister and cousin who are experts when it comes to animes. Somehow they discovered this drama, downloaded, watched and loved it. One day i was bored so they offered me to watch it and i did and ... here we are now .. hehehehe :D

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Post by LocaBonita » Sep 25th, '07, 11:02

Hmmm i remember watchin Goong :D for the first time it was 2 years ago .. and after that i became an addicted to the KDrama .. :wub:

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First time addicted

Post by jovi75 » Oct 11th, '07, 09:38

This is indeed and interesting topic.As for me,all these korean waves addiction coming from Lovers In friend bought the vcd and told me.....come I lend to you this drama and as I was in a very boredorm stage............I say..........ok but does it have local subtitles......he said oh yes.................From there..........I was introduced other korean dramas like Full House.........My sweet 19 years old sister in law,18 vs 29.........Sweet 18...........bla bla bla............until one day he told me he's broke and can't afford to buy find a way to download it through thisforum and learn other procedures to burn it into a vcd format................what a memory that I will never forget..............Thanks to D-addicts......... :salut: :-)

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Post by southbound » Nov 1st, '07, 18:52

This summer I took a really difficult class on globalization, and the textbook featured scholarly articles by people from all over the world. Everyone in the class had to do a presentation on an article, and I happened to choose the one by a (South) Korean scholar. During this time I ran across Goong online, almost passed it up, but figured it would be interesting to get a glimpse into Korean culture (lol, Goong is a funny one for that) since I knew very little about it and I was doing that presentation by someone from Korea. Um, and I suppose the rest is history. I can't get enough of k-dramas (as well as j-dramas, tw-dramas, etc.) now. They remind me a lot more of books than American TV, as odd as that sounds. Maybe it's the definite endings instead of endless dragging on, season after season

I feel like it is an interesting example of how a lot of tiny factors and choices in life can end up in a big result/whatever. I almost didn't take that class, and if I didn't, I probably wouldn't have downloaded Goong, and would be a completely different person now (well, not completely, but at least a bit). It's a little strange to say kdramas have changed me so much, but I really spend a lot of my free time watching them, and now I'm into kpop and stuff, and those kinds of thing scan really affect the way a person is! [/i] :P

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Post by ackirom » Nov 12th, '07, 17:47

I was bored, I didn't wanna study, and got bored of the music on my computer and in the radio. I don't have cable TV and there was nothing on 2,4,5,7,9,11, and 13 so I decided to, actually go to the foreign channels and when I got to channel 18, there was Dennis Oh's handsome face, staring me on my plasma. I was like, WOW. I was about to change the channel cuz I knew it was foreign and it didn't matter whether it had subtitles, but Dennis was speaking English as in American English! So I stayed to watch the entire episode and it felt like a new drug.

I did some googling, found some site that listed all the asian dramas on ch.18, and found out the name of the show was Sweet Spy. I could tell I already missed a lot and I remember my friend kept talking about d-addicts so I went here and dl-ed all 11 eps available at the time. But I read people's comments and some of them seemed to have already watched the future eps, and at that point I was hooked. It hadn't gotten to the part where Dennis had a lot of lines to say... so, I really really wanted to dl more. These people kept saying clubbox and was bummed to find out it was just in Korean. But I was already an addict, so I did everything I could to follow directions on some tutorial and actually ended up using clubbox for a couple months or so. Until, I don't know all the rules, or if I had to share like on BT(?), but the guy I was getting it from suddenly put a password on his box and then I couldn't access it. And everyone else I tried had passwords too. Sadly, I didn't know about WITHS2's clubbox, else I might've kept using it, and not have forgotten my username/password.

But Sweet Spy had finished at that point so I really wanted to watch something just like it. Sweet Spy was so damn hilarious in the beginning (first 6 eps) and the crappy ending left me with a bit of a lingering feeling that there had to be other shows with better endings and I saw peoples comments about Kim Sam-soon. And of course after her hysterically funny introduction to the restaurant staff, there was no saving me from it. From then on, I became a k-drama fan. I haven't felt the same obsession before as I did with the first two, but Legend comes close. Although the 1.5gb files is certainly not making it easy.

Before I saw Dennis's face on my big screen, I never ever would've checked out a k-drama at all. I had this notion that k-dramas were... well not primitive but, hm... well they reminded me of soap operas and how I could hear every single thing that caught the mic, and I didn't like that. It just sounds so, RAW. But now I'm used to it :lol That and I wasn't a fan of reading subtitles then.

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Post by ktnew » Nov 12th, '07, 18:05

i was learning manadrin and had fallen behind in some classes so thought that replacing normal tv with tw-dramas for a while would help me as id be "hearing" mandarin everyday....i was instantly hooked...then started looking for more dramas, came across drama dedicated websites where recommendations lead me to k-dramas then im a drama addict lol

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Post by bluenvision » Nov 12th, '07, 18:09

The first Kdrama i watched was Full House *_* It's still one of my favourites :D

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