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[TwDrama] Love Queen (CTS, 2006)

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[TwDrama] Love Queen (CTS, 2006)

Post by habukie » Mar 26th, '07, 05:02

Love Queen (戀愛女王)

[img]http://www.giantproduction.tv/event/lov ... G_0469.jpg[/img]


This is a very funny twdrama that focuses on the lives of three women from different backgrounds who for various reasons end up living together in Taipei. One, Zhang JingHan, is a newly divorced woman who is starting over in life and love. Another, Liang JiaXin, is trying to live her life away from the pampered lifestyle she is used to. And the youngest, Yu QiaoLe, is a sweet girl from the country who is trying to become a figure skating champion.

Along the way, they meet several people. Zhuo ShaoTang is their neighbor, an aspiring painter who actually knows JingHan from the past. Unintentionally, he embarrassed her in front of the whole school and she hasn't been lucky since. Li YuXin is the son of the landlady, and a well-known hockey player who is also a player when it comes to the ladies. Jin JingXiang is a suave Japanese man who works at JingHan's company and is a fighting expert. Who ends up with whom, and what problems will they encounter along the way?

Below are some spoiler pictures (they also are partially shown in the opening, so it's not really a spoiler, but just in case...):

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